F is for Full Moon Inspiration

I gained creative inspiration from the full moon.

April 4, 2015 was a ” Blood Moon” , “Rose Moon” full moon in Hawaii.  I was able to experience my first night hike to an area lighthouse to watch the moon rise.

Makapuu Lighthouse, Oahu
Makapuu’u Lighthouse, Oahu

I took photos at the Makapuu’u Lighthouse at different times of the day.  I had late afternoon, and early evening photos from the vantage point of the hiked trail.

Full Blood Moon Rising
Full Blood Moon Rising
Full Blood Moon, April 04,2015
Full Blood Moon, April 04,2015

To prepare with a theme and draw upon inspiration of the full moon phase process, I created a pair of bead embroidery earrings in advance of this hike.  The earrings I created featured rose-colored round pearls as an resemblance and reference of the “Rose Moon”.  The “Blood Moon” is also referred to as a “Rose Moon”. And, to me any type of full moon is special.

This was my first moon-lit hike, it was also a great time to share the Club Creative Studio “Trail Treasure” art as well.  This is the series of art items that I refer to as “Trail Treasures” that are given freely. It is a gift to the universe. Finders of my abandoned art are keepers of it.

Blood Moon/Pink Moon rising at Makapuu Lighthouse, HI
Blood Moon/Pink Moon rising at Makapuu’u Lighthouse, HI

Sometimes, I do hear back from those who have found Club Creative Studio art and they express their appreciation.  Below, I share with you a photo that the “finders” took and their words of gratitude sent to me in an e-mail. I am grateful for their enthusiasm.

Club Creative Studio Art was discovered!
Club Creative Studio Art was discovered!

“I just wanted to tell you thank you for the earrings that we found at Makapuu ‘u hike. My girlfriend and I found it on Easter morning on our sunrise hike. She loves them and wore them to church that morning. I just wanted to say thank you so much that was so thoughtful and kind! God Bless!”

Have you ever encountered free art in your community? If so, please share what type, where and what your reaction was to discovering abandoned/shared art.

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