Five Tips to Care for your Jewelry

Club Creative Studio realizes that you have a love for the jewelry art that you acquire.  It is important to care for your investments.  Today, I share five tips to care for your jewelry.

Sometimes we forget to show our items that we adore and treasure them. I hope these informative tips are helpful and improve mindfulness to extend longevity of your accessories.

d572625bf6e073c34764e8869797ee72We may like the idea that we can “shine all day” if we merely wore or even unrealistically ate some bling.  But, the fact is that we can maintain jewelry “shine” from proper wear and care.

Five Tips for Jewelry Care

TIP ONE:  When you are relocating with your jewelry, store in a safe place.

Remember where that place is.  Case-in-point: when I last moved, I placed all of my jewelry inside a locked safe box, with enough padding and sorting options to prevent tangles of strands.  The key traveled with me.  Remember where the key is and also note to someone else you trust that you have indeed stored your items in such a manner, in case you forget. When, I stumbled across all of the individual original boxes all empty… I immediately thought the contents were stolen!  I forgot that I moved with my items in this manner! Taking inventory is also suggested, so you have a list or visual of all of your individual pieces for tracking purposes.

TIP TWO:  Use a jewelry box, or display rack.

There are many ways to store and display your jewelry when not in use. Original boxes are nice as some may be made with a very strong lid or may even be velvet lined which may prevent scratches. There are many inexpensive and creative ways that you can sort and house your jewelry.  Look for unconventional or duel purposes for storing your goods.  For example: plastic silverware dividers or cosmetic holders can also be used for your jewelry storage.  A window screen can convert to a place to hang earrings or a few stick twigs can even hang necklaces. The idea is to safe-keep to avoid tangles or misplacement.

TIP THREE:  Form a habit of good care.

Take time to think about where you place your jewelry in the short-term.  Case-in-point: I recently wore a beaded necklace for an evening event, and later removed it to change to a different necklace.  The original necklace was quickly placed in a jacket pocket for short-term storage.  I forgot about placing it there and it went through the washer and dryer when I returned home.  Needless to say, a few of the beads came loose and some were disconnected.  Luckily, I had the skills to repair it but, maybe someone else would have had to call it damaged.

If you are in the habit of not being rushed when deciding on your jewelry choices or returning items to their proper places, you will be more organized, save time later and maybe avoid breaking or damaging your jewelry investment.

TIP FOUR:  Note before and after wear care.

Apply lotions, cosmetics, hairsprays, perfumes, medications, sunscreen and the like before dressing in jewelry.  It is important because you may add residue, oils, and perspiration to your items.  Wipe each piece with a clean soft cloth if you suspect a build-up may have occurred.

TIP FIVE:   Treat your jewelry with respect and as if it were a family heirloom, because someday it will be as such. If you are gift-giving, present your jewelry in packages that value it’s care.

Thank you for viewing these tips, please visit this blog again as I plan to add additional tips on the subject of jewelry care.



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