Mother Nature, The Natural Mother

Spectacular weather anytime is something to be grateful for to Mother Nature. Mother Nature is a natural “Mother”, giving warmth and beauty and sharing beauty with many, on her good days.

Club Creative Studio Nature phot Rocks and Plant

I often draw inspiration from nature, even when I am working in my indoor work space Club Creative Studio.  The times that I can work outdoors however, that is a calming productive time I value.

Club Creative Studio Nature photo

Connecting with nature gives us a chance to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  In the city, it is a welcome quiet place for me to focus on nature instead of the sights and sounds that can be interesting, but slightly distracting at times.

swirl leaf photo Club Creative Studio

Whenever possible, I take photographs of nature. Mother Nature has a way of centering me. Nature inspired photographs have had an impact on my art in various ways. I use photographs in nature for painting references, color ideas, texture and line prompts as well as design and theme ideas.

Club Creative Studio flower photo

I look to nature as an inspired lesson always offering me something to learn about uniqueness. For example think of a flower and the details of the petals. The fact that each bud or bloom is unique in color, shape, texture, line, and form gives me ideas to mimic and incorporate into clay creations.

Photo taken that was edited to gain texture effects.
Photo taken that was edited to gain texture effects.

When I take photographs of nature, I find that I gain new perspectives because looking through that lens allows me to focus (no pun intended) and obtain a new point of view of common items around me. When editing, I am able or chose to  add effects, the photo can then take on an entire new look.

Club Creative Studio photo

Imagining that I am seeing something for the first time, or am a tourist in my own town gives me a reason to see more intensely. The next challenge after taking photographs is to decide how I’d like to take those visions to the next level.  It is the role of a creative artist to give a “voice” to visions through art.

Using original photographs as a prompt, I enjoy creating a painted vision with a voice.  Please visit the next blog post in our Featured Friday post, I’ll be painting with acrylic paints and showing you my step by step process in photographs. Perhaps it will inspire you to start your own painting based on a photograph you have taken.

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