Featured Friend- Meet Scrap Booker Nikki

I have been kicking the idea around to feature creative friends in various posts for a long while. I hope that by reading about creative efforts of others, a spark may be lit for you to appreciate what various artists and crafters are expressing. I have decided to begin this monthly themed featured post with my friend Nikki’s talents.  Her chosen art form: Scrapbooking.

Nikki Carmouche, 2012. Rest in Peace: March 05, 2014.
Nikki Carmouche, 2012.

Meet my Featured Friend

With many friends and a young family, there is no question why Nikki would not value photographs. I  first met Nikki (Tanikka) Gambirazio Carmouche when we both lived in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  We had a bit in common as she was from Havelock, North Carolina and I also lived there at one point in time.   We were in the same local business referral group and so we would see each other once a week and at other networking functions from time to time as well.

Nikki had a few jobs at once but, I knew her best as an enthusiastic Independent Scentsy Consultant.  She would often be heard saying witty taglines in her conversations about the fragrant wickless candles she sold like: “My business makes scents”, and “Keep your nose in my business.”  That type of creativity was also found in an artistic way through scrap booking and paper crafting.

A Creative Space

Her workspace was a generous sized spare room located upstairs within her home. I remember visiting and sharing in her excitement of her then newly acquired “prized possession” in her creative space: The Cricket.  This machine is a great tool for the avid scrap booker. It serves as a creative tool for cutting shapes quickly from multiple papers.  Letters, stickers, and specific theme motifs are made quickly and easily with this inventive table top machine.

Nikki and me-2011

Why Scrap book?

Making scrapbook pages are popular because a crafter can satisfy the need to be creative while at the same time create a book to view for generations to come.  I know from experience that scrap booking can be addictive but it is also very expressive and investing time to visually create a tangible keepsake is important.

Warrior Quote

Comfort in Distraction

While Nikki was battling with breast cancer, she probably used her scrapbooking as an activity to escape mentally from her daily pains. I hope so.  I do know it gave her pleasure to create them.

Nikki and her husband.
Nikki and her husband, Terrell.

I have fond memories of Nikki and her creative journey.  My daughter and I visited Nikki in the hospital bearing a large basket of scrapbook supplies. It was fun picking out items that we thought would work well from her bedside. Items like stickers, fill-in-the-blank journaling prompts, ink pads, empty paper frame cut-outs, markers, tape, small travel scissors and the like all served as creative supplies.  Scrapbooking was used to pass time while waiting for chemotherapy, and  became busy-work to keep thoughts on a purposeful task.


We don’t have to look far to notice the friends who have a creative flair.  They are the people that are expressive, and love to “get lost” in their creations.  Creative types like to keep what they create AND share what they create.  Scrap booking allows room for both.

This world lost a creative person on March 05, 2014. After a long and hard battle with cancer, Nikki passed away leaving many valuables behind: her husband, her 4 children and extended family, friend’s memories…and her hand-made scrap book pages. All priceless, like she was.  God bless her always.


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