Philadelphia Public Art Project Part ll

Celebrating the arrival of the Art Box Challenge Project.
Celebrating the arrival of the Art Box Challenge Project.

As a creative catalyst: I am always thinking of ways to create, promote, support and express art endeavors of self and others.  What a great public art display project idea Creative MontCo in Philadelphia has chosen along with the help of many others to sponsor and help our community appreciate and celebrate what creative minds and talents need to share.

To view the Club Creative Studio blog about how this all came about for me, please read:

Delivered from New Jersey, the newspaper box arrives.
Delivered from New Jersey, the newspaper box arrives.

Special Delivery Today the special delivery came!  Two men from The Daily News – The Inquirer came to deliver the newspaper box that I will have my artistic focus on for the next several weeks or so.

Delivery of the newspaper box to bee recycled and transformed into an ArtBox.
Delivery of the newspaper box to bee recycled and transformed into an ArtBox.

The First Challenge There will be many challenges I will face by taking part in this ArtBox Challenge. The first is to remove all of the pre-existing “art work” that is already attached to the box. Here are photos of a few of the areas that I need to address.

Newspaper box sticker


Newspaper box stickers  3

Step One I admire the “handiwork” with the sharpie markers others attached to this newspaper box however, it just doesn’t fit into MY VISION so…they must go. I have a special solution that removes stickers and the residue from them, this is step one.

Newspaper box stickers 4

Stay Tuned I would love for you to follow this project in its various stages on this blog, and share your comments here as well.  Stay tuned for more updates as the project continues, and I share more information. And please don’t hesitate to send others to this blog post as well.

Here I am...ready to start making the transformation of this newspaper box into an ART BOX.
Here I am…ready to start making the transformation of this newspaper box into an ART BOX.
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Artist of the Month- Club Creative Studio Recognition


I was recently honored by the surprize article written by staff at Montco Happening,  It is a thrill to be recognized and appreciated.

This was published in the digital magazine which is a source for everything happening in Montgomery County. Pennsylvania. They feature real-time local coverage of restaurants, events, people, and everything else fun & exciting in the area. I am humbled to be included in that list of services.

Artist of the Month: Veronica Campos-Hallstrom

Club Creative Studio is the workspace of artist, Veronica Campos-Hallstrom. This innovator in artistic design has been crafting and selling custom art for custom people for years, creating unique art that will no doubt set you apart! Every item made by Veronica is created by hand and is one-of-a-kind, just like you! She incorporates hand-made beads, hand-made findings, vintage components and a slough of other interesting mediums. Her experience, knowledge and artistic mind have all contributed to her innovative success. Custom requests are always welcome, so give Veronica a shout. Her unique products are as nice as she is!!! Club Creative StudioAbout Veronica’s products are designed to represent who you are. They are meant to symbolize a look that is as special as the person wearing it.  She enables all buyers to express themselves through unique hand crafted  art and jewelry that is tailor made to you and your personality.  Club Creative Studios provides all their customers and CCS #5clients with a much needed break from the ordinary. Her business produces an array of fun and functional pieces, accessories and breathtaking items that incorporate all sorts of hand-made beads. Highlighted items also include hand-rolled polymer clay beads, hand-torched glass beads, fused glass pendants, hand-poured resin pendants, hand-twisted wire work, and more! On top of being a trendsetter in her respective field, Veronica’s inventory is constantly changing. This provides new looks for pre-existing and first time clients. She even welcomes custom requests! Hand Crafted JewelryCCS #3 Celebrating vivid colors, most jewelry includes hand-rolled, oven-fired polymer clay beads. Hand-made qualities bring character to each design as each bead is unique. Each bead type is made in limited quantities of twelve or less, never exactly alike, although rendering slight similarities for color and design cohesiveness. A variety of polymer clay brands are used. All clay is cured at the manufacturer’s recommendations for maximum durability. Finishes vary and typically include hand-sanding, buffing or three layers of polyurethane gloss applied by hand.

Featured art also includes hand-torched beads made from Italian Moretti glass rods. These creations provide interesting focal beads. Inclusion of these glass beads within various items are often complimented with a variety of mixed beads or metal charms. The fusion of the molten glass from the flame, although labor intensive, is never duplicated and radiates simple beauty.

*If you’re looking to stand out in the crowd, contact Veronica for all your artistic design needs…and beads!

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