>Got a Minute?

>Time and time again we stop to analyze where our time goes.  Do we waste it away?  Do we need more of it?  How can we get more by making changes and using it differently?  If you have a minute, or two… read on.


There are many “two-minute” tasks that we can do in a day and have the satisfaction of knowing that we were productive in a short amount of time in a day.  You may not think of two minutes as large chunks of time  to do much of anything.  But, learning to identify tasks that do not require too much effort can lead to more time management habits.

By doing small tasks in a day, you do feel productive.  You utilize your time that can easily be wasted otherwise, and the purpose is to handle short actions immediately.  Freeing time can add more time into your day to do what you love.  And I know that I need more time in my day to do what I love- create art.  I have a list of a few suggestions that can be done within a two minute time frame.  Maybe it will help you look at your day and check off simple tasks within it.

Try these time tested tasks:                                                                                         

  • Clean the kitchen sink
  • Write a few thank you notes
  • Change bed sheets
  • Make a Keurig brand beverage
  • Reply to an e-mail
  • Make a journal entry
  • Make a brief phone or text message
  • Load the dishwasher
  • Sweep the floor
  • Water the plants
  • Feed the animals
  • Balance a page in a checkbook
  • Clean out your purse or wallet
  • Make a short errand list
  • Run computer backup program
  • Check air pressure in your car tires
  • Order flowers for a friend
  • Say a prayer
  • Think of the topic of your next blog!

The whole point is to discriminate between actions that are too short to put on a list and ones that are too long to start without becoming side tracked from higher priorities.

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>My Daughter Made a Bad Thing Great

>My high school daughter has decided very willingly to make a bad thing great.  She has suffered a knee injury in a sport.  Being very active in several competitive sports like, year-round soccer, cross-country, basketball and even football (she was the kicker this year),  you can see that it is hard to keep someone with this level of drive down.

As it turns out, surgery is needed and that is the “bad” thing.  There are aspects of good to this whole situation however.  Good… that she can be fixed.  Good… that she has a great surgeon.  Good- that she is in good spirits.  What makes this whole ordeal “great” is her attitude.  As soon as she received her brace which she will be wearing for a long while, she immediately asked if it was hers to keep.

The reason for her question was because she had to wear the same type of brace once before and it is honestly intrusive  and ugly.   She looked like a robot wearing it since it practically covered the entire length of her leg.  So, when she heard that she was going to be allowed to keep this brace, her face lit up.  Being her mom, I instantly knew why.

Daughter’s artistic additions to her intrusive knee brace.  Bring On The Bling.

My daughter could not wait to get home.  What was the first thing she did?  She reached for her collection of cool stickers.  She was planning on “blinging that baby out”!  Who wouldn’t want to show a little more creativity in transforming her “bad” looking brace into something with more personality?  You have certainly seen neon colored casts by now and there are also designs pre-printed on casts as well.  Recall the first thing that people do when they see their friend in an arm cast.  They ask if they can sign it.  Doesn’t that make the whole ugly wrapping somehow more appealing and maybe even tolerable?  Use your creativity to make your particular situation more fun and it may just prove to adjust your attitude at the same time.

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>It’s Not Easy Being White

>Call it white, grey, or silver, however you described it, if you are getting older- you are noticing it in your hair.  It’s not easy seeing yourself become white-haired, grey-headed, or silver-sprayed.  So, what is a person to do if it bothers them?  That’s right…add some color to your life!  What is life like at the end of a rainbow?  These models may know.

I won’t name the name of my source or disclose who they are speaking about but, a friend of mine once told me about someone close to her that did not like to see the appearance of her grey hairs popping up from time to time.  So, her solution was to use a black sharpie marker to touch up her stray hairs and bring them back to the correct natural color of black!    Now, you can’t beat that for creative thinking can you?  It had never crossed my mind to do such a thing.  I’ve got those type markers all over the place and I  include many shades of swharpie brand markers to include metallic.  Well,  all I can say is that the markers are deemed “permanent” so, maybe, just maybe that suggestion is a great alternative to denying grey hair appearances.  It is so very economical at the same time!  I wonder if my purple and red markers could create the look in the photo image here?

Although I have never gone to that extreme, I was told by someone that “highlights” or “low lights” are cheating as it is actually considered coloring your hair.  And  up until recently, I was proudly able to state that I have not colored my hair to cover up grey yet.  It got me thinking  that covering up silver strands can be done in more creative ways.  Obviously, I was not alone in this thought, as there are many who have investigated the more creative side of hair colorants.  A few quick Internet searches can prove that.

If you want to bring a little more color into your look, get colorful rainbow hairstyles, highlights in lots of neon colors.  Although I have not seen people walking around with this display in my neighborhood, it does not mean that these colors are not out there.  It is eye-catching, unique, and creative.  What more can we ask?  Would you consider adding rainbow colors to cover up your white, brown, black, blond or auburn locks?  It is an option!  Is it easier than being “white”?  It certainly is more creative.

For these photo examples I turned to the site:  becomegeorgous.com.  These images seemed to illustrate exactly what I am trying to convey- that you have the option to color your world and you can look like a beautiful and rare rainbow if you want to instead of bland old white. 

Are you inspired to reach for the rainbow?

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Connecting the Visual Dots

When it comes to communication, I have read that between hearing and sight, sight is the more important and


 powerful sense when it comes to communication.  It has been studied and reported that we remember 85-90 percent of what we see but less than 15 percent of what we hear.


For all of the “visual learners” out there, we get it.  If you want us to learn and remember something be prepared to add to your words by showing your ideas as well. 

Today, people are more visual than ever.  Just look around…we live in a visual world, a visual age.  You can’t escape from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Power Point, video games, television, Kindles, movies,  i phones, 3-D television and other media.  People have grown accustomed to and appreciate having the visual world on hand and at their fingertips.  We expect communication to be a visual experience because of such items in our life.

From: Everyone Communicates Few Connect, by John C. Maxwell I have gained this information for you to consider.

  • 77 percent of all Americans get about 90 percent of their news from television. 
  • 47 percent get all their news from television.
  • Video and Web conferencing are replacing on-site face-to-face sales meetings.
  • Digital video recording systems are becoming commonplace in homes and offices.

Your learning style may be the single most important key to improving your learning experiences.

image: etc-usf-edu

People learn in many ways, like seeing, hearing, and experiencing things first hand. But for most people, one of these methods stands out.  It is important to know about each type of learner but, because I am a visual person with a focus on creativity on this blog, I want to point out what identifies a “visual learner”.  Research has shown that people perform better if they change habits to fit their own personal learning styles.

For example, visual-learning students will sometimes struggle during written essay exams,  because they can’t recall test material that was “heard” in a lecture.  To adapt, if the visual learner uses a visual aide when studying, like a colorful outline of test materials, he or she may retain more information. For this type of learner, visual tools improve the ability to recall information more completely.

A simple explanation of learning styles is this: Some people remember best materials they’ve seen, some remember things they’ve heard, while others remember things they’ve experienced.

I came across this information from: Grace Flemming

Visual Learner Characteristics

Visual learners are those who learn through seeing things. Look over the characteristics below to see if they sound familiar.  A visual learner:

  • Is good at spelling but forgets names.
  • Needs quiet study time.
  • Has to think awhile before understanding lecture.
  • Is good at spelling.
  • Likes colors & fashion.
  • Dreams in color.
  • Understands/likes charts.
  • Is good with sign language.

Learning Suggestions for Visual Learners

  • Draw a map of events in history or draw scientific process.
  • Make outlines of everything!
  • Copy what’s on the board.
  • Ask the teacher to diagram.
  • Diagram sentences!
  • Take notes, make lists.
  • Watch videos.
  • Color code words, research notes.
  • Outline reading.
  • Use flashcards.
  • Use highlighters, circle words, underline.

Best Test Type for Visual Learners:

Diagramming, reading maps, essays (if you’ve studied using an outline), showing a process.

So, if you have declared yourself  a visual learner, you know that you can develop the other methods of learning as well.  Use your creative ways to the best of your ability in any situation and especially in your education. Connect the dots in your creative learning and comprehension.

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Classroom On My Couch

One word: I N F O R M A T I O N.

Knowledge is power and reading blogs, writing blogs, responding to blogs  and passing along blogs are part of this whole (new) information exchange with technology.  It really isn’t any different from visiting the places you usually frequent for your informative or fun articles, tips, and personal stories or takes on life.  It is different from radio, television, books, magazines, school, even talking face to face with someone.  What is different is that you can obtain so much information in a matter of minutes sometimes seconds, and reach people from all over the world.  All from the couch.

Blogging can change your life too!

I find myself using valuable time (when I am unable to sleep anyway) to browse through my favorite sites or discover unexpected or new sites of interest.  I have not the luxury most days to actually sit to read books so, for me quick information often can spark me to expand and search out what interests me to further investigate a topic of interest.  I can always find time to elaborate in one area after the initial spark of knowledge.

Discover blogging and its many enjoyable parts. Writing, reading and sharing are the valuable parts of blogging to me.

The Writing Aspect

Blogging is a great creative outlet.  If you are not used to putting your thoughts into black and white, it sure forces you to condense, clarify and communicate in a different way.  I don’t have to type fast, I don’t even have to spell well, all I have to do is think of a topic and run with it.  That is the first creative step.  it is very satisfying to let go of your creativity.  Call it freeing, call it sharing…whatever you identify with, the writing process allows you to get out what you think, know or feel in print.

The Reading Aspect

Reading blogs has opened up my eyes to new perspectives from others in the same subject matter and in relating and unrelating fields.  I have enjoyed discovering and following people who I have found interesting.  Reading blogs has become like a classroom on my couch. In the comforts of my home I learn.

The Sharing Aspect

Blogging has become a great tool in spreading the word about a subject that is near and dear to a blogger’s heart; their field of expertise.  In my blog, I focus on creativity.  My choice topic can encompass  many aspects, so right from the start I am able to write and quickly pass along information and entertain ideas about creative ways. It is at almost lightening speed that your particular words can be “out there” for people to learn, laugh and connect and identify with.

 For me,  blogging has added  new levels of appreciation in my mind.  First, I recognize the efforts of other bloggers out there.  Secondly, I feel it has added a personal touch and professional touch to my business. I had not considered taking the steps to consistently write a blog prior to being  approached by a friend to get involved with the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  The supportive, informative and challenging task involving many with the same goals has been rewarding and habit-forming.  I hope that I can continue to write, read and share blog information after this 31 day exercise.  It really has changed my life in ways that have been beneficial to my personal and business live.

Thank you to Michelle Scism and Michelle Shaeffer for your innovative ways to spark, encourage and support bloggers.  Your efforts have guided many and have sold me on the benefits of blogging.  Challenge yourself by visiting www.ultimateblogchallenge.com has changed my life!  Blog on, share your creativity.

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>Lejeune resident builds business on ‘art that sets you apart’ | apart, studio, jewelry – Jacksonville Daily News

>Lejeune resident builds business on ‘art that sets you apart’ apart, studio, jewelry – Jacksonville Daily News

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