I is for: Interior

I is for: Interior.

Collect your ideas to use when you have the time to decorate as you truly desire.
Collect your ideas to use when you have the time to decorate as you truly desire.

Interior design and designers interest me because creativity is constantly around.

I can appreciate those that can and do decorate confidently and have fun. I love that creative people can embrace a design idea and create a space based on that.

I move quite often as part of a military family and so I have to reinvent and redecorate my surroundings often.  I decided that for the letter “I” blog challenge, I will share a few interior decorating tips that I use on a regular basis as I move and relocate every few years.

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Useful Decorating Tips

Start: take time to collect your thoughts and ideas. Use a journal or an online source like Pinterest, or collect pictures from magazines for inspiration.  Take your sketches or file bag to stores with you. Include measurements, floor plans or carpet/fabric/tile samples when you are shopping for the perfect color combinations.

Select and Respect:  colors that you can live with and are not just trends. Although you can always repaint or buy new accessories, it is easiest to stay inside your comfort zone when you are on a tight budget.  When selecting colors on the walls, take a step back with a squint. Chances are, if everything blends well in a squint then your colors will work well together. And by all means, consider those that you live with and their opinions. It pays to have everyone comfortable and in agreement with color and décor choices. You can always ease someone into your more unconventional or preferred style taste slowly.

Variety:  Alternate soft and hard items in your rooms. Hard items are things like furniture, chests and tables, you know surface items.  Soft items are items like plants, pillows, and cushion or upholstered chairs.

Recycle: To save money and time, recycle or reinvent the things you have. Paint, reupholster, or just discover a new use for an item you once used at a different location.  Also, give your household goods a second glance in a new setting. Sometimes the change of space, lighting and a different wall color make your old things look new again.

Accents:  Place items in groups of odd numbers. When hanging framed artwork- lower is better than higher.  Eye level is good. Include lighting in different places for ambience.

Unique Style:  Adding home décor items that are unique to your taste and style create a space with personality.  Make your mark in the room by including unique, personal, or even odd items for comfort and conversation starters.

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Low Cost Idea- Spray Your Way To Improvement

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Club Creative Studio loves to share creative low-cost ideas on Two-Cent Tuesday.  Today, the blog has a focus on an inexpensive project that will improve or change your world with the use of spray paint.

If you want a dramatic look in lighting, consider spray-painting your fixture black.  I recently took this photo of a beautiful crystal chandelier at The Union League in Philadelphia.  I thought while admiring it that this look could be replicated easily and cheaply with black spray paint.  If however, you have a metal light fixture or anything made from galvanized steel, there are considerations for paints.  Galvanized steel is a metal for example that is difficult to paint.  So, knowing the material you are working with first and foremost is important so that you are not wasting your time or money in your creative process. Check the can labels to recognize the best spray can type for your projects.

Getting back to Galvanized steel for example, that material cannot be painted with normal alkyd-based paints, which almost all spray paints are based. It is suggested that if there is any “alkyd…” don’t even think about using it on your steel project.  Looking on the aisle shelf, the brand “Rust-o-leum” does put on the back of their spray paint cans a warning not to use their spray paint on galvanized steel.  However, beware that most spray paint companies do not include this warning.

So what makes that metal so difficult? It is steel that has a zinc coating to increase the steels corrosion (rust) resistance.  It’s “hot-dip galvanization” is a process that makes it similar to steel with large visible grains. Using spray paint to other materials is not as difficult to choose.

Need ideas on what to spray in your home for a new creative twist? How about these suggestions: cabinet knobs and other fixture handles, frames for photos or mirrors, light switch plates, file cabinets or storage furniture, light fixtures, lamps, chandeliers, candle holders, appliances, radiators, steam risers, and even plastic, wood, wicker, and metal furniture.

A pro of using spray paint over brush application paints is that spray paint creates a smooth surface as opposed to brushing on paint. Faux textures like stone and granite as well as unique finishes like a clear coating and metallic are available for your experimentation. Suggested tips for great results are on all can labels.  You may need to gain extra supplies and endure additional steps besides a quick spray. Primer, sanding, or wire-brushing may be needed, depending on the object and the paint. So while this process can be low-cost, it does have a small percentage of cost associated with it depending on the size of your project and the type of spray paint you require.

No matter if you are making a cosmetic change or improving a home item like a flaking barbecue grill, spray paint is a great option to a quick change or improvement. Using spray paint for an improvement is a low-cost idea that can help in a creative improvement solution.  Let us know if you have used spray paint in a recent project. Taking a before and after photograph can be helpful to appreciate how far a project has come.

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