Hot Like Hot Chocolate

The temperature continues to drop where I live, it’s cold. I can’t help that fact but, I can find a way to warm up despite the snow-filled season. I long to welcome the feeling of warmth in my winter days. One way is to warm up my accessory choices with looks that are hot… just like my mug of hot chocolate!

I’ve put together some ideas of what is on trend for this winter season. Perhaps it will provide ideas that are outside of your usual comfort zone.

Club Creative Studio mug of chocolate

For starters, chase away the chill with COLOR

One of the hottest hues right now are RED.  We see a lot of red in February.  Red is the color of love and passion. Red is adaptable to many people because it can fuel the desire to be bold and yet serve as a very traditional down-to-earth hue if it is muted.

It really doesn’t matter what everyone else is wearing, however.  Build your color confidence by trying out new looks. In fact, take a color cue straight from the color wheel. If red is not your favorite color, choose an analogous. These are colors found side by side each other on the color wheel.  For example, a red analogous color scheme includes purple-red and orange-red.  They share the same color component, and therefore always look good together.


Often times in winter, we tend to wear dark colors like black, grey or brown.  The deeper the foundation of our clothing, the more colors like eye-appealing floral tones or fruit colors worn will pop as accent colors. Take time to get acquainted with color.


 Wear an eye-catching accent for instant impact

Colors have the power to influence our moods. Blues tend to make us feel relaxed and calm and often times brighter colors make us feel cheerful. Don’t be afraid to explore and wear accessories in color, it’s an opportunity to provide an accent of “pop”, that can enhance your wardrobe.

Explore your style

Do you consider yourself casual, contemporary, traditional or trendy and transitional? You may be drawn to some of the same designs and styles. Wake up your choices and try new directions.  Although the color red can seem demanding and instantly energizing, find the color that brings you the best impact and happiness.

The Bottom Line

Use of color is a quick and easy way to bring energy into your wardrobe and accessory choices.  Accessories are easy to swap out and repeat.  You can refresh your look any time the mood strikes. Learn to do this with confidence, and you will add fun to every outfit you wear.

Already a fan of the color craze?

Club Creative Studio encourages you to continue down the road of embracing color in your accessory choices. If you are normally shy of color, start by owning and wearing a few pieces at a time in a selection that is bright. You may notice that you will be complimented and may grow to love the color wheel, take it for a spin and let us know how you feel.

Invest in a few pieces that reflect your affinity for color, then showcase your jewelry choices as focal points to your everyday or special occasion outfits.  You are welcome to browse our online collection or submit a custom request at any time.  Club Creative Studio is happy to share Art That Sets You Apart.

>Artists...might be strange after-all



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50 Shades of Green

Club Creative Studio Green Ring
Club Creative Studio-hand-torched green glass ring


which is Nature’s colour,

is restful, soothing,

cheerful, and health-giving.

-Paul Brunton

Green Psychology

Consider a popular color of the season right now.  There might be more than 50 shades of green you can appreciate. And, because green has psychology associated with it, you have something to learn.

  • Green is a symbol of nature to include the earth, trees and land
  • Green represents tranquility, well-being, healthiness, good luck, and jealousy
  • Green has long been a symbol of fertility and was once the preferred color choice for wedding gowns in the 15th-century
  • Green is thought to relieve stress and help heal.  It is said that those who have a green work environment experience fewer stomachaches
  • Green, with its calming effects may give you a sense of comfort when wearing this shade of color
Club Creative Studio- Hint of green earrings
Club Creative Studio- Hint of green earrings

Effects of Green

  • Rejuvenating: Think of green as a color that revitalizes physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Nurturing: Green has a heart link, urging  nurturing
  • Clarity: The color green offers agreeable and diplomatic encouragements
  • Possessiveness: Green is a color that encourages us to want to own things, collect and possess

Club Creative Studio Post-Consumer earrings

Green is commonly associated with Couture fashion and elegant retro costumes. But, we can also appreciate it in everyday fashion in many shades and stones like jade and emeralds. I like to create my unique shades of greens in my hand-made clay beads by mixing my original colors from blue and yellow and adding pearl whites, transparent and darker clays, creating a wide variety of greens.

Club Creative Studio Soldered Art
Club Creative Studio Soldered Art

I also enjoy my confidence mixing and matching shades of greens to combine in interesting ways as well as with contrasting colors, patterns and textures from the color wheel.  Have you noticed the trend spike with the color green?

Are you a fashion insider that can come to consider green as the new neutral? In Club Creative Studio Art here are specific shades you can expect to see highlighted and combined with interesting patterns and bold combinations for spring and summer 2013.

Club Creative Studio- Shamrock Green Necklace
Club Creative Studio- Shamrock Green Necklace
  1. PALE GREEN- fresh start feeling
  2. EMERALD- suggesting wealth and creative ideas
  3. JADE- generous spirit increasing worldly wisdom
  4. LIME- youthfulness and electricity of playfulness
  5. DARK GREEN- ambitious strive
  6. AQUA- Calming of the spirit
  7. OLIVE- strength of character, overcoming adversity
  8. YELLOW GREEN- representative of conflict and contrast
  9. GRASS GREEN- color of security and abundance
  10. CHARTREUSE- go-go, psychedelic groove
  11. SEA FOAM- ocean water and beach themes
  12. APPLE, LICHEN, LEAF- visual cues of nature


Club Creative Studio- Sea glass necklace
Club Creative Studio- Sea glass necklace

From a meaning of colors perspective, green is also the color of renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy.  This is why there is so much of this relaxing color on the earth, and why we should embrace and consider wearing more of the shades of green.

I probably can create more than 50 choices of greens to combine into handmade beads and art. To view more items that contain highlights or hints of the color green please visit the shopping section of this website and make your selection for a hand-made work of art in the color green.

Hand-rolled clay beads- Club Creative Studio
Hand-rolled clay beads- Club Creative Studio

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Decoding Color

Taking note in preparation of the color trends predicted from Patone List.
Taking note in preparation of the color trends predicted from Pantone List.

Welcome to Club Creative Studio’s blog. If you have not been informed and are not in tune with the color trend that is just around the corner in 2013, this post is for your information.

Popular 2013 color trends are incorporated in expressive hand-made art from Club Creative Studio.
Popular 2013 color trends are incorporated in expressive hand-made art from Club Creative Studio.

Women’s palette: What’s the color code assigned to 2013?

It has already been predicted. This season designers and other creative people have taken note of consumers and their desires to be awaken by color.  Green is going to be the popular go-to color trend that we will express energy and nature. There are going to be interesting complimentary color combinations assigned to the color green as well. Looking toward the color wheel you an expect to see orange and green combine and that my friends, is one example of an exciting color combo!

Many shades of GREEN will be the hot trend to wear in 2013.
Many shades of GREEN will be the hot trend to wear in 2013. Do you have anything in emerald-green?

Along with the green hues, you can expect to see a variety of green. Vibrant yellow greens, subtle jade tones, greens with grey undertones. Gem-stone emerald-green and all nature inspired green tones will adorn clothing, make-up, jewelry accessories, fabrics, interior designs/home decor and more.

There are also great colors combinations that will introduce themselves as statement colors such as the colors deep violet, bright poppy red, nectarine/citrus, and refreshing lemon tones.

For evenings, the highlighted colors are dusty blues, and warm neutrals.

Looking forward to the predicted color trends of 2013.
Looking forward to the predicted color trends of 2013.

Do you have items ready to fill the bill of the color green explosion?  Have you thought about how you can combine the bright statement colors that will also be popular?  If you are not sure about how some of these colors look together, be brave and try the different color combinations, I know I will in my future art creations.

Happily, I am ahead of the curve in creating some items that already have these combinations incorporated.  To view and purchase jewelry art that is fashionable and on-trend, as well as hand-made, please browse the Club Creative Studio website. You will certainly view Art That Sets You Apart.

On-Trend: the color combo here touches the popular trend of violet and poppy orange.
On-Trend: the color combo here touches the popular trend of violet and poppy orange.
On Trend: art that incorporates great color combos into the designs of hand-made art.
On Trend: art that incorporates great color combos into the designs of hand-made art.

Green with envy?

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Sunny Side Up

Today’s Club Creative Studio Feature Friday post celebrates the color YELLOW

How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun. -Vincent Van Gogh

Yellow flowers help complete my table arrangement with the Club Creative Studio Keepsake Rim Trim beaded vase embellishment.

Do you want to grab a little attention?  Wear a piece of jewelry that is an eye-attracting yellow color, or an item with yellow accents.

Club Creative Studio hand-made necklace.

That may do the trick since yellow is considered the most visible color, it is also the most attention-getting color. Yellow can be used in small amount to draw notice, such as on traffic sign or advertisements.

Yellow is a great color to highlight.

In this Club Creative Studio Hand-made clay beads. Notice that “pop” of yellow really stands out!

While that same wonderful sunny yellow color stands out and makes you feel happy and warm, yellow also often tends to be the most fatiguing to the eye.  This is said to be reasoned out due to the high amount of light that is reflected.   So, in today’s extreme use on computer monitors, the background color yellow can lead to extreme eyestrain.

One thing is for sure, when you wear a Club Creative Studio art items heads will turn no matter what color is highlighted in the design, and that won’t be because of eye strain!

Club Creative Studio- Sunny yellow hand-rolled polymer clay beads.

The studied flip-side of the psychological effects of happy yellow are frustration and anger, however.  It seems that studies have been done to also prove that people are more likely to lose their tempers in yellow rooms and babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms.  This goes to show even for colors everything in MODERATION should keep us all at an even keel.  For me yellow has always brought to mind a sunny side up egg.  It is a pleasing color that also makes me have a hankering for eggs!

Club Creative Studio hand-torched glass beads.

Speaking of balance, yellow can also increase the metabolism. So, let’s keep a healthy dose of yellow in our wardrobes.  How does yellow make YOU feel?

Club Creative Studio- Wine Cork Necklace.
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