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Artisan Snowflake Hanging Ornament
Unique decorative ornamental display item.

Artisan Snowflake Hanging Ornaments

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One-of-a-kind art!

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Artisan Snowflake Hanging Ornament
Published: October 09, 2011
Introducing Club Creative Studio's Artisan Snowflake Hanging Ornaments! Not Just for Christmas- year round art display!

These one-of-a-kind keepsake items can easily adorn your Christmas tree branches but, they can also be a decorative accent in other home decor settings. Perhaps you may wish to admire it from a door knob or attach the ribbon loop to a suction cup hook against a window? Affix it around a curtain swag for a unique look and functional bling. Have you thought of displaying this Artisan Snowflake Ornament wrapped around a candle holder, as a gift bow or used as special table napkin ring? Many possibilities can be explored to find a way to incorporate this art into your daily view.

Each item is unique and never duplicated, measuring three inches by three inches in length. Club Creative Studio's hand-rolled polymer clay beads are used along with a variety of other beads and charm elements designed on a wire base.
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