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Beaded Fan Pull
Great functional item. Unique and ready to adapt to your ceiling fan chain. Measures Six inches in length, it is colorful and one-of-a- kind in design.

Great for the home or office!

This is a unique fan and lighting fixture pull.

Set your space apart with a festive functional item.

This creation will brighten your day!

Beaded Fan Pull
Published: October 15, 2010
Club Creative Studio is happy to announce another one-of-a-kind, festive and functional item. Enjoy getting or giving a unique fan pull for the home or office. Each beaded fan pull is ready to attach to the standard ball chain pull.
This item measures six inches of art and seven additional inches of chain. To install, simply snap the bead chain connector over the last bead of the chain on the fan or lighting fixture. Adapt a new look that coordinates the colors in your home and will help you more comfortably reach the light fixture. Two safety precautions to consider are to please turn off the ceiling fan or lighting fixture before installation and make sure that the pull does not interfere with fan blades or rest against lamps or glass.

The beaded chain has a chrome finish and the beads incorporated may be a combination of a variety of beads including but not limited to hand-rolled polymer clay beads, hand-torched glass beads, wood beads, beaded beads, spacer beads, hand-painted beads and charms. Each item is subject to availablility and specific color combinations are considered a custom request made through e-mail arrangements. Enjoy this featured item- Art That Sets Your Home Apart!

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