P is for Prepare

The letter “P” represents preparation for Club Creative Studio.

The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today. -Elbert Hubbard

Doing well and creating everyday with the intent of improving along the way is a great goal to have. It is actually quite easy for a creative person. We automatically and naturally have experiences that allow us to open doors and grow from the creative process. Preparing ourselves, or being aware that we are capable of even better work the next day and then the next is rewarding.  The work from today, is a big part of the work for tomorrow.

Club Creative Studio Artist
Club Creative Studio Artist

When I think of the word “prepare” I think of all of the little details that I do in advance of working on a project. Do I have the materials I need? Do I have the time and energy? Do I have adequate space? These are questions I seem to mull over in preparation of starting something new. The most important to me however is the question of if I need additional skills or preparation time to create at the level I want to.

Being prepared to begin a new project, may require additional education, knowledge and practice. I never start out thinking that I can “master” any technique when I begin something new or extra challenging. To be fair, no one should place such expectations upon themselves.

The openness and willingness to explore and expand a skill- set is a valuable preparation tool for the future.  This is one of the reasons why I take pride in exploring new techniques, while honing in on the aspects that I do best.

Jewelry-making is challenging in that the creativity level is high and aspects are appreciated on many different levels.  Some people are drawn to the technical aspect of an art piece, while others are purely drawn to the art esthetically. Jewelry also has a personal tie or sparks a memory for some, so being prepared as an artist to reach with a message is very important.

While I await permission to be granted to share the words of a Club Creative Studio Art fan,  please note that this post will be continued. I would like to share a short story on how a “message” can be conveyed through art, and how I was NOT prepared.  Please visit this blog again soon.  Thank you.

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O is for Oahu

Club Creative Studio has relocated their home-base work space to Oahu, Hawaii.

For the past few months, the beautiful island of Oahu has been an inspirational backdrop for creativity.

Oahu for me, is a place of appreciation for culture, bright color and celebration of floral and fauna.

Taking photos of the hibiscus bushes will never get old.
Taking photos of the hibiscus bushes will never get old.

I love realizing that if I want to totally relax, escape and enjoy the beach, I don’t have far to go. Island life has its good points.

Oahu, HawaiiMy studio work space is evolving as I continue to unpack, locate, sort, organize, and arrange my supplies. I have discovered many great aspects about this environment and have NO COMPLAINTS so far.  Please keep track of our creative efforts as we share ART WITH ALOHA!

Sun set from my deck in Hawaii.
Sun set from my deck in Hawaii.
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Question and Answer Time

“Why would I spend money on a hand-made Club Creative Studio accessory?”

I have the answer to this question.

You are a jewelry or art lover with a special desire.

You have an affinity and connection with unique one-of-a-kind, wearable art and want others to know about your personal style without saying a word.  You deserve to own one-of-a-kind art.

Fiesta Flower Statement Necklace.
Fiesta Flower Statement Necklace.

I serve you, because I care about standing out, just as you do!

The creations from Club Creative Studio fit the bill for expressive people who want to overcome ordinary. Custom requests are welcome or browse the inventory online.

Keep Calm and Bead On. From Club Creative Studio.
Keep Calm and Bead On. From Club Creative Studio.



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N is for New Location

Good bye PA home.
Good bye PA home.

It happens in steps. There is a NEW LOCATION on the horizon for Club Creative Studio. The moving process is not a task done quickly, especially when three different shipments are involved. I said good bye to many packed items in May, and vacated the studio as I knew it in Philadelphia in June.

During the month of July I spent time with family in various places and states and now I look forward to August.  In August I will receive my first shipment of goods for setting up the new studio space.

The first shipment of boxes will include my inventory, select beads, some supplies and a few tables and my swivel chair.  I have included my lighting, camera supplies and a few other must-haves to make the start of my studio feel somewhat functional until the main shipment arrives within the following month, with the rest of my studio needs.

My lens loves the "surfer dudes".
My lens loves the “surfer dudes”.

While moving is stressful, it is also exciting.  I have relocated to HAWAII and there is SO MUCH inspiration around me. I have been sparked to create new paintings, take wonderful photos and adore nature in a new way with an deepened appreciation of bright color (like those found in Hawaiian shirts). I can’t wait to create in the SPIRIT OF ALOHA!

I love my new home in Hawaii.
I love my new home in Hawaii.



Stay tuned. I will be sharing moving progress/information here on this blog and on the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/clubcreativestudio

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Thank you for wearing and Sharing Club Creative Studio Art

Thank you for wearing and sharing Club Creative Studio Art.

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C is for: Challenge Using Instagram


Welcome to the website and blog that is dedicated to creativity.  As I continue to blog daily in the A to Z Challenge, I want to bring attention to another platform that I participate in: Instagram and Instagram Challenges.

untitled (3)

I am new to the social media platform Instagram but, I am enjoying sharing photographs, discovering new artists and browsing hashtags.

The discovery of monthly CHALLENGES have been inspiring to me and I have taken on a few challenges. I am currently taking part in two this month. A person shares their “challenge list” and anyone that wants to follow along in the themes are free to post and “tag” them with hashtag use.

My New Challenges

1. Crafty Photo-a-day April Challenge

2. April Photo-a-day Challenge

3. May Craft Challenge

Within the Crafty April Challenge, I have been posting tips, art ideas, or actual personal projects that coincide with the challenge list of #iLoveToCreate. Here is their list of prompts. I think they can also be used as blog prompts for me later.

Ribbon, Tacky Glue, Doodles, Sparkle, Recycled Craft, Inspiration, Spring D.I.Y., Favorite Craft Supply, D.I.Y. Décor, Paint, Pinterest Inspired, Embellishment, D.I.Y. Fashion, Sketching, Hand-made Gift, Sewing, Puffy Paint, Yarn, My Craft Space, Easter Eggs, Stickers, Kid Craft, Pretty Papers, Glitter, Markers, Fabric Stash, Craft Hoard, By Best D.I.Y. Ever, Scissors, Jewelry I made,

Can you see how this list can be inspiring to create or write about?

The April Photo-a-day Challenge was probably created to highlight creativity in photography. Using the hashtag #fmsphotography on Instagram, I will be posting my photographs within the following theme list below.

Something purple, In my hand, Shapes, Good Together, Not mine, Taste of Spring/autumn, Where I’d rather be, Hobby, Dark, My favorite part of the day, Three of a kind, On my feet, More please, Dirty, I’m reading this, My vice, Something I learned, Good, Money, Egg, Close, Four things, Entrance, A pop of color, Remember, Enjoy the little things, Under my feet, Chaotic, Contrast, Something silly.

images (2)

The May Craft Challenge list was started by #the_diy_girls. I may be blogging about that at a later date.  If you wish to follow the creativity from Club Creative Studio on Instagram, I can be found at #clubcreativestudioart I welcome you to stop by with a “like” or comment on any social media platform I can be found on.  Thank you for stopping by today as well.

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Studio View- Welcome to My Creative Space

Club Creative Studio. Workspace 2014.
Club Creative Studio. Workspace 2014.

I love having a creative space I can call my own. I guess it would be the same pride that a guy has about having a “man-cave”. My office/workspace/studio is a happy and productive space.


Currently, I have a reserved space that is smaller than my last studio location. Sometimes I feel that the smaller space is better since all of the materials I need are very close at hand.  With a larger space, I found myself getting up several times during a project to get what I needed. There are certainly pros and cons to the ideal studio size.

Today, I had a few visitors in the studio and they had never been to my space before.  Right away, the gentleman said: “WOW! I can tell this is the space of a really creative person!”  Well, I certainly can not argue with that observation. It is true. I guess is was evident from the many supplies all around, art on the walls and projects in the works.

Bead Storage.
Bead Storage.

The woman visiting immediately had questions for me about jewelry and how I got my ideas. She found it amazing that a person could just naturally come up with designs.

Probably the most interesting conversation was with their young son. He was in elementary school. He interjected that artists always have “great ideas” because that is what they do. I told him he was right, artists like using their ideas to make things and then share them with others.

Storage System in Club Creative Studio, 2014.
Storage System in Club Creative Studio, 2014.

After looking at a few more creations, more questions evolved about my techniques. It is always fun to share the love of my art and workspace functionality.

To view samples of what has evolved from this creative space and design table, please visit the website: http://www.clubcreativestudio.com shopping section. There you will find numbers under each photo, those numbers indicate that there is another photograph available to view. Also, don’t forget to click on the image to make it larger if you wish to see in more detail.  Thank you for stopping by and help me spread the word about Art That Sets You Apart.

If you’d like to be notified of special offers and events, “like” us and follow us on Facebook  or sign up for the E-mail newsletter.  Join the journey.













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Veronica’s Fun Facts- Celebrate the letter V

You can gain a tidbit of background information about me from the “About Us” page on this website. I just wanted to share a few more fun facts that are not included there.  Here are a few of my favorite things:

Bead Artist Jewelry Designer Creative Specialist
Bead Artist
Jewelry Designer/Creative Specialist

1. I LOVE CHOCOLATE.  I have a cute wood plaque in my kitchen that reads: “Give me chocolate and nobody will get hurt.” Yeah…that’s about how it is.

2. I’ll wear fake finger nails.  If an occasion calls for me to look extra fancy and elegant, I have no shame, I’ll press on the fake fingernails.  There is NO WAY that I can maintain great looking natural nails in my line of work, so I feel that I have no choice. There…secret out!


3. I run to wear the cool shoes. I can run pretty far when I put my mind to it. I’ve completed a half marathon and I run for the love of colorful shoes. I am pretty sure that is the only reason to run.

4. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN is my boyfriend. My husband surprised me with concert tickets and I could not stop sobbing for the first seven songs. I was just so overwhelmed with emotion of hearing and seeing my favorite musical talent live and in the flesh. He is adored.

5. My favorite color is black. You wouldn’t guess that by looking at all of the colorful glass and clay beads I create. Black has always been my favorite color. I guess it is because I like the contrast against white and that it combines well with any other color in a wardrobe.  It’s a great accent color.

6. I’m a published illustrator.  While living in Japan, I was commissioned to illustrate two children’s Japanese language books. Each book has over 200 drawings included. I have great memories from the time our family resided there, this is one of my highlighted creative accomplishments.

7. Favorite Sandwich: BLT with cheese.

8. Favorite Beverages: Sweet tea, chi tea, licorice tea, amaretto sour

9. Favorite Clay Artist: Donna Kato

10. Favorite Furry Friend: Cat.

Please visit “About Us” and “F.Y.I.” sections of this site to learn more about Club Creative Studio Art.

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