Starting a Difficult Project- Prove It to Yourself

Whenever I run into a beading challenge or start a difficult new project, there is an element of proof to be proven. I am “new” to double-holed seed beads. Club Creative Studio is always open to expanding skills and trying new techniques.

Small seed beads and double holed beads.
Small seed beads and double holed beads.

Head-On Challenge. A few days ago I met with someone that unknowingly placed doubts into my mind about a particular bead embroidery project I told her about.  I showed her a photograph of something that I was planning to tackle. I already knew in my mind what I wanted to change as far as the design, as well as my color scheme. I was excited for the challenge head-on.

Don’t let anyone steal your ladder to rise above your current skill level.

Know thy self. Obviously, this person was not aware of my current skill level, desire to create, or dedication to accomplish a difficult challenge.  She told me that this was an “advanced project” and I would need assistance to complete it. Once again I say:

Don’t let anyone steal your ladder to rise above your current skill level.

Persevere.  Although this person never said I could not do this, the doubts came to mind that I would be frustrated in attempting it. When you have a dream, goal, or new experience in front of you: be confident.  Know that you have it inside yourself to do your best.  If it takes a while to reach your sights, then use a longer ladder.  Step by step keep perseverance close at hand. You will succeed with or without help of another.  Just try.

My first "double-holed" bead embroidery project.
My first “double-holed” bead embroidery project.

For the record, I did not need assistance of another to create this wonderful beaded pendant. I have the gumption to create many more varieties of this beaded creation and I am proud of this first attempt at an “advanced” level project.

Finished beaded challenge. I DID IT!
Finished beaded challenge. I DID IT!

If you need encouragement in your beading project, please consider sending me an e-mail for support. I am always functioning on the side of creativity.

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Icky Art- Celebrate The Letter I

To celebrate the letter “I” I first thought of the word “icky”. Surely you have had fun doing a messy art project?  Making a mess comes to mind as being free to experience art materials with no limitations or rules so to speak.

If you’ve ever made a “mud pie” outdoors, you know adding water to dirt has a feeling that can be described as “icky” if you’re not used to the consistency of cold goop.  Making a mess when you are not allowed or are not used to doing is a type of freedom that can come from exploring creativity.

When was the last time you created without worrying about a mess to clean up later?  Sometimes letting go of one detail frees you up to develop care in another area.

cleancreativityI think it is fitting for me and maybe others with a creative side, to identify with the line: “Too Creative for Clean”. What happens most is that we get wrapped up in the creative process and neatness drops to the weigh side. Neatness doesn’t count.

It is not as important to a creative person to be tidy.  I can easily get overwhelmed with the use of the materials at hand and I need to see all of my tools and supplies in front of me.  If an item needed is within reach, I know where it is and I can use it faster. That is when the accumulation starts as well.

There are ways to control a messy work space. The invention of a painter’s drop cloth, for example was probably an idea sparked by a messy artist that first attempted to be all neat and clean.  Intentions are always good but, it seems much more easy to scatter and splatter.  Are you one of the creative minds that is too creative for clean?

While we all discover what organizational skills work best for us to be a less messy artist, we can also celebrate that having a mess and a project going at the same time can be a sign of a creative mind at work. I say there is always time for a clean-up, and organization…later.


When I ran across this photo of the game Twister played with paint, I thought: How cool to try at least once!

Maybe it is true that logic would get in the way of fun but, on one hand, to see what type of creativity comes from an unexpected and unusual activity out of the norm would be interesting to say the least.

Maybe for some, a few alcoholic drinks need to be involved in this game idea but never-the-less…it is for sure a creative TWIST on the old game. What do you think of  “messy, icky Twister”?


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Beading Bracelets

Club Creative Studio hand-made wire bracelet.
Club Creative Studio hand-made wire bracelet.


Turquoise bracelet hand-twisted wire from Club Creative Studio.
Turquoise bracelet hand-twisted wire from Club Creative Studio.

Hand-made wire bracelets by Club Creative Studio.

Club Creative Studio speaks often about creativity. Here on the blog, you will find inspiration from art, project ideas, and other helpful information stemming from creativity. Today is no different in that I am sharing a short story from the spark of creativity that comes from the opportunity to collaborate and brain-storm.

I attended a networking event a few months ago and there, I met very interesting business people. Among all of them, I met a lady who had a common thread with me. We both shared the love and passion for beads. She was also designing jewelry so needless to say we had much to talk about. What began from a single common friendship fostered a bond through beading. As we connected via other social media methods, we learned more about each other. We planned an outing together to a local bead store that was going out of business. It was there that we spent several hours looking and speaking about beads as well as shopping for beads. It was really a fun time to spend time with someone with a shared enthusiasm for beads and supplies. We are now “beading buddies”.

My beading buddy bought a bracelet (say that three times fast). The wire bracelet was a store sample from one of their classes. When we looked at it we thought the same thing. We both had wondered how it was made, and if we could figure it out by closer examination, since there was not a way to get instruction from the store that was going out of business. We both had mentioned that we had wanted to try to create something similar but had not taken instruction on the technique. We thought that we could make them ourselves. We ended up splitting the cost of the bracelet and I took it home to dissect so we could recreate it later.

After meeting for a brain-storming session, we combined our creative time, and collaborated with our supplies to make our own versions of the same bracelet. Turns out the pattern was a good starting point for us to springboard into our own style and wire-wrapping techniques. Our skill levels were expanding together and we were inspiring to each other. That is what I am thankful for today, the opportunity to connect and support the creative drive of a fellow artist. Can you think of someone you have merged talents with or have benefitted from bouncing ideas off of? Do tell how it was a positive impact for you.

I am now getting comfortable with the technique and my materials. I will soon be able to offer these hand-made bracelets online for others to enjoy and purchase

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Creative Thankfulness (3)

Club Creative Studio’s Handmade wire art necklace.

Yesterday’s post from Club Creative Studio shared a few challenges of the latest wire worked project.  Any single day can be filled with obstacles if you are trying a creative project for a first time or have been away from a technique for any duration of time.  Today’s Feature Friday post will share a few successes from the challenges of working with wire in a new way.

Wire art from Club Creative Studio.

Basicly, when I sat to create these necklaces, I wanted to have the feeling and look of the technique of chain maille but, not all of the complicated segments. That look combines individual loops in a maze-like pattern repeated over and over that link together.  This did the trick for me because for one, I did not get a headache or confused too often and for the second reason, I was able to duplicate the method using a variation of technique.

Colored wire art from Club Creative Studio.

Today, I am thankful for variety at the design table, especially the variety of wire.

Wire lends itself to change.  Wire has different levels of strength and durability, it has a range in gauge (thickness), presents itself in suitable qualities, and it  is offered in a variety of colors as well. It is a wonderful to experiment with. When I wrap in wire, it also looks wonderful to mix silver, gold or copper wires together. I love working with wire. Does it show?

Handmade art from http;//

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>Keepin’ It Fresh

>A creative person for the most part… feels the need to create on many different levels. Creating the same type of art or craft in the same way may make for an “master of technique” but, that isn’t always enough. Speaking for myself and perhaps others, the additional challenge comes by way of how something can be created differently. Using your trial, errors, and successes to create a new product or different method of creation all together is challenging but rewarding.

Providing yourself with opportunities to “keep it fresh” challenges you to explore your own limitations and scope of imagination. Remember the phases of Picasso, for example in the Rose Period or Blue Period? If an artist does not try something new from time to time, their art may become routine to them and show in their expressive work. I even find that I am more productive if I allow myself to move around my work station, to work on several tasks at one session. If I get frustrated or distracted, I simply move to a different focus area and carry on. My productivity is not interrupted, it is merely switched in tasks. This is not always my consistent method or usual work ethic but, I allow myself the option of moving on from a project if I need a fresh view of something else. It’s a “re-focus” time so to speak.

For the sake of keeping products fresh, developing new line items is also an important expansion effort. I am on a continuous hunt for a variety of ways that I can possibly incorporate my hand made beads. Club Creative Studio is about to launch a few new concepts. Each new line item is planned and perfected to showcase the hand-made beads we create. We strive to provide a festive decorative item as well as a uniquely functional object of art. Also, our mantra/motto: “Art That Sets You Apart” is a constant reminder that our art must continue to hit the mark in originality. And it is great to have a goal to work toward on a daily basis.
It is that particular challenge that is also a rewarding aspect of creating in the first place.

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