Sunny Side Up

It’s our Feature Friday Post!

Today, we mention hand-made art by Club Creative Studio as well as touch on the special color highlighted.

Club Creative Studio Image

Today’s title is also the theme of a few samples displayed in this post today.  Recalling the sunny side of life we can think of the color yellow and the theme including the bright yellow sun. 

With the onset of summer-like temperatures in my area, the high ninety degree weather forecast lately have me thinking of the heat from most typical summer days here in North Carolina. 

The sun is a constant reminder of summer and what we love about our summer days.

Along with the discomforts of extreme heat comes the joy we feel from the warmth of a sunny day.  The color yellow just naturally reminds us of a warm smile or nature that has been sun-kissed.  Can you feel the warmth?  Do you have a special connection to the color yellow? 

Club Creative Studio Art in Green & Yellow
Club Creative Studio Art in Purple & Yellow
Club Creative Art in Black & Yellow
Club Creative Art in Red & Yellow

While we consider the color yellow to be a cheerful and warm color, it also has other qualities.

Yellow can also create feelings of frustration and anger. While it is considered a cheerful color, people are more likely to lose their tempers in yellow rooms and babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms. I found this to be an interesting statement when reading it before.

Yellow can also increase the metabolism.

Since yellow is the most visible color, it is also the most attention-getting color. Yellow can be used in small amount to draw notice, such as on traffic sign or advertisements.

How does yellow make you feel? Do you associate the color yellow with certain qualities within your particular life situations? Let me know what you have to say about the like or dislike of the color yellow in your opinions.  I think it would be fun for others to read.

I enjoy the color yellow because of the associations it has with family memories.  My high school colors were green and yellow.  My son’s high school colors were purple and yellow and my daughter’s high school colors were red and yellow. How is yellow a part of your life?

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Staying Sharp?

Welcome to another This-N-That (TNT) post!  I focus on aspects of creativity and today it is from the film industry.

It was not long ago that I hunted around for a movie that I enjoyed once upon a time.  I don’t remember what sparked me to search for the movie in CD form but, it did occur to me that my daughter in college had not seen the movie and might also enjoy:  Edward Scissorhands.

Edward Scissorhands is a 1990 Romantic fantasy film directed by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  The film tells a story of man created from another man’s invention.  The man was an unfinished creation, in that he modeled scissors for hands, instead of sporting normal hands with working fingers.   Edward comes into contact with a suburban family and falls in love with a “normal” human teenager named Kim, and finds ways to be human-like and use his hands to be creative in the setting that he is thrust upon.

Supporting roles in this movie are played by Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest, Anthony Michael Hall, Kathy Baker, Vincent Price, and Alan Arkin.   The idea  for  the Edward Scissorhands movie came from Burton’s childhood, living in Burbank, California.

If you have seen this movie in the past you may find it interesting to also know that before Depp’s casting those considered for the lead role were Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Robert Downey Jr., and William Hurt.  The role of the designed inventor Vincent price was his final performance.

In the course of the film, Edward says only 169 words. This fun fact still amazes me.  It accounts for the visual portrayal and importance stressed on the “action” in the movie from the main character as opposed to what is actually spoken.

It is also an “artsy” movie of sorts.  The visual creations that Edward Scissorhands shares with those in his community are fun and eye-catching.  From watching the sculptural topieries form to admiring the odd yet funny hair styles he creates, the imagination of the writer comes to life with great illustration.  I love the movie the most because of the wacky theme, and the way that imagination and creativity are woven into the movie’s story line.  It’s happy, it is sad, it’s tragic, it is mysterious, it’s scary, it is funny…it’s a classic creative movie.

What is the point of it?  Being different.  Edward Scissorhands is different.  He’s got a sharp imagination to match his sharp scissor hands. He knows he is different and discovers ways to work with and around that fact, to share his talents with others.  I also like to recall the ways that we are all different, maybe not in such freakishly dramatic ways but, to realize that we are all made up of different qualities. And that I too am able to create art differently and share with those around me in appreciation of individualism.

Like scissors we can either be dull or sharp.  Who likes dull?  NOT ME!  How do I stay sharp? I research the hot trends, remember the classics, ask customers about their styles and likes, take note on what is needed or requested from my customers, and use new techniques and materials. Being new and exciting is definately not dull!

I know that I am different and like to express that through my art.  Those who appreciate unique art and the process of its creation tend to know that their art is one-of-a-kind, not dull as unsharp knife.  Uniqueness sets them apart when they wear, gift, display or use a hand-made item from Club Creative Studio.  It is the Club Creative Studio’s mantra to Be Creative Everyday in Creating Art That Sets You Apart.  Just as Edward Scissorhands’ creations were “sharp” ideas put into another artistic form, hand-made art by Club Creative Studio is also distinctively creative as a unique item, never reproduced again because it is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Be sure to check out our art and a NEW featured item introduced in the next blog on FRIDAY and highlighted in the “special feature section” of the PINK notebook area of the online store website homepage at:

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Balance Your Creativity-Namaste

Are you creatively balanced?  I am not checking if you can walk a tightrope or stand tall and walk with a book on your head.  But, I do want you to know that I can suggest ways to keep you in balance with your continuous creativity efforts.

Two-Cent Tuesday Blog Post

It’s Two-Cent Tuesday.  Usually, I post a low-cost creative idea to admire or try out.  This week, it is a post with different type information.  Hopefully, you have noticed that the last post here was a short while ago.  I gave myself permission to let life happen around me, even though it was out of my routine.  I had to tend to a few different emergency events that took me away from my usual focus of being creative daily.  Although I  still had the same goal of being creative everyday, my creativity had to go in different directions.

As I return to routine, I post today with reasons why it is important to balance your creative life.  We never know when “life happens” that may interrupt  what we want and or need to do creatively.  Maybe this post will be worth more than “two-cents” and help you gain creative balance in your life.  It is important to know how to find your balance in life.

Creative mental fatigue can negatively impact productive creative performance.  Your creative productivity can suffer if your brain is tired.  It can be a challenge to find ways to change your thought process and realize that your body and mind can work together and handle a creative work day or session. Refocus and acknowledge that you’d rather be doing something else, like maybe crashing the couch.  Lean into your creative whims and go to your design space anyway.  Once you get going on your project or creative challenge, even if it is for a short time, it almost always feels better to get back into the swing of using your creative mind again since that is what you may be used to.


You may find it difficult to decide between starting a new project or finishing a previous creation. Some days it may be hard to know what to do without a clear reason to create or continue to create. 

If you can’t answer, Why am I doing this?, your creativity won’t last long.  It is a help to have a focus and drive so that you can work with purpose and productivity if you are using your creativity for more than a hobby.  Try logging your goals and review them often.


You have to be organized on order to be good at several things. By setting aside a specific time for your creativity, you arm yourself with the necessary energy to get through it. And if something comes up unexpectedly, have a prepared plan as a backup to work into the demands that need to be altered from your daily work structure.


If you are crafting alone or usually rely on your own creative instincts to make decisions, you can always try a welcome comment from another person.  You are giving yourself a mental time out when you use your circle of social friends or professionals to help foster motivation.  By keeping certain helpful persons on speed dial, they can help you by giving a pep talk to collaborating with them on creative ideas or price solutions.  Your circle of trusted persons can help you as another energy solution.


Music can be an uplifting motivator.  Besides making you work harder or longer, music also can reduce stress and pass the time.  Music can put you in the creative frame of mind you may need to work for hours at a time.  Music lights up your brain and stimulates you to focus or even can be used to distract you as you get lost in the words or tune.


On the days that you start to get tired of being creative and your mind screams out the negatives of what went wrong that day or how tired you are feeling at the given moment stop your internal debate and find a way to manage the moment.  Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part.  Once you do a small section of a project or have one small success using your creativity, the chances increase that you will continue and you will always be better for it once you make the first steps. 


Not every day may be the ideal day for you to be creative. The reality is that there will be days when it feels like your hands are filled with cement. Try to shake that tension from your “pick-me-up” notes of inspirational words. Go a new way and get out of the stuck mentality by trying to get into the creative moment.  Maybe it means to move your work desk or design table in a new location.  Dial it down if your mind is completely zapped. Don’t force demanding projects maybe break them up into smaller tasks or dedicate another day for a project.  See your best in yourself.  Rather than focussing on stress, use your time to picture the experience or outcome you want to be.  Pay attention to the planning before you sit down to the project.


No one need be stressed when being creative. Try these helpful techniques if you feel the need to adjust. Namaste.




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Star Struck & Blue: Four-Legged Art

This is a special post because it combines the three days of my usual weekly blogging themes, and rolls them all into one post for this week. Enjoy!

It is a post that highlights the theme of the TWO-CENT Tuesday post because it is an inexpensive creative idea.  It also highlights the theme of the usual “TNT” This-n-That post because it highlights a random creative project and it also fits nicely into the FEATURE theme, even though it is not a project blogged about on Friday.

Painted pup with painted toes!

Community friends in Jacksonville, North Carolina own and operate Town & Country Pet Center, Inc. Barry Sanders and his wife Barb Sanders provide superior service and value at a reasonable price. Located at 850 Bell Fork Road, they have been in business since April, 1995.  Because they personally have determination as business owners they also are in tune with what their customers need, want, and expect whether they are people customers or actual animal clients with fur or feathers.

The focus of Club Creative Studio’s blog is to focus on sharing creativity.  While I highlight Barry’s and Barb’s business, you may think that I will write about their creative grooming salon, the fun pet toys that they stock in the store, or maybe even the variety of the fabric print on their dog bed selections.  While I could elaborate on those items/accessories, I am not.  Instead, there is one service that stands out as being creative in a new ways offering: DOG DYEING!  That’s correct.  Got a dog with a colorful personality and want it to match your creative whim?  Turn it a new color!  It’s a safe trend the professional groomers can offer to your life.  You can appreciate your dog as a moving canvas of sorts!  Art on 4 legs!

Meet Lilly, she is Janet, Gabriel and, Kinsey’s dog how adorable is she?

Lilly and her blue painted tail & ears.

Are you a holiday lover?  Do you have a specific holiday that you would like your dog to celebrate right along side of you? 

Oscar- He's no grouch because he is beautiful!

Maybe this “Star-Spangled Pup” will set the neighborhood bar-b-que  in the right mood!  Introducing Oscar, Marie, Matt and Ronnie’s Dog, he got the right texture hair for use of the groomers’ “blow pens” which contain the safe pigment used for the various stencils designed on the dog’s body.


Color-safe paints are designed to design your pet.
This is an additional element I noticed that was sparked by the creativity of others.  Thanks Rebecca and Janet for the photos.
The challenge for you today is to simply continue to look around for the creative aspects in our world- there are many to find and enjoy!

I try to find the creative aspects daily as well as focus on creating Art That Sets You Apart, everyday as well.  Enjoy hunting for the pet themed necklaces that I have available at our online storefront, they are fun and colorful, just like a painted puppy!

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Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty…

Special Cat Beads




Today’s feature is of the feline type. I have two cats in my home and I adore them.  It is no wonder that I have made necklaces that feature a cat theme from time to time. 

Nimbus the cat.
Adidas the cat.

When I make a necklace that includes beads with an image of a black and white cat I think of my cat named: Adidas. 

When I create something that has a lighter looking cat included in a bead, I think of my second cat named: Nimbus. 

Aren’t they just beautiful?

Today’s featured art is from the category on the website entitled: Cat Theme.  You will find a few items in that category at any given time.

Art By: Club Creative Studio
Art- Club Creative Studio
Cat Necklace- Club Creative Studio

If you like cats or know someone who does, please check out the Cat Theme category section in the online storefront!

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