Art In The Parking Lot


Introducing creativity that is low-cost and interesting.  Today, Two-Cent Tuesday shares art noticed in the parking lot. 

According to Wikipedia: An art car is a vehicle that has had its appearance modified as an act of personal artistic expression.  Art cars are often driven and owned by their creators, who are sometimes referred to as “Cartists”.

 Have you seen anything interesting lately parked in the parking lot of your favorite store?  Take time to notice the cars parked around you the next time you are in a lot.  There is creativity there if you just look around.  Vanity license plates are creative word-wise.  I like finding those and trying to figure out what they might mean.  I know the car in our driveway reads: LADY PUPS.  It stands for the local high school women’s sports mascot name not everyone would know that.  Some plates are personal, some are funny, some obvious, some in code.  It takes creativity to come up with a unique license plate assignment because only eight characters are allowed and they have to be unique.

antenna topper store.

Look around and you may also find a creative little antenna topper. I don’t see them as much as I used to but, there are still a few toppers out there that make you take a second look.

Word wraps are abound of which some are decorative, some serve as spreading a message like a bumper sticker or an advertisement on a side of a vehicle.  There is no missing those as we sit in traffic with something so visual in front of our windshields.  Even car sun shades can be a source of creativity with their styles and bright colors.  Functional to block out the sun rays, and cute and identifiable once you return to a parking lot after time spent inside a store.

On a recent trip to a nearby town, I had my camera conveniently in my purse luckily to share this photo.  Definitely creative, right?

Creativity with Cars

On a whole different level and “decorated” for a boss on Boss’ Day apparently some people had a very l o n g  lunch break to get this job done.  The source is from  This car was covered in colorful post-it paper note pages as a prank.  It’s a “pretty” prank.

Post-It covered car.

 Covered in over 2,700 cameras, and referred to as “the Panoramic Van.” The Panoramic Van was made to promote the film Automorphosis, which is about people who perform car art. Photo source from post from gearfuse.

Camera covered van.

Next time you are out and about on the road, in traffic, or in a parking lot.  Take note if you see an automobile with flair and personality.   Chances are that a creative

person is also associated with that car.
I know that when my kids were little, and we were seemingly always be in the car I would often decorate the inside of the van for a holiday.  Using cling on decal-stickers, I would put them on the inside of the windows and that would give our car a little bit of personality.  I even found light up decorations when it was the holiday season that we could put in the windows that looked like candles. Fun stuff!
If you spend a lot of time in your car, why not make it a more special place to be?
 Do you have a creative idea to “decorate” your car- if you had the chance and guts?
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Bird’s Eye View



Nest Necklace Set donated To Onslow Care Givers 2010



Club Creative Studio’s Friday posts feature hand-made art from its collection of one-of-a-kind items.

Club Creative Studio's Hand-Torched Glass Beads.

Today’s post features a few hand-torched Italian glass beads used as a focal point in special nature inspired pendants.

Today, I share a few creations that remind me of the bird nest recently discovered within my hanging fern plant on the porch of my home.

Bird nest in my porch plant.
Isn’t it beautiful? 
 A sign that nature can be kind and gentle. 
A reminder that birds are a gift to us in sight and sound. 
A thought of wonderment as we observe how complex a nest really is.
Awe at the idea of realizing the amount of care that goes into the hatching of the eggs and a sweet reminder of how fragile life is in any form.
I’m appreciative of these aspects when looking at this nest built from a plum finch who thought my fern be to be the best home for its eggs.

Hand-Torched Italian Glass- Design by: Club Creative Studio
When I found this particular pendant, I liked it for many reasons.  It was a different elongated pendant not similar to one that dangles and it was the nature theme that inspired me to place something of importance within the focal point area.  The empty nest of the pendant only gave me free rein to add one of my hand-torched glass beads within the space.  So, that is what I did…and on several occasions.
Real bird eggs, like those  in the photo above, are each individually unique.  Each egg, inside and out are special creations of nature. Just like those bird eggs in comparison, Club Creative Studio art is also a one-of-a-kind work of art.
To view more interesting hand-made items from hand-torched Italian glass and other elements, please view the ever-changing inventory within the online storefront found at:  You can also get “sneak peeks” of new items by becoming a fan of our art on the Club Creative Studio Facebook Business Page.  Thank you for viewing, wearing and sharing our hand-made creative art!
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Just One Question

 TNT (This-n-That) THURSDAY is dedicated to blog about “anything” creative. 

This post is very short and consists of just one question.  I also ask for your time in response in comment form.

Please take the time to reflect on your answer.  It will be interesting to me and others if you shared your response to the inquiry in a comment post.  Thank you in advance for giving others a personal perspective.


What makes you creative or not?


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How Do You Stack Up?


Today’s post: Club Creative Studio shares a low-cost creative suggestion to do an a rainy day, to pass time, or to infuse patience into your day.

The timing of this blog was not in any specific symbolic reference to or with ill-will of the devastation that nature has recently caused in Joplin, Missouri, U.S.A. or other locations. Tornadoes are tragic weather related events and my continued thoughts and prayers go to anyone that suffers at the hand of wind and its damaging forces left with efforts of rebuilding of memories, homes and life-styles.

This post is merely a thought that I had that would incorporate the use of time in a constructive and creative manner. It is an activity suggestion to be creative in a low cost way in spare time. Now is your chance to build or show someone young how to attempt to build a “house of cards” (also known as a card tower), it’s known as a structure created by stacking the cards from a deck of playing cards on top of each other in a fashion that remains stackable and in a form that is free-standing. It’s a test of fate. Will the structure easily fall with a gentle force or among the stress of keeping a still hand in its creation?

According to Wikipedia: “A “house of cards” is also an expression which dates back to 1645[1] meaning; a structure or argument built on a shaky foundation or one that will collapse if a necessary (but possibly overlooked or unappreciated) element is removed. Structures built by layering themselves in this way such as Stonehenge, are also part of this “house of cards architecture”, which dates back to the Cyclopean and Megalithic ages.[2]

The structures created using this method rely on nothing more than balance and friction in order to stay upright. Ideally, adhesives or other external connecting methods are not used, and no damage or alterations are made to the cards themselves. The larger the structure, therefore, the more likely it is to fall, due entirely to the higher number of balanced cards that could fail and compromise the integrity of the card building. Professional card stacker Bryan Berg claims, however, that the more cards placed on a tower the stronger it becomes, because the weight of the cards pushing down on the base (increasing friction) allows occasional cards to stumble without the entire structure collapsing. He also claims that proper stacking technique allows cards to function as sheer walls, giving considerable stability to the structure.[3]”

Creative Challenge: Make a Card Tower

Challenge yourself or someone you know to construct a card tower that is stable and creative. You will exercise patience, and persistence.

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Silent Statements Say Something

It’s Feature Friday for Club Creative Studio!

This post is about the fact that you don’t have to say a word to speak volumes.  What do I mean by that?  Consider statement jewelry!  Jewelry can be a means to “say” or express without spoken and written communications.  It can be the silent statement art that speaks.

Art design:Club Creative Studio
Art design copyright: Club Creative Studio

In the world of combining jewelry and art you can model an eye-catching piece and have it speak for itself!  The chance you get to speak may be in response to the compliments you may receive from your choice of jewelry on display.  Bold and big may add up to be beautiful if you wear something that is a highlight and not a distraction.

Don’t throw away the big, chunky-looking jewelry you have taking up jewelry box room.  Don’t hide your statement necklaces just yet because accessories are meant to be seen and heard.  You want what you wear to speak loud and clear about your fashion sense and about your confidence.  Over-sized, multi-strand,  complicated  bib necklaces,  and layered looks in piles fit into this category of what is a statement look. 

Chandelier earrings even make people look twice because of their length, flow or sparkle.  Some may say that “less is more” but, when you think of bold jewelry style more can be more.  When your jewelry is noticed that means that you are noticed as well as your specific taste!

Earring Copyright: Club Creative Studio

The popular “more can be more” feeling can be used to your advantage in fashion when you want to dress up a plain or simple outfit.  Often

Necklace copyright: Club Creative Studio

times a huge statement piece of jewelry takes center stage and attention away from a simple dress and adds the punch of style it deserves.  The background color of single textured material or something in a solid shade paired with a statement piece often gives your whole look the “pop” it needs to look even more fashionable.

Stepping outside of your own comfort zone is what it takes to gain the willingness and confidence to wear a large piece of jewelry you would maybe not normally wear.

Once you get noticed for what stands out as unique and complimentary to your over-all look, you will learn to like and appreciate what jewelry that is large can and does do for you.  Wearing larger shaped jewelry selections gives an outfit a focal point and a place to rest an eye.  It also gives the opportunity for anyone passing a glance the initial reaction to gain an attraction and complement your attire or accessories.

If you are someone who does not have many statement pieces or prefers the more simple look.  Stepping out to enjoy a change of heart might be a good idea to try so that you can learn to notice and appreciate more substantial adornment arts.

Challenge yourself  or someone you know to consider wearing a bold statement jewelry piece.  It can very easily become your next grab-and-go item to accessorize with because it can quickly make your look complete, fashionable and on purpose.  In this case, it can be a good thing to be wearing the “chunky” look…and it has nothing to do with your personal weight and eating habits!  Get chunky today!!!!!

Club Creative Studio’s online storefront can help you hunt for the right statement look.  Take time to browse the variety of treasures on:

The inventory is ever-changing and the creations are always one-of-a-kind and custom requests are welcomed.

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Bling on My Screen

It’s TNT (This-N-That) THURSDAY!

Club Creative Studio uses this Thursday post to focus on something…anything…creative as a special highlight.

I will admit it.  I have been watching and enjoying my first season of Dancing With The Stars (DWTS).  In the past  I may have caught a few episodes before but, for some reason I have found time this season to become addicted to it.  I am not a dancer.  I do however, appreciate the entertaining movements, physical dedications of the dancers, creative expressions of each style of dance, the elaborate costumes, hair, make-up, shoes and jewelry selections and yes…a bit of the drama of the show.  It is a creative experience every time it is on television.   I can imagine that the same type of excitement revolves around various athletic dance competitors in the local and international level as well.

This blog today will focus on the creativity of the bling that is commonly associated with ballroom dance attire worn by women dancers in particular.  I admit too that if I had such a physically fit body myself the added attention with the extreme sparkle, flash and revealing cuts could only revel a higher level of showing off  fitness and flare of movements.

I have noticed that men’s and women’s outfits for dancing usually coordinate in some way. If the woman is wearing a  green dress, for instance, the man might wear a green vest, tie or even shirt.  While it is true that a woman’s ballroom dance costume is often elaborate, it should also attempt to match the attitude of the dance. For a waltz, for instance, a woman might wear a long gown that sweeps to the floor, or near it to show their foot movements with elegant grace.  At the same time, the same woman doing a different dance would possibly wear a shorter skirt with sequins, fringe or ruffles to dance a Latin dance.

Talented blogger: Tambre Leighn, M.A., C.Ht., CPC, ELI-MP  | |  says:

“Dancing helped put passion and fun back into my life.  I am grateful for the gift it has given me.”

I think that “bringing on the bling” and “extreme bling” costumes can be a fun and an out-of-the-box expression of self and passions.

Picking the perfect attire is all a matter of attitude – your own as well as the mood of the music you are dancing to. The participantsof “Dancing with the Stars” have to master the cha-cha, foxtrot, jive, mambo, paso doble, quick step, rumba, samba, tango, slow waltz and Viennese waltz, and these are the most common dances found in the various international competitive ballroom dancing worlds. It can take time to find the perfect dance costume, but there are many resources  to accommodate fun, fashion, comfort and mood of dance.

T. Leighn in Rumba Dress

 Tambre Leighn has also shared this photo that highlights the high style and touch of bling as she moves with the music in a Rumba dance.

It is the look and movement of a beautiful gown that adds to the passion of the dance.

Like excess bling or not- you can admit that it is eye-catching.

There is plenty of bling to share when we look to the talented stars of ballroom dancer’s dress and accessories.  It is the bling on my screen that holds my attention. 

I can appreciate bling.

I admire bling.

I love opportunities that call for creating substantial statement jewelry with flash.

Now, I have a few questions. Are you into the “bling scene” or are you the “queen of bling” ?

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My Chocolate Speaks to Me


Club Creative Studio takes time every Tuesday to blog about a low-cost creative idea.  There are many things to think about that would fit the theme and keep me on task with this subject.  Today, I write and share the idea that gives freely…the idea that you seek out small pleasures, that leads to bigger rewards highly valuable to you personally.

What makes me think of blogging about how to creatively seek out small pleasures?  It was chocolate that motivated me to do this!

Here is what I appreciated while merely eating chocolate squares now and then for the past few days.  Simple creativity in marketing and passing along the written “feel good” message to the consumer from these candy makers did the job…it did make a difference to me to discover a positive message to associate with the added pleasure of  enjoying each tiny treat.

If you have ever come in contact with the simple pleasures of the chocolate squares of the brand: Dove, you know what I am referring to when I mention the fact that inside every foil covering of the individually wrapped candy, is a nicely worded message printed upon the covering of the candy.  You will happily discover a “pick-me-up” from the printed word or two as you unwrap your chocolate.  It’s a sort of  chance to enjoy the simple pleasure beyond the sweetness of the treat.  You will enjoy the feeling of getting something additional for free…a bonus of sort to enjoying the guilty pleasure of indulging in chocolate.  Well worth it right?  You bet, especially when you read a message  like this:

My Dove brand candy wrapper message

What woman in the world would not want to read a message stating that she was considered GORGEOUS?

What if by chance a man eating the same chocolate square got the same message?  Would he gain satisfaction knowing that he was considered gorgeous from an anonymous written message?

What positive up-lifting message would you want to discover in your wrapper?

The types of messages my package contained were all positive words written to give a smile like the following from the list:
  • Treat yourself
  • Sing along with the elevator music
  • There’s a time for compromise, it’s called “later”
  • Make “Someday” today
  • Think of something that makes you smile
  • Seek out small pleasures
  • It’s definitely a bubble bath day




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Hand-Cuffed But…Not Arrested


Did I get your attention? Do not be alarmed, I did not get arrested and I was not hand-cuffed…I did create cuff art! 

"Atlantic Waves" Copyright: Club Creative Studio

Glad that you are here reading this blog post. I hope that you enjoy viewing my art.

Feature Friday posts always highlight creativity from Club Creative Studio.  Here, I  feature a few “cuff style” bracelets for you to admire.

Original Art Copyright: Club Creative Studio

The cuff bracelet is popular for many reasons.  It is adjustable to most any wrist size, it provides the wearer with a secure feeling with its tighter hold, and it can be worn at various lengths along the arm.

Cuff bracelets were prominent in Egyptian history, as well as Maya and Inca adornment in the Americas. As far as style is concerned, people are drawn to the attraction of this design because of its elegance and versatility.  Cuff style bracelets are found in both women’s and men’s jewelry alike. I offer unique beaded cuff bracelets as an accessory of fashionable distinction. Crafted by hand in various original designs, you are likely to find one to suit your style and taste.  A cuff bracelet is a great Artisan gift to give especially knowing that many people appreciate a hand-made item that is also versatile to match needs.  Because the cuff designs created from Club Creative Studio are unique, they are one-of-a-kind, never to be duplicated.  I invite you to explore the new category section of the online storefront entitled: “Cuff Bracelets” at:

Original Art Copyright: Club Creative Studio

The best method for putting on a cuff bracelet is by slightly turning your wrist to the side, thumb facing upwards.  With a gentle glide, allow the narrowest part of the wrist to encase the cuff. You are then free to place at the desired position on arm.Club Creative Studio- Cuff Bracelet: Dragonfly Dreams

Enjoy wearing and sharing Club Creative Studio Art.  You can view and purchase an array of jewelry, and home decor accessories that  incorporate my hand-made elements.  Many items include hand-rolled clay beads, hand-torched Italian Glass beads and will soon include small hand-sculpted 99.9% precious metal silver clay.  Visit often as the inventory changes.  Be sure to check out the PINK NOTEBOOK section of the homepage for further special featured items.  Keep in contact with me via the Facebook page and twitter as well!

"Sea Swirls Cuff"- Copyright Club Creative Studio
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Shapes, Stains, Splotches and Splashes


Take notice of your patio rust stains like I did and consider its beauty.

It’s “This-N-That Thursday” (TNT)! 

This post features the consideration of observing something that fits into the creative category for sure.  It calls for a use of your imagination and exploration.  It is an exercise of recognizing composition, contrast, and finding an alternate way of appreciating shape.

Make tracings of stains, or splotches you find.  Make notes about where you found them.  Work in different colors.  Try cutting the shapes out of paper and layering them to make a collage.

Source: Ingrid Calame

I have taken a few photographs of how you might look at a few common things in a different light.  Take time to notice and enjoy the details of beauty in shape, stain, splotch or splash.  Make a point to look at things around you differently.  Open your eyes to ready-made art and creative patterns.  Appreciate all that is around you that you may have ordinarily over-looked.  Happy hunting for instant art!

My fish dinner has great pattern marks.
My splashes of water created irregular designs.


Lettuce made a nice lunch and a lovely layered photograph.


Nature always supplies us with opportunities to view beauty. Take note of small sections to gain a new perspective.
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High Creativity with Low Calorie Count!

Artist: M. Hallstrom

CLUB CREATIVE STUDIO’S TWO-CENT TUESDAY POST is a creative and low-calorie creative idea!

I have happily placed this blog subject into this Two-Cent Tuesday post because of its affordability and versatility possibilities.  I hope that you consider this project and its advanced possibilities for your next special occasion you want to display or give a healthy sweet treat.  There is probably a specialty business in your area that makes such creations and delivers them like a flower bouquet and you can certainly find creativity in their expertise.  However, for whatever it is worth to attempt this yourself I wish you luck and satisfaction in making your own special treats.

I received a wonderfully creative treat for Mother’s Day 2011.  It is the thought that counts when gift-giving and  this may have started out as a simple idea but, it evolved into an edible creation as well.  With a few uncomplicated steps and a little imagination, my daughter made her version of a fruit bouquet arrangement for my Mother’s Day gift.

It was a great low-cost idea but, most importantly it came from the heart, demanded a creative spark and served to be a healthy treat. Who could ask for more in a gift?  Enjoy the challenge of going to the grocery store to obtain your choice fruits for this project.  You can get as fancy or as simple as you like.  The idea here is to present fruit in a new and exciting manner. 

My daughter bought strawberries, cantaloupe, pine-apple and grapes for her masterpiece. 

Fruit Arrangement made by my daughter!

This shows that with just a few fruit selections a nice display can be achieved.  Using a bowl for a base, she rimmed the inside of the bowl with duck tape, and left a center area open and free to set the pine-apple top into.  She selected strawberries and grapes and used bamboo sticks to prop up the fruit placed around the center area.  She added pine-apple cut-outs such as a few heart cookie cutter shapes and a few child figures from the gingerbread men cutter shape to symbolize children.  The cantaloupe letters spelled out the word MOM and that was a great added touch for sure!

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