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We have made improvements to the website.

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To Serve You Better
Published: October 06, 2012

Club Creative Studio wants to serve you better! Our team has created a new way to experience a close-up view of a highlighted item from the website.

When you visit a page and click on an item you will see the pink print informing you there is an option to make the photograph larger. Simply click to enlarge the view and click to close the window. Cool!

The website may undergo edits and additions while installing the new changes so your patience is appreciated.

New photos are also being posted of our art to better represent detail, exact color, and instant representation of its value. Thank you for your continued interest in our one-of-a-kind Art That Sets You Apart. Just as our art is valued, so are the needs to change to express better service to you. We are moving forward with you.
If you have any questions or desire assistance, we may be contacted
by phone at 215-264-5478 or via e-mail at veronica@clubcreativestudio.com
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