Hot Like Hot Chocolate

The temperature continues to drop where I live, it’s cold. I can’t help that fact but, I can find a way to warm up despite the snow-filled season. I long to welcome the feeling of warmth in my winter days. One way is to warm up my accessory choices with looks that are hot… just like my mug of hot chocolate!

I’ve put together some ideas of what is on trend for this winter season. Perhaps it will provide ideas that are outside of your usual comfort zone.

Club Creative Studio mug of chocolate

For starters, chase away the chill with COLOR

One of the hottest hues right now are RED.  We see a lot of red in February.  Red is the color of love and passion. Red is adaptable to many people because it can fuel the desire to be bold and yet serve as a very traditional down-to-earth hue if it is muted.

It really doesn’t matter what everyone else is wearing, however.  Build your color confidence by trying out new looks. In fact, take a color cue straight from the color wheel. If red is not your favorite color, choose an analogous. These are colors found side by side each other on the color wheel.  For example, a red analogous color scheme includes purple-red and orange-red.  They share the same color component, and therefore always look good together.


Often times in winter, we tend to wear dark colors like black, grey or brown.  The deeper the foundation of our clothing, the more colors like eye-appealing floral tones or fruit colors worn will pop as accent colors. Take time to get acquainted with color.


 Wear an eye-catching accent for instant impact

Colors have the power to influence our moods. Blues tend to make us feel relaxed and calm and often times brighter colors make us feel cheerful. Don’t be afraid to explore and wear accessories in color, it’s an opportunity to provide an accent of “pop”, that can enhance your wardrobe.

Explore your style

Do you consider yourself casual, contemporary, traditional or trendy and transitional? You may be drawn to some of the same designs and styles. Wake up your choices and try new directions.  Although the color red can seem demanding and instantly energizing, find the color that brings you the best impact and happiness.

The Bottom Line

Use of color is a quick and easy way to bring energy into your wardrobe and accessory choices.  Accessories are easy to swap out and repeat.  You can refresh your look any time the mood strikes. Learn to do this with confidence, and you will add fun to every outfit you wear.

Already a fan of the color craze?

Club Creative Studio encourages you to continue down the road of embracing color in your accessory choices. If you are normally shy of color, start by owning and wearing a few pieces at a time in a selection that is bright. You may notice that you will be complimented and may grow to love the color wheel, take it for a spin and let us know how you feel.

Invest in a few pieces that reflect your affinity for color, then showcase your jewelry choices as focal points to your everyday or special occasion outfits.  You are welcome to browse our online collection or submit a custom request at any time.  Club Creative Studio is happy to share Art That Sets You Apart.

>Artists...might be strange after-all



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50 Shades of Green

Club Creative Studio Green Ring
Club Creative Studio-hand-torched green glass ring


which is Nature’s colour,

is restful, soothing,

cheerful, and health-giving.

-Paul Brunton

Green Psychology

Consider a popular color of the season right now.  There might be more than 50 shades of green you can appreciate. And, because green has psychology associated with it, you have something to learn.

  • Green is a symbol of nature to include the earth, trees and land
  • Green represents tranquility, well-being, healthiness, good luck, and jealousy
  • Green has long been a symbol of fertility and was once the preferred color choice for wedding gowns in the 15th-century
  • Green is thought to relieve stress and help heal.  It is said that those who have a green work environment experience fewer stomachaches
  • Green, with its calming effects may give you a sense of comfort when wearing this shade of color
Club Creative Studio- Hint of green earrings
Club Creative Studio- Hint of green earrings

Effects of Green

  • Rejuvenating: Think of green as a color that revitalizes physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Nurturing: Green has a heart link, urging  nurturing
  • Clarity: The color green offers agreeable and diplomatic encouragements
  • Possessiveness: Green is a color that encourages us to want to own things, collect and possess

Club Creative Studio Post-Consumer earrings

Green is commonly associated with Couture fashion and elegant retro costumes. But, we can also appreciate it in everyday fashion in many shades and stones like jade and emeralds. I like to create my unique shades of greens in my hand-made clay beads by mixing my original colors from blue and yellow and adding pearl whites, transparent and darker clays, creating a wide variety of greens.

Club Creative Studio Soldered Art
Club Creative Studio Soldered Art

I also enjoy my confidence mixing and matching shades of greens to combine in interesting ways as well as with contrasting colors, patterns and textures from the color wheel.  Have you noticed the trend spike with the color green?

Are you a fashion insider that can come to consider green as the new neutral? In Club Creative Studio Art here are specific shades you can expect to see highlighted and combined with interesting patterns and bold combinations for spring and summer 2013.

Club Creative Studio- Shamrock Green Necklace
Club Creative Studio- Shamrock Green Necklace
  1. PALE GREEN- fresh start feeling
  2. EMERALD- suggesting wealth and creative ideas
  3. JADE- generous spirit increasing worldly wisdom
  4. LIME- youthfulness and electricity of playfulness
  5. DARK GREEN- ambitious strive
  6. AQUA- Calming of the spirit
  7. OLIVE- strength of character, overcoming adversity
  8. YELLOW GREEN- representative of conflict and contrast
  9. GRASS GREEN- color of security and abundance
  10. CHARTREUSE- go-go, psychedelic groove
  11. SEA FOAM- ocean water and beach themes
  12. APPLE, LICHEN, LEAF- visual cues of nature


Club Creative Studio- Sea glass necklace
Club Creative Studio- Sea glass necklace

From a meaning of colors perspective, green is also the color of renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy.  This is why there is so much of this relaxing color on the earth, and why we should embrace and consider wearing more of the shades of green.

I probably can create more than 50 choices of greens to combine into handmade beads and art. To view more items that contain highlights or hints of the color green please visit the shopping section of this website and make your selection for a hand-made work of art in the color green.

Hand-rolled clay beads- Club Creative Studio
Hand-rolled clay beads- Club Creative Studio

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Unexpected Art- The Power of Art

Broach pin with ink applied from Club Creative Studio

Happy accidents in the art studio or on the design table are a welcomed sight.

Sometimes having a plan go in a different direction and unexpected way is exciting. It can be a learning experience and a chance to be spontaneous.

Club Creative studio- Ink earrings

Some mediums naturally lend themselves to unexpected results. I feel I have almost no control when I use certain art supplies.  This can be a good thing as long as your expectations are not definite.

One art supply that comes to mind as notorious for unpredictability are alcohol inks. Inks can be applied to certain areas but the amount of ink flows and sticks in various spots and the results can not really be planned.  I love the idea of being surprised when I use inks.


I enjoy blending ink on a variety of surfaces. I enjoy transforming metals, experimenting with absorbency of papers and blotting bamboo for my best results.

Bamboo rectangles are transformed with ink.
Bamboo rectangles are transformed with ink.


Saturations with ink give a new look to a plain surface. It is for that reason that I enjoy blending, dabbing, and using ink with many different types of materials.

Ink has a way to deepen in color in some spots and add depth and texture from stained lines of ink.

The only way to go back from ink on a project is maybe a quick wash of ink with water but, even then that is no guarantee that the ink will lesson in intensity.  The chances are in favor of change when ink is used.  Alcohol ink does have a solution called a “thinner” that adds a level of opaqueness to strong levels of ink. It is always a good idea to practice on something you intend to alter permanently.

Here is an example of a vintage broach that was transformed with pink inks. I love how it turned out. It goes without saying that my personal touch was added to this creation. I took out a few elements and added wire and one of my hand-torched glass beads. The plan now is to maybe add it as a pendant. I am still deciding. Share a suggestion below if you wish, I’d love to brainstorm. 🙂

Club Creative Studio transformation pin
Club Creative Studio transformation pin


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Understanding Clay-Celebrate the Letter U

Club Creative Studio is my workplace where wonderful things happen in clay. It is why I work with it almost everyday. I am in constant learning mode because there are no limitations as to what can be created with polymer clay. Understanding a few important nuances makes it easier to work with it. Today, I celebrate the letter “U” by sharing tips which lead to understanding clay and some of its unique qualities.

Club Creative Studio Hand-Made Beads
Club Creative Studio hand-made polymer clay beads.

You may not realize that clay must to be “conditioned” before use. That means that it needs to be made into a soft, more pliable state. Sometimes that initial step takes more time than designing. Here are some of the ways I soften clay.

1. I placing my clay portion in a zip-locked baggie and sit on it while working on something else or place in a pocket to warm for a bit.

2. With my clay in a zip-locked secured baggie, I sometimes also place in a bowl of warm water.

Club Creative Studio clay
I use every scrap of clay, even what can be called the unconditioned crumbs.

3. I use a pasta machine. I am not Italian but, I use the pasta machine almost daily.  This is the best piece of equipment for conditioning polymer clay. You may not realize that I need to “pass” the clay through the pasta machine at least 20 times in order to condition my clay properly.

Club Creative Studio asta machine

4. I combine kneading with use of the pasta machine to condition and mix my clay colors. By kneading and hand-rolling my clay, I am able to mix my own personal colors by blending several combinations of clay together. Good thing I paid attention in color theory courses because I use color concepts everyday I create.

Club Creative Studio handmade beads

I hope in this post you have gained an understanding of what I do with clay before the “real fun” of designing takes place. I welcome your comments below, especially if you learned a thing or two.

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Orange Outlook- Celebrate the Letter O

Hand-rolled clay bead bracelet
Club Creative Studio Art

To celebrate the letter “O”, let’s have a fun focus on the color orange.


Orange is very blatant and vulgar.  It makes you immediately start having feelings.–Wolf Kahn

Your mood and preference may have an effect on how you view the color orange.  Orange can be a very energetic color.

Club Creative Studio Orange/yellow glass bead
Club Creative Studio hand-torched Italian Glass Bead.

The psychology of the color orange is telling us that the color orange reminds us of warmth, like in a sunset. Feelings of excitement and enthusiasm are also words that are brought to mind when we see or think of the color orange. In my mind, orange brings about the word “festive”.

Hand-torched glass bead- Club Creative Studio

You may have noticed that the color orange is often used to draw attention, such as in hunting attire, construction vests, traffic signs and advertising.  The same could be associated in fashion. Orange is a bold forward-stepping color that takes bravery to pull off. Small accents of orange are great for a “pop” of color.  I challenge you to welcome a dash of orange into your life in large or small ways.

Club Creative Studio orange hand-made clay bead Artisan Bottle Stopper.

Spring color schemes including orange can be muted down a bit to a salmon or coral shade that is less abrupt. Summer orange tones are typically more vivid in stripes and bright solids. The neon trend continues and you will certainly notice more orange items around you as the season changes.

Be sure to note that Club Creative Studio creates custom art.  If your favorite color is orange and you’d like to express your style with one-of-a-kind art, let us know and we’ll create with you in mind, above and beyond your expectations. You can also check the online storefront often to see if something orange has been created by chance.


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Magazines as Inspiration- Celebrate the Letter M

Share your ideas on how you have used magazines as inspiration for your creative endeavors below or on the Facebook page at:

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Icky Art- Celebrate The Letter I

To celebrate the letter “I” I first thought of the word “icky”. Surely you have had fun doing a messy art project?  Making a mess comes to mind as being free to experience art materials with no limitations or rules so to speak.

If you’ve ever made a “mud pie” outdoors, you know adding water to dirt has a feeling that can be described as “icky” if you’re not used to the consistency of cold goop.  Making a mess when you are not allowed or are not used to doing is a type of freedom that can come from exploring creativity.

When was the last time you created without worrying about a mess to clean up later?  Sometimes letting go of one detail frees you up to develop care in another area.

cleancreativityI think it is fitting for me and maybe others with a creative side, to identify with the line: “Too Creative for Clean”. What happens most is that we get wrapped up in the creative process and neatness drops to the weigh side. Neatness doesn’t count.

It is not as important to a creative person to be tidy.  I can easily get overwhelmed with the use of the materials at hand and I need to see all of my tools and supplies in front of me.  If an item needed is within reach, I know where it is and I can use it faster. That is when the accumulation starts as well.

There are ways to control a messy work space. The invention of a painter’s drop cloth, for example was probably an idea sparked by a messy artist that first attempted to be all neat and clean.  Intentions are always good but, it seems much more easy to scatter and splatter.  Are you one of the creative minds that is too creative for clean?

While we all discover what organizational skills work best for us to be a less messy artist, we can also celebrate that having a mess and a project going at the same time can be a sign of a creative mind at work. I say there is always time for a clean-up, and organization…later.


When I ran across this photo of the game Twister played with paint, I thought: How cool to try at least once!

Maybe it is true that logic would get in the way of fun but, on one hand, to see what type of creativity comes from an unexpected and unusual activity out of the norm would be interesting to say the least.

Maybe for some, a few alcoholic drinks need to be involved in this game idea but never-the-less…it is for sure a creative TWIST on the old game. What do you think of  “messy, icky Twister”?


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Eventually Finding Gold- The Letters E, F and G

Gold QuoteAs I write today, I am at a college soccer tournament. Although it is non-conference Spring season, the feeling of friendly competition is still in the air.

Although coaches want all of their athletes to remain calm, they also want a level of glory found in Eventually Finding Gold- first place standings.

This blog post celebrates 3 letters of the alphabet in one post today for my A to Z Challenge post. Enjoy.

Gold can be beautiful. I eventually find gold incorporated into my art from time to time because so many have a grand association of wealth and worth to the color. If you were ever drawn to the color gold you may have an understanding to that reasoning.

Club Creative Studio- golden art

Gold is a rich color that reminds many of valuable gold coins or a gold bar, or the highest standard of recognition such as a gold metal of achievement or a gold trophy for first place.

Rose gold is also a popular color choice because it has a slightly lighter tone.


Some people do not mind mixing gold, silver or other metals together. I have a whole category offered online dedicated to mixed metals at

Club Creative Studio Gold disk earringsIf you admire gold over silver, it basically seems to boil down to a personal preference, if cost is not the main issue. I often find myself most often working in sterling silver or silver plated wires. It is just popular and more affordable for so many.

I do however like to mix up my creations by combining different mixed metals or highlighting the use of gold tone creations from time to time as well.

This is one reason why I enjoy creating custom art.  If someone prefers one metal type over another, and it is their request for me to use gold as a focal color, I will certainly use that with its advantages.

Oh and for the record, my daughter’s team did “go for the gold” and won their tournament with a first place standing and got a GOLD t-shirt as a memento. This weekend, I loved the color GOLD and I enjoyed watching her team eventually find gold.

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Special Arrival: Box of Beautiful Beads

Hand-made Glass BeadsBead Soup 7 Challenge Beads 

Club Creative Studio’s post today highlights the special delivery from the mail this afternoon. My special arrival came today, it was a box of beautiful beads. The beads in my photograph were sent to me specifically for the Bead Challenge called:  Bead Soup Challenge & Blog Party, #7.

Susan Sheehan is my Bead Soup Bead Challenge Buddy.  We were paired from over 500 participants in Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup and Blog Party Challenge. She is from New Hampshire and works primarily in glass, creating wonderful beads, many with the floral motif theme (which is right up my alley). We exchanged boxes and I received mine today! She should get the box that I sent her by Monday.

The excitement starts to build the minute you are assigned your bead partner’s name and location. I had a chance to look on Susan’s website and read a few blogs once I knew she was assigned to me.  With exchanged contact information we are able to keep track and communicate along our creative journey.  It is wonderful that we have put together totally different packages to inspire each other.  She creates in her studio and can be found selling her art at:  The challenge aspect comes next as we sit in front of the bead stash wondering what to create and how to use the elements in front of us.  I anticipate using a few of my own items as well, but, the majority of the supplies will come from the pile she has gifted me.

 What’s in her shared treasure box?


Admiring this selection, the first impression that I had was she has a great sense of color. The combinations are wonderful and I am inspired to create starting with a good color palate in front of me from the get-go. She included an array in styles of beads which will certainly make for an eclectic feel of whatever I end up creating from this collection of bead types. I am faced with working with a variety of shapes, sizes and weights of beads and that is a challenge unto itself.  I am not afraid of mixing metals so the copper-colored chain and the silver clasp and bead caps don’t frighten me.

Susan has challenged me to basically create using pink, turquoise, and brown. There are many larger beads all of which can combine to become focal beads or serve as a focal bead all alone. The obvious choice is using the large amber-colored glass round as the main focal bead.  It made me think immediately of using it as part of a center tassel, at first glance so I will see if that changes when I hit the design table or not.

The tube beads dotted with mini-seed beads and floral theme motif are about one inch long, there are four of those. Two brown rounds are not identical but have been made with the same feel. She included six interesting pink glass mosaic feel beads that shimmer in the light, those are cool as well.  With an interesting mixture of tiny crystals and Lucite, I can  imagine using them as little accents of color and dangle beads right now at first glance.

The highlight of her box are of course her hand-made glass floral beads. She has included ten for me to use in my creation.  They are dotted with spots of turquoise, pink, brown, orange and a little bit of purple. Wonderful!

After I let my  “soup” simmer overnight, I will think about what I want to create and then sit down and design, arrange and question.  I plan to document my creative thought process and share the development of my special arrival…my box of beautiful beads. Be sure to visit this blog again as well as the Club Creative Studio Facebook page at for updates on my beading challenge process.






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Lady In Red

Club Creative Studio. Samples in Red.
Club Creative Studio. Samples in Red.
Are you seeing red lately?  The color red?  Are you finding the desire to dress or wear accessories that are red in color? Would you notice a lady in red when you see one? 

It seems that the color red is around us more during December and February.  You are probably seeing red hearts, roses, bows, candy wrappings, candy boxes, clothing and jewelry highlighting the color red now-a-days.

Club Creative Studio loves to create with the color red.
Club Creative Studio loves to create with the color red.

Does the color red invoke certain feelings for you? I recently asked Club Creative Studio Facebook friends this very question: What comes to mind when you see the color red?  Here are some of their responses in a word: power, passion. love, lipstick, hearts. blood, roses. I think that the color red is also fiery, hot and bright.  It awakens our imagination and stimulates our brain.  Have you heard of the “power tie”?  A power tie is a necktie that is red.  Red gives you strength and confidence.

Take a look at yourself the next time you are wearing the color red. Are you acting with extra spunk or attitude?  Are you happy and loving when you sport red? 

You don’t need to be covered from head to toe to get a taste of red in your life. If it is not your normal color to wear try an accessory or small pop of color from a necklace, bracelet or earrings.

I do not have items “color-coded” on the website but, you will find red integrated into hand-made art within the Club Creative Studio online storefront found at  I welcome you to browse and see if something catches your eye there.  Maybe it will be something created in the color red, maybe in an unexpected color combination. Happy Shopping!

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