Dog Gone Cute

Club Creative Studio can’t resist the opportunity to share the creativity that is around you via your family pet the dog. Admit it- these dogs are dog gone cute! Because we are wrapping up the month October, let’s focus on the Halloween costumes of pets! Why not?  Why not is the real question.  Why not place outrageous outfits on our pets, make them stand still for a photo and then laugh at them?  Why not assign them a personality that we think they should have?  Why not use our precious time to create a look with our pet that is in our likeness or just plain fun?

Enjoy these fun, funny, fantastic, furry friends!


 How do you plan to dress up your dog for Halloween?

The next post will have some creative images of cats in costumes.  Be sure to check that blog post as well.

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Rockin’ Your World

Club Creative Studio Art

Rivers and rocks and trees have
always been talking to us, but we’ve forgotten how to listen. 

Michael Roads

Feature Friday marks the day where I focus on art created from my workspace: Club Creative Studio. Today, I wish to feature a special category within the website that houses items in the stone theme.  Some stones I incorporate are natural and some are replicated.  At any rate, any type rock may ROCK your world, if that is an element in art that you admire.  Rocks can be a symbol of strength.  They are rugged, remind us of nature and have great texture to appreciate.  Rocks can be shiny if they are polished, they have irregular and organic shapes and they vary in size.  What do you like about the common rock? Can it mean more?


When I was teaching in Arizona, there were a few students that lived close enough to school that they could walk daily with their parents to the classroom.  If you know how the desert landscapes is- you know that on some days, you just have to look beyond the flying dust and rock laden paths.  It can be a challenge and a blessing to enjoy.  I will never forget when I had to move away from the area and one child  named: Breeze Azul (isn’t that a beautiful name), gave me a gift that I would cherish for many reasons.

Her gift was a hand-made necklace.  The best aspect about the necklace was that it had a special meaning behind it.  Apparently, one day while walking to school with her mother, she picked up what was to her,  an interesting looking rock.  There was nothing specifically special or valuable about this rock at first sight but, she looked deep into the rock for meaning.

Breeze Azul kept that rock for a while and then asked her mother to make this necklace for me using that rock.  The rock was the necklace pendant.  She wrapped wire around it and attached it to a simple strand of other beads.  Her daughter wanted me to leave the area with a piece of Arizona. To this day, it is a reminder of the daily walk this child made to come into my classroom.  I have fond memories of her smile and the other three year-old personalities of those who were my classroom students.  Now,  I am left wondering how they have all grown over the years and have developed in their language skills.  I love that I have this rock as a reminder of Arizona.  A special rock.  She found beauty in a common rock, and passed it along.

Club Creative Studio attempts to capture the natural beauty of a focal rock and incorporate artful ideas.

Please visit the NATURAL STONE category to see more art.

Club Creative Studio Art
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Decorating in the Dark

This is what I call REALLY getting into the Halloween spirit!
Enjoy the creativity!
Turn up the volume, ROCK OUT and be happy you are not the neighbors.

If you live in Riverside, California- enjoy the view in person.


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Have Your Cake and Eat It (Part 2)

Club Creative Studio has captured a display of photos here that will have you wanting to create in the kitchen.  To continue with the Halloween theme and cake, you may find inspiration to try a few creative cupcake decorating ideas seen here.  Maybe this can be a challenge to yourself or others to see how you can also express the Halloween theme.

This photo shows two projects I would like to write about.  First the decorated cupcake.  This cupcake starts as an ordinary frosted cupcake. Here the cake is frosted in a light vanilla color which also can be substituted for a green icing that would make a striking witch-face complexion choice.  The hat is a chocolate sugar ice cream cone.  The cone can also be a dipped cone in chocolate if you can not find the chocolate flavored cones available.  If you desire a roundness at the base of the cone to look like a rim, a thin cookie wafer can be added and attached with more frosting.  Black licorice strips are used to resemble hair.  Almost any small confectionary can be used for the eyes, and the nose is a single candy corn candy.  As an added touch, I think that I would add {paper} legs and shoes attached to the underside outer bottom cake liner.  Makes me want to start this project now!

The second project in the photo shows stuffed pumpkins made from paper lunch sized bags.  One way to do this is to buy the gift bags that are already made in the orange color, stuff with plastic recycled bags or newspaper bawled up and then twist the top portion to make a stem.  Adding details in paint and maybe hot glue artificial leaves at the stem site.

Another method that works well is the way that I did this project with my students in art class.  We used recycled or new brown bag lunch sacks and grocery bags.  Stuffing with newspapers, the bags were formed into the round shapes like fat pumpkins are.  Each shape was different because each child stuffed their paper differently.  Make sure to identify the bottom of the bag at this time with the child’s name if you arr making as a group project. The top of each bag was then secured with tape and twisted into a stem form and tied off with natural jute string.  The jute also looked like a vine in the end of the project, and you can hot glue leaves along it as an added detail.  Orange paint was used to cover the bag surface, green paint used for the tip of the stem area.  The pumpkin patch was left in an area outside to dry.

To display a group project, this would look great in an entry way of a school or hallway. Benches could be used as levels for lined pumpkins or place them on top of stacked hay bales.  Transform one side into a jack-o-lantern by making features with black paints or markers and leave the opposite side of the bag “blank” so that the display can flow into the November theme of Fall or Thanksgiving, assuming the children will want to leave them instead of taking them home.  Have fun creating one or many of these stuffed pumpkin craft ideas.

Hungry for pumpkin spice cake in the shape of a pumpkin?

Transform your ordinary bunt cake into a pumpkin.

Use orange frosting and a green frosted ice cream cone to complete the look.

Enjoy  creating odd and unusual items to eat during any season.  Especially now, the hand-made goodies can be more whimsical and not so perfectly made to be enjoyed.

Be inspired to create with food, or with craft.  The best thing about creating in food is that it has two rewards: process and taste.

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Make Your Cake and Eat It (Part 1)

Club Creative Studio has an area near the design table with a supply of sweets on hand for that extra added energy.    This post has a focus on both creativity and sweets.  For the Halloween theme, an easy way to combine both creativity and sweets is to make cupcakes and decorate them. Enjoy the challenge to be creative in the kitchen.

Do you need some inspiration from others to spur you on?  Enjoy the suggestions for decorating your special sweet theme cupcakes. You can be equally creative! Good luck friends!

Slice those mint wafers for bat wings and ears.

These just make you smile, don’t they?

“Eye” think that you can decorate like this.

Sideways cupcake, sugar cone hats.

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Home Sweet Home


Be inspired by ideas to make your own sweet treat.

Club Creative Studio shares the creative visions from the studio and of others and brings those ideas into your home.  Here are a few sweet ideas for you to make your HOME a sweet home.  Let’s call it your “Home Sweet Home”! And let’s look at the initial steps that can inspire you to add the colorful details.

During holiday seasons creativity is all around us.  Holiday celebrations are an active time where creativity is abound because most times children and parties are involved.  It is not unlikely that some creative ideas mesh in theme from celebration to celebration. I already blogged about a “Halloween Tree” project which has many similarities of decorating for a “Christmas Tree”.  Visit blog post entitled: Beautiful Branches.


Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  Coincidence?  I think not!  ~Author Unknown

This time in this post, take note of a few photos that I found that incorporate similar matching themes of the popular “GingerBread House” and “Gingerbread Cookies”.

We may typically know these items as popular during December for Christmas celebrations However, here you may have the idea to creat a Halloween Gingerbread House or  Skelton Ginger Bread Cookies.

If you try these ideas you can also look at it as a trial run and practice making the house and cookies for later adaption.  Your December treats can be inspired by what you do creatively in October.

This edible Halloween house contains a variety of cookies, candies, toppings, pretzels, and crackers attached with frosting.

Think creatively when you purchase your candy and snack supplies. Try to imagine what treat can be used separately to represent another item.  For example: a square cracker can easily be used as a window because of the typical shape.  Try to imagine cutting or using a candy to represent something similar in nature.  Coconut makes great grass when it is dyed green.  Dirt can resemble crushed chocolate cookie crumbs.

Inspired to create?

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Creative Carvings = Halloween Fun

Club Creative Studio recognizes creativity on many levels.  Because we are in the month of October and the theme around me is focused on Halloween almost everywhere I turn, I would like to highlight the decorative element: the seasonal pumpkin.  Read on and admire my favorite finds of creative designs using the carved pumpkin.

I love the expression and creativity of each of these samples.




image: horchow



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Beautiful Branches

Club Creative Studio’s blog post continues to offer information that is creative in nature.  A decorated black tree branch can be a great statement piece when decorating for Halloween.  When decorated with an assortment of spooky ornaments, you have created an original center piece or focal decorative art for the holiday.

There are as many different types of black trees with choices ranging from Christmas style trees, vintage-style feather trees, and tinsel trees. This post is about how you can create a “make-it-yourself” tree from a lost limb tree branch from outdoors.  Consider creating a spooky tree made strictly for your Halloween decorating.

This post deals with the creative efforts from a television show called: Creative Juice.  Here the hosts will explain the details and options on how to create a Halloween Tree.  This is a project that can be done as a group project, because many individual items can be added to the over-all creation.  A Halloween Tree is a decorative embellishment to be used indoors or outdoors.  It can certainly show personality and be made to fit a theme.  Wouldn’t this be a great gift to take to a costume party?  It could also become a family tradition to make and display a Halloween Tree together as a family activity.  Good luck being creative with this idea.  Maybe it will spark you to gather classroom children, neighbors, casual girl friends, party attendees or club members to celebrate creative energy together to produce a visual display.  We have all heard of a Christmas Tree which is another item that many use as a decorative element in their homes.  This is the same concept. Decorative and delightful.


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Hug A Tree In the Name of Art

Sometimes a tree can tell you more than can be read in a book. Carl Jung

Enjoy the blog today as we encourage you to observe.

Use a pencil or a crayon to make a texture rubbing.

When was the last time that you took time to observe the trees around you? Trees have a language of their own.  They have an artful language.

Take time to explore the trees around you and observe the textures they offer you.  To appreciate trees you can collect as many parts of trees as possible.  If you gather items from a tree that have fallen naturally you have a chance to observe them close up. You can arrange the collection to gain a visual appeal, hang, study, or draw the findings.  Leaves, bark, branches, fruit, nuts, seeds…all aspects of the tree can be studied.

A low-cost creative idea that is always a fun activity to do (especially in the Autumn) is to do a tree rubbing of tree bark or of tree leaves.  It is a way to appreciate the texture of trees. You can easily create an over-lapping effect with various rubbings and compare and contrast your artful finds.

If you take time for a nature walk on school grounds, in your neighborhood, area park or running trail of sorts take along supplies to do a rubbing on the site.  You will need paper that is not too thick, pencil or crayons in various colors.  Place your paper on the surface of the tree bark and rub in one direction gentle enough to not rip the paper but, vigorously enough to reveal an area of texture marks from the surface underneath.  A good idea would be to also take along a pencil sharpener and mini trash baggies if you are planning on using your pencil to rub many images.  Crayons can be used best from the side of the crayon easily if the paper wrapping is removed prior to rubbing a surface. Again, make sure that you have a trash bag for your pencil or crayon waste.  Take along a paper clip for your papers so that they can be collected and kept together if there is a breeze outdoors that day as well.

Enjoy viewing these samples of various tree truck textures.  You may be able to collect a larger variety of sample rubbings from rubbing at sites based on different locations.

Good luck creating your creative tree rubbings.  Hug a tree in the name  of art.

Take a walk, appreciate trees and create your art!

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Knot Now? Why Knot?

Artist: Ed Bing Lee/Photo: Ken Yanoviak

Club Creative Studio shares information about the creative process.  Read about a creative Fiber Artist.

Today’s post is an artist’s highlight post of the art of Ed Bing Lee.  He is a creative Fiber Artist who was born in 1933 in San Francisco.  Ed Bing Lee has a love and devotion for knotting fibers into wonderful works of art.  His nimble fingers are spinning golden works to be admired.

If you have ever thought that you were too busy to tend to someone else’s needs and were perhaps asked to share your time, you may have answered: “Not now, I am busy!” Chances are, if Ed Bing Lee were to say that, he could literally mean it.  If he does “knot” now, he is “busy”. His art has a focus on hand-knotting and twisting fibers into art forms.

Artist Ed Bing Lee often uses images of contemporary food found from advertizing art and transforms that into his knotted three dimensionally formed sculptural forms.  He seems to enjoy his creations because they require little specialized equipment to create.  He has dedicated time to his knotted creations since 1970.

To view a video about this artist, see him in his studio, at work on a project and alongside a gallery display please click on the link where you will find out more about his knotted art from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage, Philadelphia. I look at his art as another way to get “good fiber” from his “created food”! 

Thank you for stopping by to learn about the handiwork of a talented artist. I hope he has motivated you to do something creative with your hands today.

Artist: Ed Bing Lee/Photo: Ken Yanoviak
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