Business As Usual- Productive Work From Home

My Studio encourages  my imagination.
My Studio encourages my imagination.

It’s business as usual whenever I am working at home. I’ve got a comfortable, functional and stylish work space at Club Creative Studio. I know what it takes to be productive in my home studio.

Club Creative Studio Workspace.
Club Creative Studio Workspace.

Although there are a few aspects I would certainly change, wherever I work, I work it out. Office space, storage units, lighting, or work surfaces may change but it still remains a place of refuge.

Your creative space should be a personal space where you escape to work peacefully in freedom. Know what keeps you there.

What aspects work for you to actually make you stay in your creative space, and help promote a creative vibe? Ideas don’t have to cost much, here are some suggestions.

Habitual Tasks– you should be aware of what actually makes you remain in a productive state of mind. Perhaps its the habitual routines you have in your work environment that aid in being productive in your work?  For example: Do you listen to certain music to get you in the mood to work?  I personally find that K-Love (Christian Radio) is the best background music for me.

Splurge a bit on whatever helps you maintain your energy to create.
Splurge a bit on whatever helps you maintain your energy to create.

Work Motivators- Do you work best when you have had your daily dose of caffeine, a routine breakfast or a strict schedule mapped out to follow for the day? Whatever is provided to stay focused in your space will certainly keep you there longer. For me, it’s my “to do” list, a glass of hot tea, access to a hidden chocolate bar or other sweet treat and the reassurance that the air freshener is fragrant enough to notice.  Have what you like and need in plain sight to keep you in the work environment as long as you need to be. Keep what distracts you at bay, for me its the phone and computer.

Productive Office Set-Up– Make sure the space works for you so that you can maintain your vision of productivity and remain in the “business as usual” mode.  There are perks to working at home.  Besides no commute troubles, flexible hours, and a casual dress code,  working at home requires you to be organized and focused.

An effective studio should have everything that a traditional work environment has, except for the dull, small cubicle feeling.  For me, the ideal workspace it is a combination of an office and an art space.

Helpful Qualities of the Home Office

A clutter-free desk– spread out modular desk versus a freestanding writing area. You want a clear work space when beginning each project to match your clear creative thoughts and actions.

Plentiful storage-functional and organized out of sight yet accessible. You want to reduce frustrations and know where everything is to also save time in your creativity.

Comfortable flowing space and stylish with a personal touch. You want your space to be welcoming with personal comfort to you and others so that you want to stay there for many hours at a time. Maintain a ideal seating, air temperature, correct ventilation and lighting for example. Have secure shelving and stable tables and chairs for safety and comfort.

Space conscious– customized your area. Make sure you are not cramped and have adequate room to move about safely. Move items that block views or walkways.

If you work-from-home, I hope I have provided a few low-cost suggestions to make a few tweaks in your day to be more productive.



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