D is for: Do It With Style

Women’s fashions and design are ever-changing revolving aspects in life. Are you prepared to do it with style?

Every season, the runway styles dictate what is fashionable, popular and on trend. Are you ready for Spring and ready to be part of the seasonal changes?

What is going to be hot fashion topics for Spring 2015?

How might a jewelry designer interpret or work with these trends? Allow me to share the ways that I have tackled the challenge of the trends predicted so far.

Fringe- Easy way to make a statement with a Western/Santa Fe style.

There is no doubt that fringe adds fun to fashion. It is dramatic, shows movement, and has a sense of flow and carefree whimsy. How might you find this trend in Club Creative Studio jewelry art?  Here is an example of jewelry art I have created with beaded fringe detail.  It is a hand-made beaded statement necklace. The color palate I use may also reflect the feel of the Southwest.

Club Creative Studio- HAnd-made beaded Fringe Necklace.
Club Creative Studio- Hand-made Beaded Fringe Necklace.

Suede-A trend that can come in different colors.

I enjoy that suede can be utilized in many ways because of the width cut variations available.  I like adding a simple suede strand to my colorful hand-rolled clay pendant creations because the colors coordinate without being distracting.  It is a change of pace from wearing a common metal chain necklace. The over-all look is also casual and relaxed for any age.

Club Creative Studio- Hand-rolled clay pendants on a suede strand.
Club Creative Studio- Hand-rolled clay pendants on a suede strand.

The 70’s are back- it’s a more polished version.

I love that the 70’s were about free-flowing blouse styles and fun fabric prints. As Club Creative Studio creates hand-made items with a Boho feel, this trend in style will seem more evident, creative and comfortable, like these examples do.

Whimsical Art from Club Creative Studio.
Whimsical Art from Club Creative Studio.

Ruffles-Structural and sweet at the same time.

Ruffled materials do not have to bring back bad memories like it does for me. I recall my Mother sewing a ruffle at the bottom of my jean pant legs as I grew to extend the length of the pants, and their wear time. Just when I thought that was bad enough…she would go and add a second and third layer of ruffles. Lord, I wish I had a photo of me wearing those pants right now.

Ruffles can add a look of innocence and boldness at the same time. Club Creative Studio has carried forth this trend in designing a ruffled edge incorporated with added bead embellishments.  This necklace is a great example of how a ruffle-look can be a structural strength to a fashion statement necklace.

Ruffle edge statement necklace from Club Creative Studio.
Ruffle edge statement necklace from Club Creative Studio.

Have you been made aware of any additional stylish trends in store for us this year?  Which trend mentioned above appeals to you the most?  Which jewelry trend do you tend to model the most often of those mentioned above?  Please share, I’d love to know what appeals or radiates in you.

If you are interested in viewing more hand-made art that may reflect these particular Spring trends, I welcome you to view the revolving inventory of Club Creative Studio at: http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

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Hot Like Hot Chocolate

The temperature continues to drop where I live, it’s cold. I can’t help that fact but, I can find a way to warm up despite the snow-filled season. I long to welcome the feeling of warmth in my winter days. One way is to warm up my accessory choices with looks that are hot… just like my mug of hot chocolate!

I’ve put together some ideas of what is on trend for this winter season. Perhaps it will provide ideas that are outside of your usual comfort zone.

Club Creative Studio mug of chocolate

For starters, chase away the chill with COLOR

One of the hottest hues right now are RED.  We see a lot of red in February.  Red is the color of love and passion. Red is adaptable to many people because it can fuel the desire to be bold and yet serve as a very traditional down-to-earth hue if it is muted.

It really doesn’t matter what everyone else is wearing, however.  Build your color confidence by trying out new looks. In fact, take a color cue straight from the color wheel. If red is not your favorite color, choose an analogous. These are colors found side by side each other on the color wheel.  For example, a red analogous color scheme includes purple-red and orange-red.  They share the same color component, and therefore always look good together.


Often times in winter, we tend to wear dark colors like black, grey or brown.  The deeper the foundation of our clothing, the more colors like eye-appealing floral tones or fruit colors worn will pop as accent colors. Take time to get acquainted with color.


 Wear an eye-catching accent for instant impact

Colors have the power to influence our moods. Blues tend to make us feel relaxed and calm and often times brighter colors make us feel cheerful. Don’t be afraid to explore and wear accessories in color, it’s an opportunity to provide an accent of “pop”, that can enhance your wardrobe.

Explore your style

Do you consider yourself casual, contemporary, traditional or trendy and transitional? You may be drawn to some of the same designs and styles. Wake up your choices and try new directions.  Although the color red can seem demanding and instantly energizing, find the color that brings you the best impact and happiness.

The Bottom Line

Use of color is a quick and easy way to bring energy into your wardrobe and accessory choices.  Accessories are easy to swap out and repeat.  You can refresh your look any time the mood strikes. Learn to do this with confidence, and you will add fun to every outfit you wear.

Already a fan of the color craze?

Club Creative Studio encourages you to continue down the road of embracing color in your accessory choices. If you are normally shy of color, start by owning and wearing a few pieces at a time in a selection that is bright. You may notice that you will be complimented and may grow to love the color wheel, take it for a spin and let us know how you feel.

Invest in a few pieces that reflect your affinity for color, then showcase your jewelry choices as focal points to your everyday or special occasion outfits.  You are welcome to browse our online collection or submit a custom request at any time.  Club Creative Studio is happy to share Art That Sets You Apart.

>Artists...might be strange after-all





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Style- Celebrate the Letter S


To celebrate the letter “S” today, I write a bit about style.

In May, I will address a group and speak about style and jewelry accessory length choices. Personal style is hard to argue with. Self expression is so important in making a stylish statement.



With an awareness on the basics, knowing when to express the best style becomes a much easier choice. While there are specific lengths of necklaces and looks that are popular, some just lend themselves well to particular necklines and transfer the best fashion statements. This is the focus on my speaking engagement.


Many have been quoted on the topic of style.  I’d like to share what I have found to be inspirational.  Heed the words that resonate. Understand what style means to others.




Do you have a favorite quote about style? Feel free to share it and let us know who it came from.



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