It’s “T-Time” on Feature Friday

Club Creative Studio- Royal Necklaces

On today’s FEATURE FRIDAY post I have to acknowledge the fact that a nation is celebrating a historical wedding.  Did anyone notice?

Along with all of the hype, stress, and excitement, we can all take time to relax and enjoy the moment.  We can slow down enough to enjoy ANY moment for that matter.  Maybe our moment is not in a palace or castle.   Maybe our moment is not in the public eye or in the presence of royalty but, our lives are important. 

A unique, and one-of-a-kind, hand-made gift.


Life is important enough to savor like a great cup of hot tea, or (spot of tea).

Fun & Functional Club Creative Studio Art

Club Creative Studio’s Artisan Tea/Spice Strainers can help you enjoy a simple beverage with a touch of creativity.  Loose tea or spices can be added to the tea ball and can be strained and placed on the side of a cup and saucer for a decorative touch to your  table setting and beverage experience.

The hand-made beads contribute to making this item a one-of-a-kind creation.  They can easily be personalized by requesting that a special charm or initial be added to the end.  It’s a great gift with a useful and decorative element.  Our art is fun and functional!

Copyright Image & Art: Club Creative Studio

I hope that you have enjoyed viewing a few samples of Club Creative Art.  Within the online storefront, you can enjoy viewing more art that has a Tea Theme.  Be sure to check out the category labeled:  Tea Theme on for other great items.  These artisan creations make perfect gifts to add to a Tea Theme basket, box or as an additional gift within a mug.

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What’s Black, White and @ UR Fingertips?

Artist: A Alkhaldi
Artist; Misty Lou
Artist: Veevi<3
Artist: Madam Luck
Imbecile Entertainment

It’s TNT Thursday!

My Thursday blog post always features a little of “this” and a little of  “that” in creativity.  Meaning…it is another chance to learn about something interesting from Club Creative Studio’s finds.  

Because this blog has a focus on creativity, this time I am looking no further than my own finger tips for the inspiration to look around for more creativity from others. 

The topic of nail art has reached far and wide.  I wanted to focus today on nail art but art in particular that has been created using only black and white nail polish.  With just black and white nail polish or a balance between only a few colors, many exciting and fun designs can and have been designed.  The next time you look at boring finger and toe tips – remember that they can be adorned from art and that some designs here may inspire you to try out a simple or complex design yourself!  Good luck!  And get creative with your black and white polish and a steady hand!  I would give you a helping hand but…sorry, my nails are drying!

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What Shall We Do With Those Shells?

Artist: Linda Biggers
Eggshell Artist: Linda Biggers

TWO-CENT TUESDAY!  Here is another inexpensive and creative idea to try!

I’ve got a suggestion for a creative use for those Easter egg shells that you are about to discard or put into your compost bin. 

What You Need:     •Colored Egg Shells       •Posterboard         •Glue

1.  First, save all the shells you peel off your Easter eggs!  

2.  Break the colored egg shells into small enough pieces so that they are fairly flat.

3.  Draw a design on a dark piece of poster board with a pencil.

4.  Working in small sections, use a cotton swab or an old paint brush to liberally spread glue onto your design.

5.  Stick the egg-shell pieces, colored side up, onto the glue.

6.  Continue with step 4 and 5 until your design is completely filled in with egg shells.                                                     

7.  Set your mosaic aside to dry completely.

Tips: You can experiment with the background color paper and also add mixed media elements.  You may chose to coat the final project with a varnish.

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Green With a Little Envy

Is green your "lucky color"?


Image Copyright: Club Creative Studio
Image copyright: Club Creative Studio


In today’s post, you are going to learn more about the color GREEN.

       Club Creative Studio Art!

If green is the color you are drawn to…do you know why that is?  Green may be your “go to” color for many different reasons.  And if green is not a favorite color, maybe you might change you remind when you learn more about it.

Green is said to be the color of nature, fertility, life.  When I design jewelry, it is very easy to call upon green when using themes of nature like leaves and trees.   Grass green is also one of the most restful colors. Green symbolizes self-respect and well-being. Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony. Green is a safe color, if you don’t know what color to use anywhere use green.

Green is favored by many typical well-balanced people.  Why?  Because it is said that green symbolizes the master healer and the life force. It often symbolizes money.  And a few other interesting tidbits are that it was believed green was healing for the eyes. Egyptians wore green eyeliner. Green eyeshadows are still used. You should eat raw green foods for good health. Friday is the day of green. Green jade is a sacred stone of Asia.

Green is life. Green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. On the flip side, green is jealousy or envy (green-eyed monster) and inexperience.

What might be the reasons you like or dislike the color green?


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This-N-That (TNT) Hop to It!

image from NC submission to post

It’s TNT Thursday… and that stands for:

THIS-N-THAT Thursday.  It’s the day that I highlight yet another creative idea. This post is just in time for the Easter season and something that you can try with your children on or before Easter celebrations as a gift bag or table topper.  Enjoy the post, directions and photo that were contributed by another creative person from North Carolina.

Approximate Time:30 minutes


  • white lunch bag
  • sheet of white paper
  • pink marker
  • pink pom-pom or cotton ball
  • 2 chenille stems
  • 2 wiggle eyes or acrylic jewels
  • 1/2 yard wired ribbon
  • black marker
  • floral wire
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks


Fringe top of bag by making 2 inch long cuts about every 1/4 inch along top edge of flattened bag.

 Draw bunny teeth using black marker and white paper. Cut 2 round cheeks from white paper and color with pink marker.

Glue teeth to center of bag about 3 inches from bottom.

For whiskers, cut each chenille stem into three 4-inch pieces. Glue in place just above teeth.

Glue large pom-pom or pink cotton swab on top of chenille stems. Glue cheeks to bag.

For eyes, glue wiggle eyes or jewels to bag above nose.

If using as a gift bag, place gift in bag.

If using as table decor, stuff bag with crumpled paper. Twist top of bag closed; secure with wire just below fringe.

Tie ribbon into a bow around bag, covering wire; trim ends.

Cut two ears from white paper. Curl ends using blade of scissors. Glue each ear to each side of bag at fold.

Wouldn’t these be adorable with names assigned to them to represent everyone’s place setting at the table?  If you have many people over to enjoy the day, this can be a craft activity and you can assign the older children to help the younger children do this project together to bond.  Personality can certainly be shown by being more creative with available material scraps, ribbons, buttons, beads, inks, etc.  You can also fill with candy and plastic eggs as a party favor gift for your family members and visitors.  Enjoy the day in style.

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So…da dress is made from what???

It’s Two Cent Tuesday’s Post:

Two Cent Tuesday highlights a low-cost creative idea, project, or product.  Enjoy what you learn today! 
So…da…dress is special?  Why?
I love it when anyone is creative.  There is a great spark of special excitement to me for any young person that can take creativity to a new innovative level.  When times are tough from economy, geography, or physical limits, we tend to get creative to challenge what is in front of us and find ways to express what we need to.
On Facebook, I was reading a post that included an interesting link.  How inspiring, fun, and definitely something that would blend nicely with a post on this blog about creativity. 
This Two Cent Tuesday post is perfectly matched with a creative person’s contributions that highlight a particular low-cost idea making a home-made dress.  The site that featured this information was: the photos also came from this site. 
Enjoy the photos and the soda can tab dress.  So da  dress IS pretty special.  Do you agree?
REEDS SPRING, Mo. — Junior Maura Pozek made her prom dress this year from pull tabs from soda cans. She spent more than 100 hours weaving 4,000 tabs into the dress. In 2010, Pozek made her dress from bags of Doritos.
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Can’t You See I’m Busy?

It’s Feature Friday!

Each Friday, I post details about a special feature from Club Creative Studio’s artistic collection.  Enjoy what you see and learn this week.

Because my personal and business mantra is: Be Creative Everyday… I make time to reach that goal on a daily basis.  Are you passionate about an aspect in your job?  I hope so because it is the drive that keeps you connected to the love of your work.

Melissa & Co Photography

I am a busy person because of that passion.  Sometimes I wonder why others can’t see that I am busy.  Is it because I am seemingly (accurately) having F U N along with my busy W O R K? 

I have read once that being busy is like flying-the harder you flap your wings, the farther you go, the more you leave behind.  The key is to remember to balance the things that you want to do with the things you have to do.  In the process, I do not want to lower my standards of creating.

My hope is to continue to work on the tasks of not being too busy to do what counts.

What does it mean to work on what counts?  For me, it is the use of talent and time to continue to make quality art to share with others.  I maintain that specific characteristics  of each bead incorporated in each hand-made item remain constant.  Because some techniques take as many as 13 steps to completion, or even 3 days of “dry time”, it remains important to me to make my beads my way.   It may be a slow process but, that is what counts… taking time to create a unique item.

Image: Sylvia Runyon Photography

What counts to me is maintaining a unique quality.  Being able to state time and time again that my jewelry is always one-of-a-kind and made by hand…even particular beads incorporated are made by hand from raw elements of  hand-rolled clay, hand-torched glass, or hand sculpted silver precious metal clay.

 It is important to know that what I create is not only unique but limited to only being one in the world like it!  It’s a big world that’s what counts to me!

Also, it is important for me to be able to share knowledge and information with those in wonderment of Club Creative Studio art.  I have many opportunities to express views and share by exhibit.  These are the times that I value getting to know those who admire my creations.  It’s a time to share in print, in voice, or by photographs or video.  I enjoy explaining how this creative outlet works for me and with me to make this world a more beautiful place to be, and help you look great too!

Thank you for wearing and sharing Club Creative Studio Art Art That Sets You Apart!



Copyright: Club Creative Studio Italian Glass Art
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I Am In the Know because of U.K.N.O.W.

It’s TNT time! This-N-That Thursday!

This-N-That Thursday is the day that I dedicate time to report on some type of creative aspect.  This post is about a creative EVENT.

In my community, we are lucky enough to have interesting business people who are networking and staying in contact with one another for support and other business opportunities.  The first gathering I attended that was formed for Women Business Owners was called: Women In Business Unite (W.I.B.U.).  The founder and organizer: N. Arnold Thompson is an active Independent Beauty Consultant in my community.  Each month, she invited other dynamic professional women in a variety of businesses to come together to share in support of each other.  We would have a guest speaker, also from the community, food, and spirited opportunities to network with others. Sorry, (NO MEN ALLOWED).  The monthly venues would take us to a different meeting location each month.  It was a time to gain that extra feeling of  “You Go Girl!” from listening to other successful business owner’s around us.

As time passed, the expectations of planning each month became more involved and time-consuming so the reigns extended outward to be passed along to anyone else willing to dedicate time to the same cause.  At first, many were concerned that the group would fade into the horizon.  However, after a few months when women business owners in attendance of the past events were missing the usual monthly gatherings, a handful of persons met to “brainstorm” how the group could continue on without adding additional time consuming planning efforts.  Ms. Arnold Thompson, (, was the first to be contacted to gain her perspective.  It is because of the initiative of creative persons that the group continues to florish in new and exciting future directions.  Also along for the “‘master-mind ride” is our logo designer: K. Robinson- KRDesign, (, S. Thompson- Events By Sandy, (, and additional fantastic business owner not forgotten, and myself V. Campos-Hallstrom- Club Creative Studio, (

With a few changes, we developed a “new” group of sorts with the same over-all focus, but with a slightly different approach.  Our first meeting with the group called: U.K.N.O.W. (Uniting Knowledge, Networking, Opportunities, and Women)  was held on April 12, 2011.

Our Mission Statement:  U.K.N.O.W. provides a forum for women business owners and professionals to unite, gain knowledge, and network.  By offering support and exchanging ideas with one another, education is shared, trust is gained, and opportunities are created.

Why am I in the KNOW?

U.K.N.O.W. was created because our community had a need to supply women business owners and professionals with an opportunity to  come together to learn from one another and gain support.  We changed the forum to be a Round Table discussion group that interacts the members to share business problems and offer solutions from an array of experiences of those in attendance.  We will have our own website at:

We meet at the The Book Exchange-

So far, I can say this is a very creative and innovative group of business-minded women, meeting in a creative and innovative way!

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Bibs Are Not Just for Eatting Lobster…

Two Cent Tuesday–  Low cost creative ideas.

Sometimes, inspiration comes from within…sometimes it comes from another source, an outward source. When you are aware of your surroundings and are in tune with your environment inspiration is abound.

When I am out and about running errands or at a meeting, in the car or in a waiting room…those are the times that I can find that simple “people watching” can teach me much.  For me as a designer of jewelry and home decor items, I am on the “look-out” for what is popular, what is a trend-setting look, and what is looking particularly good aesthetically.  Visually, a certain style catches your eye if it has a certain look and feel to it, or if it compliments the person’s fashion sence. 

Color, fashion and style catches your eye’s attention, let’s face it.  And it is totally free of charge to research the look and style that is around you.  By using other’s points of views you can determine if you will want to explore a certain look or style yourself.

Club Creative Studio's version- Bib Necklace

New statement pieces in jewelry vary but, you can best identify with what is currently emerging as the “bib necklace”.  If you visualize a traditional “Lobster Bib” or think about an Egyptian Usekh ( a broad or wide collar) like those worn by Kings, Queens, Egyptian Priests and Royalty, you will understand what a “bib necklace” actually is.  These type necklaces can be a choker length  but, can also broaden to cover the surface of the neck in design. If you think of what a “bib over-all” clothing fashion looks like, you know that a large portion of the “bib” covers the neck and or chest area.  A bib necklace does about the same thing.

On my website and in my designs that are not custom requested, I feature a more tame version of the bib necklace.  My twist has evolved from what I have noticed in my people watching efforts as well as what I feel is my version of creating an edgy and slightly industrial and whimsical take on the bib necklace.  On this post, e I have featured two versions of my idea of the bib necklace with mixed metals to offer an urban feel.  I have included metals such as gun-metals, silver and gold tones as well as mixed textures with a dangle movement to compliment a neckline with fun and flair.

Image Copyright: Club Creative Studio

Please visit Club Creative Studio’s online store: and fan page to learn more about the creations posted with the title: Bib Necklace.  They are statement pieces that are not overwhelming or heavy, they express the new trend in stylish neckwear.

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Honor, Remember, Support


Image Copyright: Club Creative Studio

It’s Feature Friday!



Image Copyright: Club Creative Studio



Today is another Friday that I share a bit of information about Club Creative Studio’s special creations.  Today, I’d like to highlight art…

Awareness Bracelet: Club Creative Studio

with an associated meaning behind it based on awareness.

We can look around the wrists of many and it is not hard to figure out what “cause” someone may be interested in supporting.  Colorful bands and bracelets are symbolic of having an interest in care for a specific illness, project, or belief.

I have been asked to make awareness bracelets and necklaces and always try to accommodate because of the strong association of meaning behind wearing an item.  They are worn to honor someone who is currently suffering, remembering someone special who has lost a medical battle, or supportive of the cure for an illness as well.

Within this month you can look forward to seeing a few images that I will repost of an innovative creation made specifically in support of  breast cancer awareness .  This creation will be displayed in a community fund raising event on May 7,2011.

Details to follow, please stop by this blog again for those images and updates from the event entitled: BRAS for a CAUSE.

What illness awareness are you supporting today because of a special connection?

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