Feature Friday- My Hand-Made Crystal Pendants

It’s Feature Friday!

Copyright: Club Creative Studio- mixed media crystal pendants

Many times I create my own pendants to use as focal points in my hand-made jewelry items.  It is another way to insert even more unique, one-of-a-kind elements into my art.

The initial idea came to me to use a variety of methods on the backside of a crystal to add color and magnify a design.  My Mother has what she calls a “crystal tree” in her home.  It is actually a spray painted large branch from a tree and she has it resting in a secure pot.  The crystal tree is adorned with various shapes of crystals and white lights.  It’s a very reflective item during the day as the prisms dance around the room and it is a glowing item at night as the soft lights reflect off of the crystals and add even more sparkle.
The images in the photo are hand-made with a variety of materials.  For the main element, some are made from lead crystal, some are glass, and some are strong acrylic shapes.  I am not at liberty to give away the method of how I create the pendants but, I will mention that they are mixed media works of art. 
The completed designs include combinations of paint, paper, ink, rubber  stampings, hand drawings, colored pencils, and permanent markers. I love combining our hand-rolled clay beads with this look.  It shouts out as an instant statement piece.  I love the bold look they convey, and I also enjoy that they have magnified color and are very unique!
Created by hand: Club Creative Studio
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That’s a Wrap- Bubble Wrap

It’s “Thumbs Up Thursday”

Today, I’d like you to click the “like button” below this post if you especially like: Bubble Wrap (brand).  It’s a celebrated product that is useful and fun.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, let’s learn some basic information first…



Bubble Wrap (originally Air Cap) is a trademarked brand of Sealed Air Corporation that includes numerous cushioning products made from bubble wrap.  The brand and product were introduced in 1960, with the launch of Sealed Air.   Although the brand was originally used for the packaging of IBM computers, Sealed Air now does most of its Bubble Wrap business in the food packaging industry.


Bubble wrap was invented in 1957 by engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes. Fielding and Chavannes sealed two shower curtains together, creating a smattering of air bubbles, which they originally tried to sell as wallpaper.   When the product turned out to be unsuccessful as wallpaper, the team marketed it as greenhouse insulation.   Although Bubble Wrap was branded by Sealed Air Corporation (founded by Fielding and Chavannes) in 1960, it was not until a few years later that its use in protective packaging was discovered.   As a packaging material, Bubble Wrap’s first client was IBM, which used the product to protect the IBM 1401 computer during shipment.  Fielding and Chavannes were inducted into the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame in 1993.  Sealed Air celebrated Bubble Wrap’s 50th birthday in January 2010.

Who doesn’t love those tiny air pockets that  are addictive to “pop” with our fingertips?  For a creative fun activity for a little one, all you need is a roll of  bubble wrap secured firmly on the ground with a strong tape.  The child is invited to jump to his heart content and the bystanders get to enjoy the audio of gleeful popping noises.  The individual air pocket exploding may sound like a cap gun and the combination of many popped segments sound much louder.  Jumping on bubble wrap is an inexpensive activity that involves  physical, audio, and visual senses.

Visit this URL site I discovered to use your computer to virtually “pop” the on screen bubble wrap! There is even a manic mode that allows you to scroll over and pop much faster!   Enjoy!   http://www.primepuzzle.com/images/bubblewrap.swf

Take bubble wrap to the post office for functional use,  or take it outdoors for a fun use.  Both ideas are proof of a creative product. And as a warning, little ones may also like the computer popping exercise, while it can be loud for you, at least you can control the volume and also chalk the experience to eye-hand coordination exercises!

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Having a Ball- Being Creative

Creativity doesn’t have to cost much.  Here is a recent story on how my daughter used her creativity.  It is my “Two Cent” contribution to the new segment you can look forward to reading each Tuesday. I’ll stress low-cost creative ideas, some may be inspirational, some maybe odd, but all will be worth your time to read.  I welcome you to comment and add your “Two Cents” on the topic as well.


For Valentine’s Day, instead of candy, I gave my daughter a new sketch pad and four packages of permanent markers.  I purchased thick markers, thin markers, metallic markers and neon markers.  Who could ask for anything more?  She loved them and could not wait to delve into the experimentation of incorporating each color into her visual rainbow creations.

What would be a great project for her to dedicate her time, talent, and markers to?  Well,  there was no hesitation on her part.  For some time now, she has shared her decorated cards, book covers, mini locker posters, decorated Burger King crowns, painted umbrellas, and other creative items as gifts to her pals at school.  Always appreciated, her efforts have gained a level of respect and granted her awe status on her artful expressions.  This time, she really had a ball…

Artist: M.Hallstrom, 2011

It’s fast becoming prom season for my daughter and this year, she decided not to “wait” for an invitation for a traditional date.  Instead, she decided to take a more creative approach in obtaining her would be date.  She used her markers to transform a plain white baseball into a unique gift and used it to throw out a request.  The decorated baseball turned out to be a colorful and unique one of a kind gift with a message.:  “You are the perfect catch!” written as a compliment to her friend and adding the words: “Do you want to go to prom?”  The question came from left field.

Artist: M.Hallstrom, 2011

I had to take a photos of this gift and share it with you.  It did not cost much and it got her message across with added artistic and original flair…he loved it and he said “yes” to being a prom date.  I am sure she made a lasting impression and all because of her creative spirit.  She is having a ball being creative!  P.S. She has orders to make more for the team members.  Here is one personalized for someone else. It’s a big hit!

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Feature Friday: 3-D Bezel Pendants

Club Creative Studio has a mantra that encourages creativity.  It’s  a welcome challenge to: Be Creative Everyday.  At times ideas come easily and at times, I have to hunt for them.  At any rate, I understand that inspiration abounds and I have learned to recognize and foster it, no matter the origin of the first spark.

I am always looking for new ways to incorporate my hand-made clay beads and hand- torched glass beads.  Jewelry is the main focus however, I create fun and functional beaded items as accessories, and in home decor as well. 

As an artist, there are times that techniques don’t work out as planned and there are experiments that end in surprise.  Today’s Friday feature is a short story about a creative plan gone a rye and with time and patience, a new plan evolved creating a new artistic endeavor.

My initial idea for our 3-D  creations could be described as “flat beads”.  I formed layers of clay cane slices onto a square-shaped base.  I had planned to link the squares together to form a bracelet.  Each clay square base had added elements in design, layered color and texture.  Sections were embossed, stamped,painted, and inked in stages.

Club Creative Studio 3-D Bezel Pendant

The problem came when the first creation did not turn out as planned.  I didn’t care for the manner of which the links combined and so I set them aside for a long while.  I knew I had to make some changes.  My expectations changed as I discovered a new use for the many square flat beads made, a full year later.  It took me that long to find the perfect project for the creations and I am glad that I was the patient artist.

Club Creative Studio 3-D Pendant


I use my flat bead squares as foundation for multi-layered 3-D pendant bezel necklaces.

Club Creative Studio 3-D Pendant Necklaces

They are sometimes cut into a circular shape to accommodate the bezel used.  A simple wrapped cord is normally used as the strand and I simply adore making these pendants with various beads, and charms worked in to the design.  I hope that you  enjoy  wearing them as much as I enjoy making them.

Visit us to see more items: http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

To read more about these featured pendants you can also read more information on the home page in the PINK NOTE BOOK SECTION special feature of the Club Creative Studio home page.  Thank you for visiting.

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Cool Package=Cool product

This is my first official post for my Club Creative Studio blog with this theme.  It’s a great theme.  It’s a great opportunity to post about fun topics.  Topics that may trigger a “thumbs up” status, and prompt you to press that “thumbs up” icon at the end of the post.    Enjoy.

It is so important to be green now-a-days.  Many are concerned with our carbon footprint and we have the opportunities to be  aware of the small and large changes we can all do to make our world a better place.  I came across a few items that are creative and inventive. Also,  including smart packaging, the light product pictured here has every aspect I mentioned all rolled into one.


What you see in the photograph is a light.  This product has creative qualities because it is so considerate of all aspects of its being.  The packaging and the product have equal importance. The package itself is converted into the mini lamp shade and all of the other components are small enough to be packaged within it.  The image is  from weurbanist.com.  More out-of-the box creativity is evident all around us if we just take time to notice or get informed. 

Leaving you with one more functional invention incorporating creative ingenuity is this very uncommon combination.  It is surely an interesting item.  This kind of out-of-the-box thinking could result in furniture that not only serves a similar function to its counterpart but that would have different purposes in various rooms around a house in the future.  Does it look like something you may want to own?


I will enjoy educating you on the creativity that surrounds us.  I am sure that you can appreciate the talents of others and learn to look at things in a different way. What do you think of these creative products?

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