Creativity- 6 Ways to Lean Forward

Learning how to confidently steer your creative energy into something that is productive is important.  This Club Creative Studio post  informs you of this “learned art” of sorts.  Sometimes we need to allow opportunities into our life that stem from our creative thoughts.  Doing this, can lead to a more satisfying creative life. There are ways that one can improve on or foster visual thinking skills. We need awareness and practice.

The key to reaching creative potential  lies in understanding how to be open to change.  Just as young children explore, communicate and share their ideas in affective and cognitive expressions.  We too, as adults need to recall how to function by feeling what we think and think of what we feel.  You may agree that to grow in creativity we need to include the acceptance of disorder,  attraction to mysteries, conflict or puzzles, courageous  risk-taking, embracing natural playfulness, and letting go of emotional sensitivity and perfectionism.  Are you ready to grow your creativity in the right direction?

Lean forward to become more curious, be flexible in your approach to reach a new level  or version of yourself.  Consider  my six suggestions for starters that can be viewed as building blocks to creativity.

1. Understand Creativeness

Recognize that you are a creative being and are capable of being interesting in many different aspects in your life.  Appreciate that you have the means to be an individual and are called to express that in many different ways in your life.  You can be creative at work and at play.  Be accepting of your mistakes but quick to praise yourself at the same time.

2. Provide Environment

Provide an appropriate space to stretch intellectual muscles. This area should primarily focus on creative stimulation. Maybe it is as simple as an inspiring classroom, designated floor space or a small tabletop designated as your special workspace.   With quick access to art/office supplies, games, books, textures, colors and  interactive fixtures, your mind can have a jump-start area to expected creative thought.

Important aspects to the effective environment are space and climate. Do you have a personal work space where you might leave unfinished tasks for completion another day?  This can be crucial to your creative process and growth.  Adequate space and lighting is important.  It is helpful to move and actually see what we are doing.  Do you have comfortable seating?  Place an importance on your physical comfort to do your best for any length of time.

3. Emphasize  Art and  Spontaneity

Heightened creativity can be present whenever we experience something new in our environment.  Real life observations and hands-on activities often serve as springboards for creative expression.  We just have to use our senses, be willing to experiment.

Showcase accomplishments. Nothing sparks motivation more than seeing how your efforts or the work of others has evolved.

“Sharp (2001) found  that creative arts serve to enhance children’s listening, problem solving,  critical reading and writing skills. In addition, the arts engage children’s  kinesthetic and cognitive experiences, amplifying concrete as well as abstract  learning abilities. Tacker and Tracey (1998) report that music education is  therapeutic because it raises self-esteem while honing creativity, offering  children an avenue for expressing their emotions in nonverbal ways.”

Creativity cannot be rushed or forced into existence. Parents and educators must be patient. If a child  says “I can’t or I won’t,” the best response is “I’d like for you to try, see what you can do, experiment.” Leading by example can also help stimulate growth opportunities. When I was a classroom art teacher often times, when I actually drew for the students to illustrate a concept the students  removed their own barriers as well.  Creativity and confidence were allowed to flow more easily.  This is the reason, I feel for a “rough draft”.  It allows you to not be afraid to make adjustments.  You are free to experiment and learn to grow in creativity.

4. Opportunities for Growth

Educators  and staff members in the workplace alike can act as creative guides by listening carefully, observing any emotional cues of others, encouraging work and being cautious not to interfere.  Open-ended or brainstorming opportunities incorporate creative expressions and growth.  Creative solutions can also be born from large group settings.

Self help activities such as thought-provoking questions to yourself can help develop your own creative process. Asking the “What  would happen if…?”  question is a good start.  Another type of questioning is to ask is “how-many-different-ways can…”  You may be surprised to brainstorm with self or others.

In most  instances where a hesitation or doubt of being creative occurs, we can grow from this behavior.  Maybe the right balance of spark is not present yet.  Sometimes it takes being part of a group with enthused and strong creative ways to get the juices flowing.  Maybe it is the challenge of the task at hand, or maybe it is an attempt to be expressive for personal gains.

5. Seek Out Creativeness

Inspiration can come from many different places within others, watching t.v., reading books, movies, media. The use of our own intuition and thoughts can be turned into what we need to gain the spark to start, and eventually continue and finish the creative process.  This impulse can be planned or unplanned. Common activities that will lead to seeking out your creativity include construction, painting, music, dramatic  play, dance and telling imaginative stories, and  problem solving.  Look for those opportunities, seek out what will lead to creative growth.

6. Practice Confidence

Being able to be expressive in some form daily is important for future growth.  Like any skill that you wish to develop, you need to practice it often.  My business mantra is: BE CREATIVE EVERYDAY at my work space called: Club Creative Studio (  I belive with this daily practice creativity comes to fruition very easily, willingly and strongly. You can become more confident in your creative adventures if you continue to foster creativity in yourself and in others.  Good luck in your continued will to add practice, confidence and skills to your creative growth.  Don’t lean backwards, giving up and saying that you are “not creative”.  Lean forward and embrace your creative potentials!

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Hand-Made Beads- Feature Friday

Happy Feature Friday!

Friday is a special day here at the Club Creative Studio blog because we feature a creative creation from the design table.  Today there is a focus on the latest batch of hand-rolled polymer clay beads.  Here there is a variety of sizes created and a coin is used to compare.  You may notice that the finished beads in the photo are in their baked state and have not been hand-polished or glossed.

Club Creative Studio batch of hand-made beads.

More often than not the creation of my hand-rolled polymer clay beads take up to thirteen steps to reach its completed stage.  All of the beads are unique and one-of-a-kind.  I hand-mix several colors to come up with the most different combinations. Once the multi layered clay cane (log shape) is designed,  it is sliced carefully and applied by hand on to the hand-rolled clay bead shape.  Below you will see a photo of the tissue blade edge used to slice from the clay cane which is also in the photograph.

Club Creative Studio swirl design cane and blade edge.

I create the designs based on a variety of aspects.  Using many different canes, I layer and incorporate the cane slices that best combine with contrast or cohesion.  Basicly, it is artistic instinct that allows me to design from the heart and without strenuous efforts. Often times if I know in advance that I want to incorporate a certain pendant, then the beads are prepared to match what I want the overall look to appear as in the completed item design.  Sometimes I sketch on paper the ideas that I have in my mind, other times, I just let the artistic rhythm flow.  There are times that I will create in a certain color because I have been inspired to do so or because of the latest research that I have done indicating the trends or interest of the general public.  Often times a custom piece dictates what color beads I will create as well.

Clay beads in turquoise, white, and mauve tones.

Clay beads can be made in an array of shapes and sizes.  I have made a variety ranging from rounds, barrel, flat, textured, square and oval to name a few.  The sizes I create are usually with in a certain range because I do not want the weight of the beads when combined to become a burden when a necklace is being made from the collection of beads.  A larger bead is often created specifically for items that can handle the extra weight of a larger formed bead such as a Club Creative Studio Artisan Bottle Stopper Bead, Artisan Key Chain Bead or a Club Creative Studio Artisan Light/Fan Pull bead.  Also the larger the bead, the thicker the clay and the thickest firing must be adjusted risking the threat of being under or over-baked.

Beads made with love!
Dime sized beads from Club Creative Studio

I love creating hand-rolled, hand-torched, and hand- sculpted beads. To see more creations incorporating our one-of-a-kind and limited bead counts browse the Club Creative Studio online storefront and become a “fan” of the Facebook page as well.  Thank you for wearing and sharing our art.  We are happy to create Art That Sets You Apart!


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Art in the Airport

This TNT post is about anything artful this and that (TNT). Today I would just like to share a few sites from a few airports that I have rushed through lately.  I have always said that art is all around us.  All we have to do is open our eyes and discover what is in our path that is creative. The canvas paintings were seen at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

Art From the Airport
More Art From the Airport
More Awesome Art

It may be obvious to you that this art was created by children.  I wish that I could give proper credit to the persons responsible for creating these wonderful, colorful artful creations.  They were not marked with labels or with group acknowledgement so  we are only left with taking the pleasure to admire the art, its whimsy, its youthfulness and its freedoms of the creative spirit in expression.

Colorful splash for Airport Viewers
Art Can Be Admired From the Airport

From the International airport in Chicago you may find and enjoy the art if you have enough time to look UP!  We were in a big hurry to get to our gate but, I managed to snap a few shots of the glass that was designed to almost light up overhead.  I found them to be so beautiful.  I could have looked at them for hours.

Chicago Airport Art

Glass designs in front of lighted fixtures in airport.
Chicago International Airport
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Creativity- Love Hate Relationship

This Two-Cent Tuesday post is just about me adding my “two cents” to the subject matter at hand: University of Maryland  Football.  They showed us newly designed uniforms on Monday Night and those watching all have opinions, I am sure.  When we have an opportunity to be critics, we do.  Creativity is a real love/hate relationship. We sometimes are very intense with our strong reactions of love and hate.  The uniforms caused quite a stir. Why? Because they are among many things unique. Some even have gone on to say distracting.  What do you think?

Gene Sweeney, Jr. photo

The creative design by Under Armor is a national topic of conversation. The design based on two family crests from the state flag and split down the middle with gold and black checkerboard design.  Do you love it or hate it?

The whole package was reveled with player cleats, pants, jerseys, helmets, sleeves and gloves. To say the least it was an eye-catching attire and this style had never been seen in college football.  Highlighted by a helmet and shoulder design based off the Calvert (black and yellow) and Crossland (red and white) arms of the Maryland state flag. The jersey numbers, cleats and gloves all featured a custom state-flag print, and some players sported shooting sleeves that mimicked the shoulder designs. truly unique.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Terps’ never-before-seen threads supposedly debuted minutes before the game started. That a new combination even existed surprised many — the program had unveiled four jerseys, four pants and two helmets two weeks ago, but coach Randy Edsall held off on one design.  Many have spouted off their opinions of this new look and most of them weren’t exactly complimentary.

Creating a buzz is what’s great about college football, they have gotten much attention from this.  At one point last night, “Maryland,” “Terps” and “Under Armor” were all trending nationally on Twitter, while “Maryland” stood as No. 1 on Google Trends.  I have mixed feelings.

As an artist I love the national attention of the design.  I love the concept of including the flag into the design and I love the design of the uniform taking shape from paper to fabric. However, I dislike the color combinations on the same uniform, I do not like the visual distraction as a whole and I do not like that the focus is a backlash of a creative person’s vision.  Not to mention that I don’t really watch football- I did watch because of the fashion aspect included in the game last night though.  Gotta love creativity!

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Clay Penants Born From Rain and Wind

I take advantage of a creative spark whenever possible.  It is important to be CREATIVE EVERYDAY!

Hand-made clay pendant

I encourage you to ignite the passion for your creativity by looking around for inspirations. This blog post is about how I used my time in an unfortunate situation to be inspired to do something productive.

I recently experienced several days which I was able to combine my love with clay with other outside factors, literally.  While the weather outside was hurricane status with wind and rains, I used the time stuck indoors to put my creativity to work.  Having a business that allows you to work from home and at any hour you please can be a great benefit.

If you know the ramifications of a violent storm then you know that you are prone to the loss of electricity.  When dealing with any weather condition you may have to adjust your work to be able to safely and efficiently do your job well.  During the past hurricane named Irene, my household suffered through several days without electricity.  The usual elements are needed to be prepared for such an event like enough water, food, radio, batteries, etc. to ride out the storm.  For me, it is also important to add CLAY to the list of survival items needed to be happy and comfortable during impending weather conditions.  It gives me something to do to occupy time.

Being prepared with a supply of clay meant that I was able to keep busy, pass time, and dedicate intense focus to the clay creations.  The best part about it was that during the natural day-light hours, I was able to be quite productive.  Enjoy the creations that I have grouped into a series that I call “Mean Irene” pendants.  All of these initial designs were created during the storm days. They are sculptural clay elements using polymer clay.  With some pendants, I have used a resin-type coating to enhance the 3-D effects, and additional beads for detail.  The pendants have a silver tone polished metal base in various shapes like squares, circles, rectangles, ovals or triangles.  Each item is one-of-a-kind.   Most designs are available with a simple black cord that has a snap closure.

Enjoy wearing and sharing Club Creative Studio Art.  Read more about this product in the special feature section  (PINK NOTEBOOK SECTION) on the homepage at  Enjoy viewing Art That Sets You Apart!
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Mondegreens: Color Me Mad, Not Glad

Enjoy this TNT (This-N-That) post.  It deals with creativity on various matters.  This week, it has to do with hearing correctly.

This is a short post about the creativeness of people who have misheard song lyrics (also called mondegreens). Misheard lyrics occur when people misunderstand the lyrics in a song. These are NOT intentional rephrasing of lyrics, which is called parody.   

My husband is guilty of this very often and it absolutely drives me nuts.  I don’t know if the reason behind the misuse of words is truly because he did not hear them right in the first place or because he knows it pushes my buttons and he does it because he likes to see how long it will take for me to correct him.  He often claims that it takes more creativity to sing the wrong words in a song than to actually sing the right words. Afterall… “Anyone can do that!” he protests.

There are several songs that I can focus on with an example of mondegreen usage but, I will focus on the artist Jimmy Buffett in this post.  His music has a fair share of songs that are often the subject of misused words sung in place of his original written lyrics.

Jimmy Buffett Image:

Jimmy Buffett’s Funniest Misheard Lyrics:

 Stepped on a Pop Tart….

Stepped on a pork chop…

REAL: Stepped on a pop top

Lookin’ for my log shaker and saw…

Lookin’ for my log shaken assault….

Lookin’ for my lost Digger the dog…

REAL: Lookin’ for my lost shaker of salt.

If you like bean enchiladas getting caught in the rain…

REAL: If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain…

But I know, it’s my own Grandpa…

REAL: But I know, it’s my own damn fault.

But there’s boobs in the blender…

REAL: But there’s booze in the blender…

Cheeseburger and a pair of thighs…

REAL: Cheeseburger in paradise…

Smell those shrimp, I’m beginning to barf…

REAL:  Smell those shrimp they’re beginning to boil.

Some people claim that there’s a worm on the brain…

REAL: Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame…

 I hope that you are not one of the believers that have claimed that the misheard words are the real words.  I hope I added a bright spot to your day by pointing out creativity around us caused by us.

Do you know of a song that comes to mind that you have misheard,  and later found out the real words?

Nibblin on sponge cake
Watchin the sun bake
All of those tourists covered with oil
Strummin my six-string
On my front porch swing
Smell those shrimp they’re beginnin to boil

Wastin away again in margaritaville
Searching for my lost shaker of salt
Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame
But I know it’s nobodys fault

I don’t know the reason
I stayed here all season
Nothin to show but this brand new tattoo
But it’s a real beauty
A mexican cutie
How it got here I haven’t a clue

Wastin away again in margaritaville
Searchin for my lost shaker of salt
Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame
Now I think
Hell, it could be my fault

I blew out my flip-flop
Stepped on a pop-top
Cut my heel had to cruise on back home
But there’s booze in the blender
And soon it will render
That frozen concoction that helps me hang on

Wastin away again in margaritaville
Searching for my lost shaker of salt
Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame
But I know it’s my own damn fault
Yes and some people claim that there’s a woman to blame
And I know it’s my own damn fault

Enjoy the UTUBE video of Margaritaville.

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Creative Everyday Challenge 2011

Creative Everyday Challenge 2011- Week 1

I recently found a site that has a few great running challenges for the creative type.  The link (s) are on the Club Creative Studio Blog.  Just look for the cute square logos at the bottom right side of the page. It is a challenge to do something creative everyday which is PERFECT for me since I already do this and it is my business mantra.

Since that is not really a challenge because I do have that “everyday” aspect under control, I am taking advantage of the creative prompts to use as suggestions in future work.  This yearly challenge will hopefully inspire me to think deeper in to certain aspects of my art.  It will be a great exercise.

Once I am ready to post any art that has stemmed from this specific challenge, I will post the item number of art found online on Club Creative Studio’s website.  You have the opportunity to purchase it or suggest it to others.  Thank you in advance for your views and comments about what you see or appreciate about the meaning behind the art.

Wrapping up the August challenge is use of the color RED.  Those items recently posted are easy to spot if you look online at any given time.  For this first week,  August 29-Sept. 04, the challenge is to interpret HISTORY into my art.  The item is complete and here are a few photos of the item code: W00044 from: Enjoy art from week 1.

Week 1: CED Challenge 2011

The necklace has a strand of mini faux pearls and seed beads alternating in silver and copper tones, the second strand has multiple lime green glass square chips with yellow crackle glass round beads and silver tone spacer beads. The strand with the pendant attached is a mixture of painted acrylic orange beads with pink faux pearls flanking them.

The pendant is hand-made on a metal base and contains many symbolic items to coincide with the HISTORY CHALLENGE theme.
The ribbon rose and metal leaf stand for the flowers and trees that have many stages shown to us in a short amount of time.  The gears stand for elements of time and a ticking clock, the hearts remind us of love found and lost, the egg and bird symbolize life at different stages in time. The pearls show us that we have historically put value into a precious and rare small item.

Enjoy even more items in the ever-changing inventory. I love creating ans sharing ART THAT SETS YOU APART!

One-of-a-kind Art

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