Birthday Bling- Celebration Jewelry

Yes, it does. Let the right jewelry fit your style.
Yes, it does. Let the right jewelry fit your style.

There are many times when jewelry helps celebrate a special occasion. We are celebrating the Navy Supply Birthday Ball on Friday night. I created my hand-made “birthday bling” pearl and rhinestone necklace to complete my formal attire.

Close-Up. My hand-made necklace for the birthday ball 2014.
Close-Up. My hand-made necklace for the birthday ball 2014.

As a “Sneak Peek” here is what is on tap for my wardrobe selection. I think it will serve the purpose of bringing bling to combine with my ball gown and into the ball room.

Formal necklace made by Club Creative Studio.
Formal necklace made by Club Creative Studio.

Stay tuned to view more photos on how it all comes together. I will be sure to let you know what others have to say about my creation as well.  I pay attention to accessories and what others chose as their personal style and taste.  At events like this, it is fun to see the variety and how people put their style accessories together for a formal look.

I am SURE: NO ONE will be wearing the same necklace as me!  This is the beauty of making something that is one-of-a-kind! If you are not aware, I create custom jewelry art for any special occasion, and I enjoy the creative challenges those opportunities bring.

Let me know if you have a special reason to celebrate with bling, Perhaps I can help!

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A Call For Custom Art

Club Creative Studio creates Custom Art.  I recently attended a meeting consisting of business persons. At one point, I spoke about the fact that I create custom art. A conversation ensued. A “Call for Custom” to me is a conversation that is welcomed. I used the chance to elaborate on the meaning of custom art.

I welcome the challenges that come to call when I am asked to create a custom art order.  Any person who shops for custom jewelry or other items are searching for that “perfect piece” not for what is going to serve them as “good enough” and is readily available on store shelves in front of them at the time.

Hand-made initial tie tack from Club Creative Studio
Hand-made initial tie tack from Club Creative Studio

I have two ways to describe custom jewelry:

1. Custom jewelry is a wonderful choice for people with unique and distinct tastes in styles.

2. Custom jewelry is a wonderful choice for people who wish to stand out in a crowd among many.

Club Creative Studio creation: Sea glass shard custom wrapped for pendant.
Club Creative Studio creation: Sea glass shard custom wrapped for pendant.

The Up-Side to Custom- When I create custom art, I design to fit the recipient’s particular needs. In these instances, the buyer has more control over the piece aesthetics. This allows for a heightened degree of attention to detail to hit those marks of service on my part. I listen carefully and take great notes. I strive to convey and incorporate special meaning into the art which makes it truly and extraordinarily unique to the individuals involved. A custom piece of art has to “speak” and have personal meaning upon the completion.

Club Creative Studio necklace features Kanji character.
Club Creative Studio necklace features Kanji character.

Custom work allows me to work closely with the purchaser to control color, materials, size and design elements of the art piece.  Sometimes there is a price point to consider, sometimes there are other limitations on the specifics.  Most times, I am happily trusted to “work my magic” with general ideas and added I am granted free rein for a finished product.

Most persons commonly think of “custom” in jewelry making when they have an opportunity to place loose stones or diamonds into a jewelry setting.  While this is popular thinking, there can be much more to this.

Use of significant colors and charms can make your jewelry personalized and more of a custom made piece.
Use of significant colors and charms can make your jewelry personalized and more of a custom made piece.

There are a few ways to place a custom description into your jewelry art.  Using a monogram, a personal image, specific theme charms or personalized engraved pendant, an initial charm, birthstones or birth crystal colors, and having a say in the over-all design to name a few.


Some jewelry shoppers may be on the hunt for a personalized piece that has special meaning.  Others may want a wearable piece of art that no one else can own. BOTH are ways by which I support creating CUSTOM art. This is where Club Creative Studio comes in to save the day.

Our art is always custom, and created to be ONE-OF-A-KIND.

The Down-side to Custom While it is true that the buying process is longer than purchasing regular jewelry of the shelf of a large department store chain, the results are worth the wait.

Club Creative Studio welcomes your custom requests and looks forward to meeting your specific style needs. Together we can design another master piece!

Please view custom, one-of-a-kind art on the home page. When I design jewelry or home décor items, one of the main goals I have is to CREATE ART THAT SETS YOU APART. Allow me to create for you or that special someone. I love creating every day!




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Just Say YES- Celebrate the Letter Y

When you enter the sweet spot in life where you appreciate art, it’s easy to just say “YES” to all things handmade. Hand-crafted items have many special qualities that you simply can not find in manufactured goods.  I don’t have to convince the world, but I hope you can learn to just say yes to hand-made items when you have the opportunity.

My Mother enjoys sewing so when I found these charms, it was a "no-brainer" to incorporate them into a necklace.
My Mother enjoys sewing so when I found these charms, it was a “no-brainer” to incorporate them into a necklace.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I know that hand-made items are common, popular and appreciated. Moms just seem to have a soft spot for the items that her little pride and joy children make with love. And for good reason.  Something that is hand-made has HEART. Personality and self-expression are traits that are always included in hand-made creations.

It is for this reason that I urge you to remember that hand-made art is made with heart and soul. The underlying value of uniqueness is invaluable.  This is the main reason why Club Creative Studio creates on a daily basis. Art That Sets You Apart are more than tagline words. Our hand-made art truly does set you apart and sets the artist apart from factory goods- because they have qualities that make it easy to say “YES” to creativity and craftsmanship.

Club Creative Studio theme initial bracelet
Club Creative Studio- Personalized Initial Bracelet

For occasions such as Mother’s Day, I enjoy creating custom pieces that include a personal story for the gifted. Fitting items are always something that include birthstones, or birth month colored crystals or beads. Also I have created items that included special keepsake items incased in resin, such as a photo of a loved one or a cherished item (like a lucky quarter,) for one customer.  Theme jewelry and anything in a favorite color has also been very popular.

Club Creative Studio Sea theme bracelet
Club Creative Studio- Sea Theme Bracelet

Be sure to keep HAND-MADE items TOP OF MIND for Mom and others because it is easy to just say yes to hand-made, unique items made from a caring artist’s hands. Please visit our website often and view the venue page located at the bottom of our website homepage for other areas near you that offer Club Creative Studio art. Thank you for wearing and sharing our creations.



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Eventually Finding Gold- The Letters E, F and G

Gold QuoteAs I write today, I am at a college soccer tournament. Although it is non-conference Spring season, the feeling of friendly competition is still in the air.

Although coaches want all of their athletes to remain calm, they also want a level of glory found in Eventually Finding Gold- first place standings.

This blog post celebrates 3 letters of the alphabet in one post today for my A to Z Challenge post. Enjoy.

Gold can be beautiful. I eventually find gold incorporated into my art from time to time because so many have a grand association of wealth and worth to the color. If you were ever drawn to the color gold you may have an understanding to that reasoning.

Club Creative Studio- golden art

Gold is a rich color that reminds many of valuable gold coins or a gold bar, or the highest standard of recognition such as a gold metal of achievement or a gold trophy for first place.

Rose gold is also a popular color choice because it has a slightly lighter tone.


Some people do not mind mixing gold, silver or other metals together. I have a whole category offered online dedicated to mixed metals at

Club Creative Studio Gold disk earringsIf you admire gold over silver, it basically seems to boil down to a personal preference, if cost is not the main issue. I often find myself most often working in sterling silver or silver plated wires. It is just popular and more affordable for so many.

I do however like to mix up my creations by combining different mixed metals or highlighting the use of gold tone creations from time to time as well.

This is one reason why I enjoy creating custom art.  If someone prefers one metal type over another, and it is their request for me to use gold as a focal color, I will certainly use that with its advantages.

Oh and for the record, my daughter’s team did “go for the gold” and won their tournament with a first place standing and got a GOLD t-shirt as a memento. This weekend, I loved the color GOLD and I enjoyed watching her team eventually find gold.

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Custom and Cool: Celebrate the Letter C

Two words that are happily celebrated by Club Creative Studio are custom and cool.

Everyone is gifted quoteI believe that we are all gifted on some level artistically. When being creative, customization and expressing a “cool factor” are also part of what makes art meaningful. I love combining those expressions.

Artistic talents can be obvious and run deep or they can be on the surface yet undetected by many. The key to flourishing in creative ways is to know how to embrace your creativity and develop it so we can share it with others in custom and cool ways.

Today I ‘d like to share two stories that illustrate the fact that I have found a way to blend the words custom and cool together with the love of beads and jewelry-making.  Both experiences deal with the idea that customization of art is cool for many reasons.


I personalize (customize) artistic ideas so that the art can be even more meaningful for the customer.

Once upon a time, I created many items for a special person. The cool custom request was from a person who was gifting a cruise to her Mother and Father along with her siblings for their Wedding Anniversary. The special request came with the luggage…so to speak…I was asked to create matching jewelry for each outfit that was pre-packed. The art was going to be a surprise when she opened up the suitcase. So, happily I created several items and they were all placed in the suitcase.

This was certainly a different request and needless to say, it was a welcomed challenge for me. What unique thoughtfulness to furnish hand-made accessories for a special vacation trip. As the story continues, the art became something to look forward to each day and the accessories were associated with a memorable life event. That story reminds me that creating for a custom request can always have a cool outcome.

Creating custom art for a specific cause or learning why a special request is made for art is rewarding because the project always has a special meaning associated with it for the one requesting the art.  With an emotional story associated with the art it is elevated above and beyond what a person sees without knowing the full story behind the art.

Club Creative Studio Initial bride's maid bracelets


Other rewarding stories are generally similar in satisfaction anytime that I create specifically requested items such as keepsake awareness bracelets, matching bride’s maids jewelry, a theme charm bracelet, or even a symbolic journey necklace.

Club Creative Studio- Journey Necklace

I love interpreting meaning and knowing the purpose behind a creation, It’s the customer’s connection to the art that matters the most. In this “Journey Necklace”, I took heed of this person’s story of personal struggle and noted her symbolic emergence into strength and willingness to overcome her difficult life situation.  The butterfly wings are a symbol of her growth and the colors are her requested favorite hues.  Together we were able to retell her story through this art and I was able to once again combine the words “custom” and “cool” into success in art. It’s a personal touch that brought the words custom and cool together, and you can request this of me anytime by e-mail:

It is for that reason that I readily and happily accept custom requests. It ensures that art has an emotional and aesthetic attraction, which deems it priceless in the eyes of the beholder.

Club Creative Studio Awareness Necklace

Please do not hesitate to request a hand-made item from Club Creative Studio. Our unique creations are one-of-a-kind and aim to meet your specifications and interpret your emotional desires. To view more samples of art I invite you to stop by the Facebook business page:  or the online storefront often. Also, we welcome your comments on the creativity shared in the comment section below.  Be Creative Everyday!


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