Pretty Please, Pick Me- Celebrate the Letter P

Image source from Facebook
Image source from Facebook

Let’s celebrate the letter “P” in this post today as we muddle through the tongue twister title: Pretty Please Pick Me.

Let’s face it, there are many times during the day that we raise our hand in service to others. Pretty please, pick me…I’ll do that task, project, volunteer job, etc. It’s all good…sometimes…


In all my days of creating custom jewelry, I have rarely declined a challenge to create an item. I can probably count the times that I have willingly passed on a custom request on one hand. One request that came across my path and comes to mind to share from a few years ago was a request for a glass project.

A person wanted to know if I would create a glass visor for them. You know, the kind that you wear on your head to protect you from the sun.  It also had the need to be shipped across the country.

Item: Agusta Sportswear visor
Item: Agusta Sportswear visor

Using my best judgment, I declined the job and passed on that challenge. I did not even have a suggestion to this person as to where they might inquire next for their service needs. For several reasons, the project was a huge risk in my mind and simply put, it sounded really stressful to attempt, let alone accomplish, no matter who the professional artist was.

My Red Light Warnings: 

1. I was not even sure it could be a functional item since it was going to be very fragile and heavy.

2. The technique to even consider creating a visor would be something that I am not equipped to do. Using a large ceramic kiln or even a glass blower’s fire kiln came to mind as a source for consideration to even heat, smelt or configure such an item. I had no idea how much time this project would have demanded.

3. It was going to be such a risk to mail an object like that. The insurance alone would be horrific in cost. I would be on edge from the minute it was created to the second it was to be delivered.

When sharing your creativity professionally, it is so important not to get over your head in tasks.  It is so helpful to know your own work ethic, so that you can manage time.  When fulfilling your delivery promises, it is important to be consistent and make sure you are satisfying the needs you are obligated to. And lastly, it only makes sense that you tackle the projects that will be worthy of your talents.

As Club Creative Studio strives to always place their best work forward, I humbly bow down when a project is not appealing for me to create a wonderful end product. Are you an artist that may have taken on such a challenge as my glass visor request? If so, I wish I would have saved the name of the person commissioning the visor art. 🙂 AND, I would have loved to see your final results.

Do you have a story to share about a custom request that an artist denied or are you a creative person that had to say “no” to a task too difficult, strange, or too costly in time or materials to make? Please feel free to share your experience.




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>Myth Buster- “I Am Not Creative”

>Have you identified yourself as not being creative?  It’s a myth!  It’s not obvious to all so, let’s bust it this very second. If you have said, heard or believe that you are not creative, please read on to realize that you are mistakenly WRONG.  I have had my share of hearing this sad statement from all ages of students and adults alike. Over the years, especially in the years I have spent in classrooms as an art educator,  I have heard a lot of people say a lot of  things about creativity. Some of those things, I hear again and again.  Many of those complaints – or myths – about creativity are contributions to this negative attitude towards the creative process.

“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.” — Edward de Bono

“I am not creative”.  I wish that we could erase those combination of words and the statement from world language.

When I hear someone precisely say those words, I cringe.  The truth, of course, is that we are all creative.  And while some people are naturally more creative than others, we can all have very creative ideas. The problem is, as we grow older, most of us learn to inhibit our creativity for reasons relating to work, acceptable behavior and just the notion of being a grown-up.  Pablo Picasso, Spanish Cubist painter (1881 – 1973), made an epic statement and observation when he said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”  The child-like, no fear attitude is inhibited somewhere along the line as we grow older and the notions that we are no longer or were never ever creative in any way take over our being. When we lose that, we have to fight harder to be free to express our creativity.

“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” — John Steinbeck

Some think that “Creative people always have great ideas”,  That is certainly not true but we still think that creative people  always have ideas.  Well, newsflash… we all have ideas.  Maybe creative people tend to share or act on their ideas and that is one reason why they seem to always have them in the first place. Over time, we may then tend to forget creative people’s weak ideas and remember their great ideas because they have made points to express them or act on them.

People say they are not creative to colleagues, family and even to themselves. Indeed, this is one reason why people believe they are not creative: they have got into such a habit of censoring their creative ideas, by telling themselves that their ideas are stupid, that they no longer feel creative. Next time you have an idea you think is stupid, don’t censor it. Rather, ask yourself how you could improve on the creative idea that you do have.

        “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” — Albert Einstein

Club Creative Studio has adopted a working motto that serves as inspiration.  As we continue to do things to: Be Creative Everyday”, we are less likely to set aside ideas that we may think are not “creative” and it is an ongoing process to not sensor the ideas but test them out and proclaim the results to others.  We are creative everyday, and you can be too.  Be creative in thought or action.  Challenge yourself to recognize when you’re creative and continue those contributions.

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