If the Shoe Fits…

image: mypinkfriday.


Let’s talk about the creativity of the soul… the designs of many soles…the high heel. Lately have you noticed a “come back” of sorts of the higher shoe heel for women?  I have, and I am not too sure about wearing the extreem heights myself but, they can be quite artful to admire.  Sandals, boots and even flip-flops have been designed with a heel.

If the shoe fits…what are the reasons why women wear high heels? Are are short in stature and would like to appear taller? Do they believe that they make their legs appear longer?  Are women just wearing heels to strengthen their calf muscles?  Does walking in heels add a feminine or sexy strutt to a walk?  Is is more important to be fashionable and follow trends in footwear to override comfort and senseability?  Were the shoes on SALE in the first place and therefore were considered a “must have” and now a “must wear” situation?  Do the shoes act as a status symbol or are they giving of self-confidence?  There can be many reasons why women like to own and wear high heeled shoes.

Take a look around and notice the DESIGN, form and shape of these creations when they are on the store shelves or when you notice them on real people around town.  Look beyond the price tags, noticing the stress and strain of the person walking in unnatural angles and the fact that they are being worn by all types of women, sometimes too “young” AND sometimes too “old”.  Consider appreciating the look, courage and strength it takes to wear and create such an item and the material they are made from.  Some styles look more like sculptures- real works of art!  And no matter how impractical you think they are, some can even remind us that we have a sense of fashion…or humor!

From heel to toe- they can make a statement in fashion.
Nicki Minaj shoes.

Image: luxfashionstyle.com
This about sums it up for the shoe-lover and fan of the high heel.
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Top This: Creative Cake Toppers

Club Creative Studio shares creative information and this post has a focus on the creative cake topper.  As I celebrate my silver wedding anniversary, I am thinking of the memories I have of my own wedding 25 years ago.  We had a traditional cake topper with a few hand-made elements.  Today, I can inform you or remind you that you have many options far from the traditional style.  If you have ever thought of bringing humor into the reception, via the cake topper…then you may appreciate the photos I share from my search finds.  Enjoy.

These are definitely building blocks to start a good marriage.
Stop that run-away-bride.
What a catch...will she throw him back?
High five for getting hitched!
Well..soccer IS important too after all.
At least the sign does not say: "I am with stupid".
Cold feet from this groom?
This bride has kissed her last frog and will marry her prince!
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Fabric Folding Facelift Part 3

Enjoy an additional post from Club Creative Studio that informs you of the creativity that can stem from your fabric linens. Take it from Luigi… this is a fun opportunity to involve children into the table setting experience. Good luck!

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Fabric Folding Facelift Part 2

Club Creative Studio continues to spread the word about creativity in a variety of ways.  Today’s post is part 2 of the inspiration of napkin folding.  Folding your fabric linens will give your table setting an instant facelift.  It is an inexpensive idea to reuse and repurpose your napkins at a meal. It shows off your creativity as well!  Enjoy viewing the sample and try your hand and hand-folding fabric napkins for your next festive family gathering.  This is just another way to have creative fun in a functional manner at home, involve the children!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WQBtEJP8Os?rel=0]

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Folded Fabric Facelift Part 1


Club Creative Studio shares information on creativity.  You will discover a focus on progress, production, project, and process all using creativity the creativity that you can tap from within.  This post shares inspiration with images on how you can transform a table setting into a fantastic memory.  Using folded fabric napkins, you can turn the fun into a functional item to enjoy and use at your next family meal gathering.  From the simple to the complex you can learn how to create such folds from a variety of resources.  There are origami books, table scape theme books and magazines, television shows and websites dedicated to home and cooking that may have helpful hints on how to create your next table art.  You Tube and other do-it-yourself/how-to video can also explain the steps and maybe you even know someone who can demonstrate a one-on-one learning session.  Folding or teaching someone to fold a fabric napkin can be a fun and rewarding process.  Your table can have the unique and festive finishing touches with a hand-made flair.  Good luck in creating!

Image: inspirationalbliss
Image: craftgossip.com

Enjoy the challenges of trying your hand at folding napkins.  The samples in this post are specifically Christmas in theme in time for you to consider for seasonal holiday celebrations.

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Take It or Leaf It

Successful Leaf Rub

Today’s Two-Cent Tuesday post gives you a prompt to explore the great outdoors and take advantage of the season of Autumn.  If you are in a different season where you are located have no fear you can still do this leaf project in your area if you have access to trees and plants.

Staying true to low-cost activities, today is no exception as you learn how you can create on a limited budget.  This activity requires some time outside as well as inside.  It is perfect for children of various ages, and it is easy to do with limited resources.  Leaf rubbings!


Leaves.  A variety of leaves in different sizes and shapes work well.  The color does not matter.

Paper.  As long as the paper is not too thick, you can do a successful texture rub with most types of papers.

Crayons.  If the wrapper from the crayon is removed, the side of the crayon can be used in a rubbing, along with the side of the point.

Optional:  Tape, paper clips, or clothes pins can be used to secure a leaf from possible shifting under the paper.

Making use of the falling leaves from trees and plants in your area can be fun. First, gather a variety of leaves. For best results leaves that are still a bit supple work best however, they should not be damp or wet. If a leaf is too dry, it will crumble easily and your rub will be difficult to do properly.

Place a leaf directly under a sheet of paper. Using the side of a crayon rub the crayon against the leaf to reveal its pattern from under the paper. As you rub you will see the veins and details of the leaf shape emerge before your eyes. Try to overlap your rubbings for an interesting look and alternate colors for additional uniqueness. Try incorporating different items from around the house and see what texture you can pick up as relief. Be careful as to hold the paper secure for the best results. Tape, paper clips, or clothes pins can be used to hold down the leaf from slipping but remember to remove it before rubbing the surface or an unwanted texture may be created.

Colorful Fall Leaf Rubbing. Now you can say that you've seen a blue and purple leaf!


Water color paints, paint brush, cup of water. A quick “wash” of paint over the paper surface can seep color into the art while the areas with wax crayon will resist the paint, creating an interesting added effect.

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After rubbing, try to crinkle up the paper by wadding it in a ball and tightly smash to make fold creases in the paper. Once folded flat again do a water-color wash over the paper and watch in amazement how your work changes!  Children love to ball up the paper like they are going to throw away their creation.  Simply remind them not to be too rough as to rip the paper. They are happy when they can take several easy steps in a project at their own pace and can experience open-ended art.  I know, this has always been a favorite Fall art lesson plan exploring texture, technique and color mixing.

Texture rub using coins.

This creative exercise may not be a new discovery to try but, hunting for items that will make an interesting rub can be.  Be on the lookout for anything with texture that is fairly flat.  Consider these ideas: lace, buttons, tape and glue adhered to paper before rubbing begins, stencils, puzzle pieces etc.  Use your imagination. Take these suggestions or “leaf it”.  Good luck and have fun creating a unique leaf rub and appreciate nature at the same time.

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Change is Good

Change IS good.

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?”
from the movie, “What A Girl Wants”

If you are one that likes to shop for accessories that set you apart, you may like to appreciate the items that I make by hand because the inventory is ever-changing. I enjoy creating Art That Sets You Apart at: http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

Hand-Made Artisan Beads By: Club Creative Studio

“Evolve into the epitome of elegance, eminence, and excellence”
Xavier Vincent Knight

Club Creative Studio art is one-of-a-kind. This is the main reason why creating each item is always an interesting adventure. I am not satisfied with making items that are duplicated or manufactured. Why not do things differently, I say? Why not look and be different from the other seven billion people on this planet?

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”
Gail Sheehy

When I create an item, I sit down and expect change. I expect to do something a little bit differently to make something a little bit better. It’s a natural progression, inevitable and inspirational to know that each time I design, it will have a special touch. The process of creativity involves a series of changing ideas and a collection of evolving trials and tribulations. Creativity evolves from within.

“The hardest part about moving forward is not looking back!”
Source Unknown

“Life may lead me to new and different paths, meet new friends, learn new things … but this will remain true – wherever life takes me, I’ll always remember the path where I met you.”
Source Unknown

Today, and everyday I express thankfulness for anyone reading this blog. For those who are interested in creativity and the creative process. For those who are open to change and express their own unique qualities. Thank you for supporting the arts and for exploring the options of change in your own life.

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