H is for: One Point Hair Pin

Club Creative Studio- Close-up: Tip Hair Pin
Club Creative Studio- Close-up: Tip Hair Pin

Club Creative Studio takes pride in creating with beads. There are many projects in the works and projects yet to be discovered. Today, I share photos of my first one point hair pin project.

Start point of Club Creative Studio's one point hair pin.
Start point of Club Creative Studio’s one point hair pin.

Two wooden one point hair pins were included in my bead soup challenge mix from Tami Norris.  I had never used a hair pin personally and I had also never thought to create one with beads…until now.

What is a One Point Hair Pin?

A one point hair pin is a hair accessory.  The long stem stick ends in a point at one end and has a knob ornament on the other end. The pins are worn both to help anchor hair into place as well as to add decoration.

Where did the hair pin originate? The single stemmed hairpin was in existence in early Greek, Roman and Egyptian times although some anthropologists believe that even the very earliest cave dwellers used everything from thorns, sticks, bones and stone to fashion crude hair pins. So, this is nothing “new”, although it is new to me creating one.

The point hair pins have been documented as being worn in China in the earliest days of the Chinese empire.  The single stem hairpins from the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries were elaborately adorned. So, it is fitting that I adorn one with hand-made beading.

Club Creative Studio-beginning beads on a hair pin accessory.
Club Creative Studio-beginning beads on a hair pin accessory.

It has been recorded by historians that a wooden hair-pin was found among Roman remains at Uriconium.

Japanese versions were very long and were created without pin head adornments.  They were also worn in pairs with the stick’s ends projecting for an impressive distance from opposites of the scalp.  Often the pins were crossed in the middle.

IMG_4554 IMG_4557 IMG_4571

I started out making a beaded bead. I used seed beads. The idea was to use the tip as a form for the bead. The last step would be to embellish the bead.

Because I used such small beads, the results were delicate. It seemed like an eternity to complete, but I am happy with the end project.  Now on to attempt number two!

Are you a fan of wearing hair pins? What do you like about hair pins and where do you purchase your collection?  Have you ever considered ordering a custom-made or beaded hair pin for yourself or a friend?  I am curious.

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