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Resin Creations
One-of-a-kind creations. Hand-poured layered resin creations. Unique mixed media art. Each pendant requires over twelve hours to produce from start to finish.

Resin Pendants

Unique pendants.

Great gift idea!

One-of-a-kind, hand-made art.

Mixed media, multi-step process creation.

Pendant focus has a simple strand.

Easily remove your pendant to add your own chain.

3-D effects from layered technoque used.

Slick top surface is attractive.

Link secured by bail or hand-drilled hole.

Unique Resin Creations
Published: August 02, 2012
Club Creative Studio Resin Pendants are one-of-a-kind creations.

Hand-poured, the resin is carefully layered in stages after hand-selected elements are added to each creation. These mixed media creations may include beads, charms, glitter, clay sections, papers and fibers, painted surfaces, inked acetate, plastics, metal, and other found materials.

Enjoy wearing the unique art and know that each was created with care and creativity.
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