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Hand-Made clay pendants
3-D clay pendants are one-of-a-kind attached to an easy snap closure cord.

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3-D hand-rolled clay pendant


Complex focal pendant on simple cord

Easy to attach snap closure cord

Series varies in base shapes

Mean Irene Pendant
Published: September 03, 2011
This series is a growing collection that was first created during the power outage of the 2011 hurricane system named Irene. This storm hit the East Coast with a furry and during that time I had plenty of free time at home to create. Being creative everyday is sometimes a challenge, especially when there is no electricity. However, I found natural light to be my best friend during those days.

Enjoy the Mean Irene pendants that are created in a 3-D fashion to include various hand-rolled clay canes, beads, and hand-sculpted elements. On several designs, I have added an acrylic resin-like compound to add shine and enhance the effects. The metal base may be a square, rectangle, circle, triangle or oval shape. Attached to the art is a sleek and simple black cord with an easy snap closure.
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