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Club Creative Studio- Artisan Book Mark
Artisan Book Marks are one-of-a-kind fun and functional metal item, curved to be place nicely between the pages of a book and around the spine of a book. This item makes a great gift and is useful for marking the page last viewed.

Artisan Book Marks are unique.

Great gift idea!

Fun and functional item.

Can be requested for personalization.

Enjoy our art for book-lovers and books.

Artisan Book Mark
Published: April 05, 2012
Club Creative Studio has created hand-made beaded fashion for book-lovers and books!
Give this as a gift or enjoy it for yourself.

An Artisan Book Mark is a unique item made to be one-of-a-kind.

Incorporated in these items are an array of hand-rolled clay beads, and special charms and findings.

E-mail request to personalize.
If you have any questions or desire assistance, we may be contacted
by phone at 215-264-5478 or via e-mail at veronica@clubcreativestudio.com
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