Art Studio Shelving Unit

It’s always a challenge to set-up an Art Studio using shelving.

storagebinsI often have the opportunity to relocate and set-up a new Art Studio. Most of the time the main challenge not only comes in the physical move but, the physical space.  I have had small, medium and large Art Studio spaces. All of the areas function best when I use a shelving system.

I try to look at each space as functioning and expressive. Shelving is important because it is the main organizational system that creates a space of order.

The shelves are among the first fixtures I put into place. I use easy to install shelving that is adjustable.  The pieces easily screw into place and can be ready to load in a matter of minutes per shelf. The pillars are plastic tubes and the shelves are made of coated ply board. I use three different sizes to accommodate an array of storage bins I store art supplies.

IMG_0255studioshelvingonwallI have used the same storage shelves for over 10 years.  I took my time researching shelving units that could be adjustable, easy to install, and mobile. I found what works for me and the amount of supplies I need to display and store.

I hope you can find a durable shelving unit for your needs in your artistic space. It is a useful and valuable investment to create an Art Studio shelving unit.

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Philadelphia Public Art Project Part lV

My pile of blue glass shards is started.
My pile of blue glass shards is started.

Another smashing day…literally.  Today’s progress on my Philadelphia Public Art Project resulted from the rough draft sketches I did as well as filling a large box lid of smashed and cut blue glass.

Once again, I used my gloves and goggles, nippers and a hammer to start my pile of glass shards from my blue kitchen plates. I had these in use for about three years and for a year and a half they sat in a box. My intention was to give them away at some point, they were still good except for scratched surfaces.  However, with this project, I wanted to use blue for a sky area in my mosaic so they came in handy for me to recycle and reuse this way.

Recycle material so you don't have to buy new.
Recycle material so you don’t have to buy new.

Today was also productive because I put a few visions down on paper.  The following rough draft drawings may change as the process evolves however, the plan is to have a few of these ideas stick to these original plans.  It might be interesting for you to understand my creative thought process.  Ideas that are fresh can sometimes be developed if the vision is right in front of you.  Enjoy the sketches.  It will be interesting to see if any of these thoughts come to fruition.

This is one version of how I'd like to mosaic a section on my Artbox.
This is one version of how I’d like to mosaic a section on my Artbox.
My mirror mosaic disk. I'd like this as the center of a large focal flower.
My mirror mosaic disk. I’d like this as the center of a large focal flower.


I'd like to place a variety of beads in the center of a large flower made with cut tile segments.
I’d like to place a variety of beads in the center of a large flower made with cut tile segments.
For the swirl vine areas I plan to use green coated wire.
For the swirl vine areas I plan to use green coated wire.


Rough draft ideas for Artbox.
Rough draft ideas for Artbox.



I had a few thoughts for one of the sides of the ArtBox.
I had a few thoughts for one of the sides of the ArtBox.

Thank you again for stopping by the blog and following the creativity. I welcome you back to view the progress in this Artbox challenge.





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Philadelphia Public Art Project Part l

Art Box Challenge, 2014
Art Box Challenge, 2014

Club Creative Studio recently submitted a creative vision proposal for taking part in a unique Public Art Challenge in Pennsylvania, Montgomery County. Happily, they accepted my submission! The delivery of the ArtBox will come soon!

Art Box Challenge- What can I transform this into?
Art Box Challenge- What can I transform this into?

Here are the details and I look forward to taking photos along the way in this creative journey. The ideas and principals behind Creative MontCo , and 311 Arts are supportive of creative people and sharing art in our community environment.  I am so happy to be a participant!

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Gift-Giving Best Practices

Don’t take it personal if you get a “bad” gift, maybe it is because the giver doesn’t know WHAT to give. Today , I share some ideas on gift-giving and best practice solutions for sharing gifts.


I ask this question to survey those that may want to share their responses.  I think everyone has been given at least one gift that they considered to be “bad” and questioned the giver’s thoughts. What constituted for a “bad” gift and why did you dislike it?

I ‘d like to share two short stories about my “worst” gifts.  The “worst” gifts to me were both from my loving husband. Poor guy, looking back I know he meant well. One event was on Mother’s Day, the other was on Christmas.

Let’s start with the Mother’s Day gift. A few weeks before Mother’s Day, we were in a store together. I was tired from shopping so I stopped in the furniture section of the store where I had a seat on one of the couches.  Mind you, I didn’t pay attention to which couch I sat, I merely sat to rest my legs for a few minutes while my husband milled around the same area.  End of story…so I thought.

Here comes Mother’s Day and lo and behold a delivery truck arrives in the driveway. MUCH TO MY SURPRISE the delivery was the same exact couch that I sat on at the store two weeks ago! Call me ungrateful but,  while it was true that we did not need a new couch, we also did not need THAT plaid couch that was also a heavy sleeper bed! Matching plaid with the rest of our living room décor was next to impossible.

Each day I looked at that couch, I hated it more. I grew to appreciate the gesture but, we had no conversation about the couch and he had no idea if I even liked it or not. I lived with that couch for many years. I was GLAD to finally see it go when we gave it away before a big move.

When giving gifts hint around and listen to the needs of the one you want to treat.

Allow me to share the short story about my Christmas gift one year.  Again, bash me for seeming ungrateful but, gifts may seem more personal than the gift giver thinks if it is very specific.  I thought my gift one year had a double meaning and I regretted it.

I had been on a health kick and Christmas was coming. I had been running and had enjoyed that activity although it was challenging. Running was a personal thing for me, just knowing that I had to do it for exercise and weight control was the real stem of running for me.

My Christmas gift one year from my husband had a running theme. I got new running shoes, a new running outfit and a runner’s magazine. REALLY??? I thought that was not a good gift at all. I took it to mean that I needed to keep it up because I was over weight in his eyes, which was not true.  I did not look at the gift the same way as he did. He looked at it as encouraging and having the correct attire and information on hand. I looked at it as an insult and a reminder that I needed to use the gifts which were specific just to running.  Again, with time, I appreciated the kind gestures but, at the time my reaction was probably typical from associating a double meaning to the gift.  Intentional or not, a gift will be assigned a meaning. You want it to be a good one.

Gift-giving is personal. Make it thoughtful for the one receiving it.

Some will agree with the thoughts that a gift card or gift certificate  are too easy to buy and give. Some believe that not enough thought goes into that type of gift-giving. I tend to disagree.

Top Five Reasons to Give A Gift Certificate

1. Saves time.  If you do not have time to shop, giving a gift certificate saves the giver time and stress finding the “perfect” gift. Also saves on boxing and wrapping paper.

2. Personal Taste is not in Question. If you have different tastes than the gift-receiver, it makes sense for them to be able to pick out what they want based on their personal likes not yours. Also one size fits all,  you determine the appropriate amounts for each person you buy for.

3. Last minute Gifts.  Gift certificates make great last-minute gifts if you have forgotten someone on your list or if a surprise occasion pops up.

4. Expiration dates. Most gift cards and certificates can be used in a reasonable period of time, giving the shopper time to find a sale or a particular item they may want or need at a different time. You choose the amounts you spend to stay on target with your particular budget.

5. Less Stress. Giving a certificate places less stress on thoughts of finding that “perfect” gift and instead gives freedom from running the risk of buying something that is not wanted or is not useful. The thrill of shopping is now placed onto someone else who is in need of something specific at a different time and place.

Let’s vow to have no more “worst gift” status.  You would hate being known as a bad gift-giver. Instead; have peace-of-mind that giving a certificate can be presented in a special way, accommodated with a special card with meaningful sediments and received with love for taking their true desires into consideration.  Giving a gift card is not as terrible as it seems. People like spending money in their own ways and in their own time. Cards and certificates allow them to do just that.

As you are now enlightened with the benefits of giving gift certificates as gifts, I am pleased to inform you that Club Creative Studio now offers gift certificates!

Perfect for the busy person who has no idea of the personal tastes of another when it comes to jewelry.  Why risk buying something that will not be worn for the reasons of not being the right expressive style, fit, or comfort for a person’s personality and moods?


Club Creative Studio Gift Certificates are available in denominations of $40.00, $50.00, $60.00 and $100 U.S. Dollar Funds and have an expiration date of six months from date of purchase for online orders.  It’s a great way to share art and let someone pick out their personal favorites.

Giving hand-made items can be tricky as gifts if you do not have an option of return.  With a gift certificate purchase, items that are being looked at for purchase are more likely to be sought after with greater considerations because they want their money to go as far as possible, with the added bonus of knowing that they have a quality item with someone behind their creations.

Consider giving the gift of creativity, a gift certificate from Club Creative Studio and make someone happy while you avoid the “worst gift-giver” title. Simply go to the website and in the category tab you will find Online Gift Certificate- click on that tab and your option choice of purchase amount.  I’ll send you the card in the mail with everything filled in.

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Let Your Jewelry Have a Voice

Your jewelry does have a voice. Sometimes a single word in written form on a charm or stamp can help make your jewelry even more meaningful and expressive to yourself or admirers.

If you have ever wondered how you can be more expressive with your jewelry?  Jewelry has potential to speak to us as we assign merit to it.  We just have to have an open mind when knowing what meaning we want to associate with it, or access to it.

As a creator of  jewelry art and a bead maker, the items that I design and create are initially made from sparks of inspiration and the desire and need to make art with meaning, purpose and expressive in making a statement.

Turning items into meaningful keepsakes are important.  With the need to create with a specific theme or feel, the jewelry piece takes on an additional valuable aspect.  It is a great service to be able to create and preserve memories or convey a message in a wearable hand-made item. Think about assigning a word charm to art to convey a particular or personalized meaning to it.

When I consider making a one-of-a-kind keepsake item, I automatically listen to an inner story that has a need to be conveyed.  It is important to add a little something extra to convey a particular message upon first glance.  It is important to share a personal connection with your jewelry and listen to the voice it can share. Doing so can be as subtle as incorporating a single written word into the actual art creation.

In the photos of hand-made jewelry art below, a stamped word in ceramic base does the trick.


Your jewelry can "speak" to you when it incorporates the written word.
Your jewelry can “speak” to you when it incorporates the written word.

The message can be subtle or bold.  The obvious way to do this is with the written word.  The easiest way to incorporate meaning into art is to use wording. In the first photo in this post, the word “happy” is found in the ceramic attachment. You associate the word as a “title” and gain meaning from that.

Dreaming of the Ocean. Is this the message conveyed to you from this art?
Dreaming of the Ocean. Is this the message conveyed to you from this art?

Conveying what you want to express is important to the design.  There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to wear keepsake art however, there should be a meaning connected to it.  After all, it is what makes it extra special, right?

Do you allow your jewelry to speak for itself and have the last word? What would be a positive affirmative word that you would like to see in the jewelry you most wear?

Sometimes a single word can bring meaning to your piece.


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Wire Crochet Statement Necklaces

Club Creative Studio- Wire and Bead Crochet
Club Creative Studio- Wire and Bead Crochet

Crocheting with yarn may seem like a craft from the past but, I have incorporated it into making statement pieces of jewelry art as I crochet necklaces with wire.

I remember learning how to crochet. My Mother taught me as a child and I had a bright pink crochet needle.  Somehow, that seemed so cool to have.  I used to make potholders, she enjoyed making afghans and baby blankets as gifts.  Thank you Mom for showing me how to be creative with yarn because, I can now express creativity with the similar process in wire with beads.

In my lifetime I can probably count on one hand the crochet projects I have completed in adulthood, until now…

Club Creative Studio Statement Glamour Jewelry includes wire crochet necklaces.
Club Creative Studio Statement Glamour Jewelry includes wire crochet necklaces.

I recently began a new series of wire-crocheted creations as statement necklaces.  These necklaces are created as individual crocheted triple strands of wired beads, then I combine them together to form an interesting combination.

Club Creative Studio Wire Crochet Necklace
Club Creative Studio Wire Crochet Necklace

I love creating these one-of-a-kind adornments because they have the ability of really making a simple outfit “pop” with color, texture and bulk right where you want the attention drawn- near your beautiful face!

To browse the crochet statement necklaces in this collection, please visit the GLAMOUR category section tab found in the online shopping tab on the Club Creative Studio home page.

Consider stepping up your style with a unique piece of jewelry that grabs attention and holds it near your heart!




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A Call For Custom Art

Club Creative Studio creates Custom Art.  I recently attended a meeting consisting of business persons. At one point, I spoke about the fact that I create custom art. A conversation ensued. A “Call for Custom” to me is a conversation that is welcomed. I used the chance to elaborate on the meaning of custom art.

I welcome the challenges that come to call when I am asked to create a custom art order.  Any person who shops for custom jewelry or other items are searching for that “perfect piece” not for what is going to serve them as “good enough” and is readily available on store shelves in front of them at the time.

Hand-made initial tie tack from Club Creative Studio
Hand-made initial tie tack from Club Creative Studio

I have two ways to describe custom jewelry:

1. Custom jewelry is a wonderful choice for people with unique and distinct tastes in styles.

2. Custom jewelry is a wonderful choice for people who wish to stand out in a crowd among many.

Club Creative Studio creation: Sea glass shard custom wrapped for pendant.
Club Creative Studio creation: Sea glass shard custom wrapped for pendant.

The Up-Side to Custom- When I create custom art, I design to fit the recipient’s particular needs. In these instances, the buyer has more control over the piece aesthetics. This allows for a heightened degree of attention to detail to hit those marks of service on my part. I listen carefully and take great notes. I strive to convey and incorporate special meaning into the art which makes it truly and extraordinarily unique to the individuals involved. A custom piece of art has to “speak” and have personal meaning upon the completion.

Club Creative Studio necklace features Kanji character.
Club Creative Studio necklace features Kanji character.

Custom work allows me to work closely with the purchaser to control color, materials, size and design elements of the art piece.  Sometimes there is a price point to consider, sometimes there are other limitations on the specifics.  Most times, I am happily trusted to “work my magic” with general ideas and added I am granted free rein for a finished product.

Most persons commonly think of “custom” in jewelry making when they have an opportunity to place loose stones or diamonds into a jewelry setting.  While this is popular thinking, there can be much more to this.

Use of significant colors and charms can make your jewelry personalized and more of a custom made piece.
Use of significant colors and charms can make your jewelry personalized and more of a custom made piece.

There are a few ways to place a custom description into your jewelry art.  Using a monogram, a personal image, specific theme charms or personalized engraved pendant, an initial charm, birthstones or birth crystal colors, and having a say in the over-all design to name a few.


Some jewelry shoppers may be on the hunt for a personalized piece that has special meaning.  Others may want a wearable piece of art that no one else can own. BOTH are ways by which I support creating CUSTOM art. This is where Club Creative Studio comes in to save the day.

Our art is always custom, and created to be ONE-OF-A-KIND.

The Down-side to Custom While it is true that the buying process is longer than purchasing regular jewelry of the shelf of a large department store chain, the results are worth the wait.

Club Creative Studio welcomes your custom requests and looks forward to meeting your specific style needs. Together we can design another master piece!

Please view custom, one-of-a-kind art on the home page. When I design jewelry or home décor items, one of the main goals I have is to CREATE ART THAT SETS YOU APART. Allow me to create for you or that special someone. I love creating every day!




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Successful Earring Wearing- Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of the blog post offering you a few helpful hints for safely and successfully wearing earrings.

Club Creative Studio  Hand-made Earrings
Club Creative Studio Hand-made Earrings

There are many times when wearing earrings can enhance your wardrobe and express your style. Accessories like earrings are a simple and inexpensive way to invest in your individualistic tastes.

Today, Club Creative Studio offers a few guidelines to wearing earrings so that they can give you the best comfort and style options.  There is a time and a place for earrings and other piercings and knowing this is key information.

Pierced Earring Safety

The answers to these popular earring questions can be personal.

1. To wear or not to wear earrings while sleeping.

To be extra safe, take earrings out for naps or sleeping and place them in a safe place for replacement later. Sleeping with long or dangle earrings run the risk of getting broken, caught in long hair or snagged on clothing or blankets in some manner. It is NO FUN to tear a hole in an ear and potentially bleed.

Club Creative Studio Environmentally consciously made earrings.
Club Creative Studio
Environmentally consciously made earrings.

Depending on where your piercing is- comfort should come first in display or removal.

If you are sensitive to metals or are allergic to your earrings in any way, sleeping in them can be an irritant, as well an uncomfortable if you lay on it the wrong way.

2.  Wearing earrings while actively participating and engaging in sporting events are sometimes band for wear in certain sports by rules or referee requests. For good reason, earrings are not the safest to wear during a sport because of possibility of the earring getting broken, lost, or damage to self or others if a fall or contact occurs.  Wearing a piece of athletic tape over the earring is sometimes accepted if the earrings are not to come out for any reason. Otherwise, remove for sports.

3.  Loops, dangle and shiny earrings are practically magnetic to children. I mean that they are quickly drawn in attention and young children want to grab and pull them. To avoid that unwanted pain, wear small or post earrings if you are going to be working with or enjoying time near children.

4. Finally, clean your earrings with a quick rubbing alcohol and cotton ball bath for hygienic sense.

Safe Storage

1. If you have ever stepped on an earring, you know that is important to properly store your earrings in a safe place. Use a special box, a designated table top earring holder.  Your earrings will be found easily in pairs and you will not likely step on them or loose them.

2.  Store your most valuable earrings in a hidden box or extra safe place. Try to be inventive and not an obvious place where an unwanted guest may want to take them.

Mini screen used as an earring display holder.
Mini screen used as an earring display holder.


3.  Think creatively in your storage options. I use mesh window screen frame to hold and display wire earrings. My daughter painted the sides of one like this, we added ribbon for hanging it, and she gave it as a gift.  The best part of this is that it expands!  You can also place screen material on the back of an empty wood photo frame for a smaller group display.

4. If you are often in a rush and forget putting earrings on, keep a “spare pair” of neutral color or style earrings in your purse or car. I can’t tell you how many times I have used the spare pair I have kept in glove compartment storage for use in the emergency times I needed to wear earrings but left the house without them.

If you have your own tip you would like to share, feel free to add it to the comment section below.

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50 Shades of Green

Club Creative Studio Green Ring
Club Creative Studio-hand-torched green glass ring


which is Nature’s colour,

is restful, soothing,

cheerful, and health-giving.

-Paul Brunton

Green Psychology

Consider a popular color of the season right now.  There might be more than 50 shades of green you can appreciate. And, because green has psychology associated with it, you have something to learn.

  • Green is a symbol of nature to include the earth, trees and land
  • Green represents tranquility, well-being, healthiness, good luck, and jealousy
  • Green has long been a symbol of fertility and was once the preferred color choice for wedding gowns in the 15th-century
  • Green is thought to relieve stress and help heal.  It is said that those who have a green work environment experience fewer stomachaches
  • Green, with its calming effects may give you a sense of comfort when wearing this shade of color
Club Creative Studio- Hint of green earrings
Club Creative Studio- Hint of green earrings

Effects of Green

  • Rejuvenating: Think of green as a color that revitalizes physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Nurturing: Green has a heart link, urging  nurturing
  • Clarity: The color green offers agreeable and diplomatic encouragements
  • Possessiveness: Green is a color that encourages us to want to own things, collect and possess

Club Creative Studio Post-Consumer earrings

Green is commonly associated with Couture fashion and elegant retro costumes. But, we can also appreciate it in everyday fashion in many shades and stones like jade and emeralds. I like to create my unique shades of greens in my hand-made clay beads by mixing my original colors from blue and yellow and adding pearl whites, transparent and darker clays, creating a wide variety of greens.

Club Creative Studio Soldered Art
Club Creative Studio Soldered Art

I also enjoy my confidence mixing and matching shades of greens to combine in interesting ways as well as with contrasting colors, patterns and textures from the color wheel.  Have you noticed the trend spike with the color green?

Are you a fashion insider that can come to consider green as the new neutral? In Club Creative Studio Art here are specific shades you can expect to see highlighted and combined with interesting patterns and bold combinations for spring and summer 2013.

Club Creative Studio- Shamrock Green Necklace
Club Creative Studio- Shamrock Green Necklace
  1. PALE GREEN- fresh start feeling
  2. EMERALD- suggesting wealth and creative ideas
  3. JADE- generous spirit increasing worldly wisdom
  4. LIME- youthfulness and electricity of playfulness
  5. DARK GREEN- ambitious strive
  6. AQUA- Calming of the spirit
  7. OLIVE- strength of character, overcoming adversity
  8. YELLOW GREEN- representative of conflict and contrast
  9. GRASS GREEN- color of security and abundance
  10. CHARTREUSE- go-go, psychedelic groove
  11. SEA FOAM- ocean water and beach themes
  12. APPLE, LICHEN, LEAF- visual cues of nature


Club Creative Studio- Sea glass necklace
Club Creative Studio- Sea glass necklace

From a meaning of colors perspective, green is also the color of renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy.  This is why there is so much of this relaxing color on the earth, and why we should embrace and consider wearing more of the shades of green.

I probably can create more than 50 choices of greens to combine into handmade beads and art. To view more items that contain highlights or hints of the color green please visit the shopping section of this website and make your selection for a hand-made work of art in the color green.

Hand-rolled clay beads- Club Creative Studio
Hand-rolled clay beads- Club Creative Studio

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Soldered Art- Feature Friday

Welcome to the blog at Club Creative Studio. If you are new here, Friday is typically reserved for a post called: “Feature Friday”.  I happily highlight what I am working on or a recent project on Friday.

Club Creative Studio- Soldered Art

I have a new love for soldering and I have been busy creating and building up an inventory with this medium as a focus.  I have soldered a bit in the past however, I have never taken this art to this extreme, creating several successful hand-made pendants.

Club Creative Studio- Soldered Sea Theme

The recent creations have been placed as a new category on the website under Soldered Art.  Also,  many items created with a sea theme will be available in a venue in New Jersey along the shore.

Club Creative Studio Art

Club Creative Studio’s Soldered Art is designed to be one-of-a-kind, statement pieces. I have incorporated a variety of elements to include, wire, ceramic tile, shells, mixed metals, hand-rolled polymer clay and glass beads, charms, buttons, stones, semi-precious gems, crystals and a few other surprises.

Club Creative Studio Art

Please visit the Club Creative Studio website shop and see what is in the tab category called: Soldered Art. Also, our Facebook page includes occasional “Sneak Peak” photographs of art as well, so you may get to see an item before it is posted to website at:

If you like your jewelry to be worn as a focal point and extension of your personal style, check out the category Soldered Art.


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