A Royal Creation- Uncle Don’s Art

It may be all in the family- CREATIVITY that is.

My husband’s great uncle has a creative eye and artistic talent that he expresses from time to time. This time, his creation was fit for a King or Queen- it was a royal creation.

I love hearing about his latest challenges and successes with his photography, painting, welding, gourd painting, and now steel cutting.  By trade, he is winding down his days as a farmer. So, he has a bit more time now to travel on his creative paths.

Great Uncle Don 2013
Great Uncle Don 2013

We recently went to Nebraska for a visit. When we went to Don’s place we were happily greeted with a platter of his home-made goodies and his company.  After a tour of the farmland, photos and story swaps of days gone by, Don lead us into the living room.

He was so excited for us to sit in the chair that he recently had re-upholstered and was eager for each of us to take a turn sitting in it.  In Don’s eyes, this chair must have reminded him of royal throne.  The next question for you to ponder is: what is a throne without a person sitting in it with a crown on?

So…Don made a crown from some steel scraps and he added a few reflectors as the crown jewels.  We all had a good time as we took our turns being a royal subject sitting in his chair.  What will he make us do when we visit next time?

Waving to the common people!
Waving to the common people!
There is still time to grow into the crown.
There is still time to grow into the crown.
The "Royal Throne" Chair
The “Royal Throne” Chair
Uncle Don created the crown that gave us all a royal attitude.
Uncle Don created the crown that gave us attitude.

Creativity can be expressed for a certain purpose or just for the fun of it. We are glad that Don’s creations expressed a sense of humor. This particular visit was a memorable one because of it.

Do you have a family member that has a creative talent or expresses their creativity in a fun way?  Let us know in your comment below. We’d love to know about other’s creative creations.







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Z is for Zany- Celebrate the Letter Z

Z is for Zany. It’s hard to think of a word starting with the letter Z as a creative topic. This was one reason why I have been away from the blog for a while.

There are times that I come up with zany, crazy thoughts at the design table, which can sometimes lead to questionable outcomes and techniques. But, adding humor to your tasks helps make you less stressed, and more open to the outcomes. Embrace the times where laughter and silliness collide. You never know where those creative times may lead you in your artful journey.

Club Creative Studio Bullet pendants

As an example, when I obtained the bucket full of bullet shells, I had dreams of different ways I could incorporate them into jewelry. A few of the ideas I have tried, and there are some techniques I still have to work out in detail.  Never-the-less, there is a zany way to approach every task.

The person giving me the bucket of empty shells could not see my zany visions of transforming the casings into jewelry art.  However, adding humor to any project or finding humor in a task may help get the creative juices flowing.


I recently came across this interesting and humorous pendant with glasses and sporting a mustache. How cute is this?  Best five bucks I ever spent! Then, a few days later I came across the fun eye glasses with the same mustache idea attached to them, and yes…I spent another five bucks.  But, for a good reason,  it is a great trend that expresses the whimsical side of life.

Why not turn to these type of items or use a lighter-hearted attempt to your jewelry choices once and a while.  Fashion is to be expressed. Accessories are an extension of your creativeness and tastes.

Being a little out of the ordinary and zany once and a while may just keep you sane. What is the most odd jewelry accessory in your possession? Feel free to share your story below in a comment.

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