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Hello? Are you listening on the other end? What is your inner voice telling you about being creative? Are you answering your creative call, or placing it on hold? Could you use some creativity tips?

92aed21d15564ea4046d44507c72d420Let’s start the creative conversation. It takes a badge of courage to take a leap and be creative sometimes. When we have self doubts stemming from fear or lack of creativity in the past, we walk more slowly on our creative path. Consider answering the creative call with others. Allow others to join in on your creativity.

How you obtain your creative comfort zone may be a driving force in your creative confidence levels. Think of the last time that you had a formal art lesson. Most adults freeze in their tracks if you ask them to draw someone or something out of the blue. The dreaded stick figure appears, with an explanation claiming,  “I can’t draw , I am not an artist”. YOU ARE CREATIVE! Why not discover that fact with others by your side? Art appreciation and art education go hand-in-hand for artistic growth.

Share and express creative fears so that you don’t feel alone. A group setting can be the supporting atmosphere you may need to get you started on the right path.  This is one of the main reason why I began to offer local beginning jewelry-making classes. They are constructed to take fear out of the process and place the love of creativity into the heart of the beginner artist.











Look no further than your own community for support in expressing your creative efforts.

You may have heard of the “Sip and Create” adventures where you are allowed to publicly consume alcohol in facilities that offer step-by-step lessons on how to paint on canvas in a group setting. The reinforcement from having friends around you in a relaxed atmosphere lend to a successful outcome.

Although the alcohol may seem to add to the fun, favorable results are had because of the ease of answering the creative call with friends.  A gentle impromptu prompt, or logical reason to be creative at times may be all we need to become expressive in art forms. Answer your call with a friend.

Consider allowing others to join in on your artistic adventure , no matter how weird it seems to group together in the name of art. Art studios and classrooms are a natural gathering place full of individuals grouped together for the sake of art.

Groups of artists gather outdoors to paint together, craft projects can involve the neighborhood kids. Gather your girlfriends for a scrapbooking exchange night or quick creative how-to day with a newly discovered art product or project. Take an art class in a public place, camp, or private party setting.

Here are a few suggestions to spark the notion to take steps to answer the creative call of the wild from

With special emphasis on point numbered 10 and 11: Be willing to take steps to be creative with others and YOU WILL BE CREATIVE. It is really that easy!

If you are inspired today to start on a new creative path, feel free to let us know by your comment.









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Magazines as Inspiration- Celebrate the Letter M

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Club Creative Studio’s Casual Classroom

Club Creative Studio Casual Classroom

Club Creative Studio is now equipped to instruct small group, beginner projects!

Club Creative Studio values creativity and promotes inspiration found in others.

YOU HOST the gathering and receive special perks. This service is offered to local group gatherings at the discretion of Club Creative Studio.

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