Beads Arrived- My Bead Soup Partner Can Cook


The Bead Soup Box contained separate containers.
The Bead Soup Box contained separate containers.

The beads have arrived! My assigned bead partner for the 2014 Bead Soup Challenge is Tami Norris of Wisconsin. The beads I sent her have arrived so now she can begin to simmer her ideas and cook.


Tami is a fan of mixed media so I found it easy to send her an array of supplies to inspire her to create in any direction she wishes, not just a jewelry item.  Below are the items I sent her for her Bead Soup project.  I am happy the package arrived safely and that she is happy with the red and white content theme. I called the collection: Go Big Red.

Take a peek of the items her package contained.

Red hand-made clay beads
Red hand-made clay beads.

I included hand-made polymer clay beads, and a hand-painted teardrop crystal.

Club creative Studio hand-painted crystal.
Club creative Studio hand-painted crystal.

red seed beads

small red seed beads

white seed beads

Red and white rattail.
Red and white rattail.
White pearls.
White pearls.
Coral red beads.
Coral red beads.
Black and white beads.
Black and white beads.
Findings for earrings and clasp.
Findings for earrings and clasp.
Hair barrette forms.
Hair barrette forms.
Ribbon, Instructional CD for ribbon-making techniques.
Ribbon, Instructional CD for ribbon-making techniques.












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Inspired by Quotes

Welcome to Club Creative Studio’s blog where there is always a focus on creativity.


It doesn’t take much effort to get creatively inspired now-a-days. One way that I gain inspiration from time to time is from the use of quotes.  Take time to get inspired by quotes and gather meaning from other’s short words of wisdom.  Artistic themed quotes may be just what you need to spark an idea, especially if the quote is from an artist.


Often times  I will place a quote on the Club Creative Studio Facebook page at I place them there in hopes to inspire others to be creative or take a step to think creatively.


Stop by the Facebook page and “Like” us there in support of all those who enjoy being creative or are looking for ways to appreciate the arts.

Who knows- maybe a quote, image or other information shared there will encourage you to be creative and give you the spark you need to take a first step onto a journey of discovery.

Do you have a “go-to” artistic theme quote that resonates with you? Please feel free to share it in the comment section below.






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A Call For Custom Art

Club Creative Studio creates Custom Art.  I recently attended a meeting consisting of business persons. At one point, I spoke about the fact that I create custom art. A conversation ensued. A “Call for Custom” to me is a conversation that is welcomed. I used the chance to elaborate on the meaning of custom art.

I welcome the challenges that come to call when I am asked to create a custom art order.  Any person who shops for custom jewelry or other items are searching for that “perfect piece” not for what is going to serve them as “good enough” and is readily available on store shelves in front of them at the time.

Hand-made initial tie tack from Club Creative Studio
Hand-made initial tie tack from Club Creative Studio

I have two ways to describe custom jewelry:

1. Custom jewelry is a wonderful choice for people with unique and distinct tastes in styles.

2. Custom jewelry is a wonderful choice for people who wish to stand out in a crowd among many.

Club Creative Studio creation: Sea glass shard custom wrapped for pendant.
Club Creative Studio creation: Sea glass shard custom wrapped for pendant.

The Up-Side to Custom- When I create custom art, I design to fit the recipient’s particular needs. In these instances, the buyer has more control over the piece aesthetics. This allows for a heightened degree of attention to detail to hit those marks of service on my part. I listen carefully and take great notes. I strive to convey and incorporate special meaning into the art which makes it truly and extraordinarily unique to the individuals involved. A custom piece of art has to “speak” and have personal meaning upon the completion.

Club Creative Studio necklace features Kanji character.
Club Creative Studio necklace features Kanji character.

Custom work allows me to work closely with the purchaser to control color, materials, size and design elements of the art piece.  Sometimes there is a price point to consider, sometimes there are other limitations on the specifics.  Most times, I am happily trusted to “work my magic” with general ideas and added I am granted free rein for a finished product.

Most persons commonly think of “custom” in jewelry making when they have an opportunity to place loose stones or diamonds into a jewelry setting.  While this is popular thinking, there can be much more to this.

Use of significant colors and charms can make your jewelry personalized and more of a custom made piece.
Use of significant colors and charms can make your jewelry personalized and more of a custom made piece.

There are a few ways to place a custom description into your jewelry art.  Using a monogram, a personal image, specific theme charms or personalized engraved pendant, an initial charm, birthstones or birth crystal colors, and having a say in the over-all design to name a few.


Some jewelry shoppers may be on the hunt for a personalized piece that has special meaning.  Others may want a wearable piece of art that no one else can own. BOTH are ways by which I support creating CUSTOM art. This is where Club Creative Studio comes in to save the day.

Our art is always custom, and created to be ONE-OF-A-KIND.

The Down-side to Custom While it is true that the buying process is longer than purchasing regular jewelry of the shelf of a large department store chain, the results are worth the wait.

Club Creative Studio welcomes your custom requests and looks forward to meeting your specific style needs. Together we can design another master piece!

Please view custom, one-of-a-kind art on the home page. When I design jewelry or home décor items, one of the main goals I have is to CREATE ART THAT SETS YOU APART. Allow me to create for you or that special someone. I love creating every day!




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Unexpected Art- The Power of Art

Broach pin with ink applied from Club Creative Studio

Happy accidents in the art studio or on the design table are a welcomed sight.

Sometimes having a plan go in a different direction and unexpected way is exciting. It can be a learning experience and a chance to be spontaneous.

Club Creative studio- Ink earrings

Some mediums naturally lend themselves to unexpected results. I feel I have almost no control when I use certain art supplies.  This can be a good thing as long as your expectations are not definite.

One art supply that comes to mind as notorious for unpredictability are alcohol inks. Inks can be applied to certain areas but the amount of ink flows and sticks in various spots and the results can not really be planned.  I love the idea of being surprised when I use inks.


I enjoy blending ink on a variety of surfaces. I enjoy transforming metals, experimenting with absorbency of papers and blotting bamboo for my best results.

Bamboo rectangles are transformed with ink.
Bamboo rectangles are transformed with ink.


Saturations with ink give a new look to a plain surface. It is for that reason that I enjoy blending, dabbing, and using ink with many different types of materials.

Ink has a way to deepen in color in some spots and add depth and texture from stained lines of ink.

The only way to go back from ink on a project is maybe a quick wash of ink with water but, even then that is no guarantee that the ink will lesson in intensity.  The chances are in favor of change when ink is used.  Alcohol ink does have a solution called a “thinner” that adds a level of opaqueness to strong levels of ink. It is always a good idea to practice on something you intend to alter permanently.

Here is an example of a vintage broach that was transformed with pink inks. I love how it turned out. It goes without saying that my personal touch was added to this creation. I took out a few elements and added wire and one of my hand-torched glass beads. The plan now is to maybe add it as a pendant. I am still deciding. Share a suggestion below if you wish, I’d love to brainstorm. 🙂

Club Creative Studio transformation pin
Club Creative Studio transformation pin


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Excuses, eXcuses, Xcuses- Celebrate the Letter X

Club Creative Studio-Creative Excuses quoteWhat is the one word that gets in your way of being creative? Is it FEAR, having no TIME, or some other EXCUSE (e”X”cuse).

I’d like to explore the reasons why we have road blocks in creativity. Celebrate the letter “E” today with the word excuse.  Do you know what your halt words are that keep you from being creative?

Try to remember: Creativity Takes No Excuses!


Expanding on these points we can get a clear vision of what to do to overcome the creative stumbling blocks we may encounter in creative times.

1.   Set aside time for what matters Once we realize that creativity is important to us and makes us more complete, we will carve out time to do what we have a desire and need to do.

2.   Start at the beginning  The beginning is always the hardest step. Divide the unknown task at hand into small steps that do not overwhelm you.  If your initial ideas and supplies are close at hand, your process will begin and progress much smoother.

3.  Realize creativity flow rate Your creative juices have different height levels. Discover your best time to dedicate to your creative project. If you get frustrated or lack the skills needed, seek the answers that you need to complete your creative task the best you can at that point in time.

4.   Revisit  Step away from the project from time to time to gain a fresh perspective. Review and reassess your creative efforts for improvements.

5.   Avoid the excuse of ignorance The most common excuse for us to maintain our stumbling blocks of creativity are the voices in our heads that tell us that we simply can not do a task because we do not know how. If we add the simple affirmative word: “YET” to the end of any sentence, we gain the confidence to know that the task at hand can be attempted. Try, try, and try again.

6.  Stomp Self-doubt Belief in ourselves overcomes all the excuses we form that tell us NO. We should want to always drown out the visions and voices that make us believe that we can not do something creatively. It’s alright to do something that is not perfect.  Be open to  learn in creativity.

I wish you continued success in your creative endeavors.  Thank you for stopping by the blog. If you think these tips were helpful, let us know in a comment. we’d love to hear your feedback.




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Magazines as Inspiration- Celebrate the Letter M

Share your ideas on how you have used magazines as inspiration for your creative endeavors below or on the Facebook page at:

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Just Because: Random Acts of Art- Celebrate the letter J

Unexpected art can be the most appreciated type of art. Much like a random act of kindness when a nice gesture is unissued, seeing a random act of art with no apparent reason is interesting to find.

Just because ( as we celebrate the letter “J“), I challenge you to share an appropriate random display of art in an unexpected appropriate public place.

Club Creative Studio Random Act of ArtI plan on placing this note near my home on a post near a busy walk way that many college students take to get to the campus and their classes.

It is meant to just inspire or merely notice.  It’s a little piece of art that can brighten someone’s day.  It will be placed in a random place and be a nice surprise.

This “Guerrilla” tactic of art kindness is one way to share art just because. Leaving a simple drawing or positive affirmation in a public place allows strangers and passersby to experience the art that you share.  It’s a discovery in an unusual place that entertains a smile that you will never see but, can appreciate knowing that it probably did.

Have you ever run across random art? Perhaps on a bulletin board, a fence, a bill board, a sidewalk, on a mirror of a public place? Just because…share a bit of art happiness in the form of an anonymous random act of kindness.

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How An Elephant Paints- Celebrating the Letter H

Club Creative Studio recognizes that there is creativity in us all. Even the wild animal world can apparently display creative ways through art!

If you have ever wanted inspiration or motivation to learn to paint, view this “How-to” video of how an elephant paints as we celebrate the letter H in blogging.

If an elephant can paint- why can’t you? Chew on that question today!

Inspired? Grab some paints, your use your hands…or your trunk…in creative exploration.

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Dare To Be Different- Celebrate the Letter D

Club Creative Studio- Be Different Quote

It’s a dare and yet it is a statement: Dare to be different.

To celebrate the letter D today, I focus on four key words beginning with the letter “D”, Dare/Different/Do/ Difference. All have deep creative meaning alone but when combined together, they can be explosive for creative growth in meaningful ways.

While reading, consider these questions:

Do you consider yourself to be different? How do you make yourself stand out? Are you one that makes a difference in what you do? Are you a risk taker or one that makes calculated risks? What would you like to do to grow from what you know?


To be your most creative, you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone, take a chance and dare yourself.  I am not talking about being a “dare-devil” in your actions and being unsafe to try new things, rather have the courage to experiment new techniques.  Make yourself grow creatively.

While it is true that practice makes you better and more comfortable…practice can also keep you still in doing the same tasks over and over again. Balance the two tasks. Dare yourself to master a technique and then willingly go beyond what is known and “perfected” to find other ways to accomplish the same task or better it.  Take a chance on learning something new.

This is something that I do in my studio often because I believe it is boring to see jewelry and accessories around us that are manufactured and look the same. Life is too short to be anything less than unique and that is what my art creations highlight: being truly one-of-a-kind.

Club Creative Studio-hand-made beads


In the land of CREATIVITY, being different IS normal. When you explore your creative side, you are anticipating that your actions and outcomes are going to be different and unique from any other’s efforts. You expect the project to be an experience that is like no other. You hope to grow and develop, learn, experiment, express and admire your creations.

Being different means that you are celebrating yourself in all your glory.  You acknowledge your individualism and you can appreciate that others do not have the same views, skills, talents, tastes, values, knowledge, backgrounds, experiences, feelings etc. (the list goes on).  We are one of billions of people on this planet and knowing that each one of us is different puts this truth in front of us.

Be different, there really is no other way or reason to copy another person. Do what you know how to do best when creating.  Use influences to make yourself a better person in what you experience.

Club Creative Studio- Making Hand-Torched Beads


Well, what are you waiting for? Do what you have always wanted to do in a degree that is safe and legal.  When speaking about creativity, do what you are afraid of trying, (at least once). I was a bit scared of working with a two thousand degree flame once but, now it is pure joy.  I always wanted to make my own glass beads and now I happily do this at Club Creative Studio.

It does take some bravery to do some things for the first time but, accepting a failure risk is better than still wondering if something is going work or not.

Be the one that stands out.  Be the one who is expressive.  Be the one who is brave. Be the one who looks and acts like no other. Be the best version of yourself! Be the trail-blazer and innovator.  Be the one that shows individualism and steps outside the lines. Go ahead it’s o.k. to color outside the lines!

Club Creative Studio: daring quote


Find a way to make a difference for yourself and others by what you do creatively.

As an Art Teacher, it was obvious that I was making a difference in the classroom. When student’s skills developed or they learned of something new or interesting or relatable, their actions declared that they were setting themselves up for art awareness, art appreciation and artistic endeavors utilizing their God-given talents. It was very rewarding to foster and encourage student creativity.

When I first started creating art for myself, I quickly realized that I wanted to share my time and talents with others. I knew that I could make a difference in this world by using my art in a variety of ways.  I know that I create art with value and appeal. I know that what I create is shared and appreciated. I know that my art is hand-made with love and is one-of-a-kind just like the individuals I create for. I know that I create items that gain emotional attachments and are a testament to technique and support of the creative spirit. This is why I know I make a difference through my art.


There are many reasons why people “pay it forward”.  It is for the love of art that I create, instruct, donate items, and gift art to others.  There is always some way that you can make a difference with your art and creativity. I hope that you can find a way to do this and spread the word of your talents.

Club Creative Studio is proud to be supportive of those who “Dare to be Different” in their artistic journey. Please visit the blog again to learn how to further foster creative ways. It’s my mantra to BE CREATIVE EVERYDAY so I am happy to share future information with this topic in the forefront.

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Club Creative Studio’s April Challenge

Club Creative Studio is anticipating an April challenge. Last year, the month of April was dedicated with a creative focus on posting within the blog challenge known as The A to Z Blog Challenge.


It was a wonderful experience. Participants used the letters of the alphabet as writing prompts for their blog posts.  My posts had direct themes relating to efforts within Club Creative Studio Art.

This year, I once again dedicate April to sharing posts with the theme of Creativity and how it relates to my art, fashion, crafts, and art education.  Please check out the daily entries as part of this challenge. Be on the look-out for a featured graphic letter logo at the heading of each blog post to learn of the letter focus for that day.


I look forward to sharing additional photos, ideas, projects, art and more!


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