Dog + Glue= Good Idea?

If you have a glue gun and a dog… you have a craft/art project!

Welcome to the Club Creative Studio blog post.  I share information about creativity.  Creativity may be near you, closer than you think, it may be underfoot, just open your mind.

I am not suggesting that this blog post calls for you to turn your glue gun into your family pet’s direction.  In fact, I do not mean to combine the two literally at all.  Without bringing harm to your pet or any other animal you can however do a creative craft because you have those two main items.

If you do have a dog, you do have DOG FOOD.  This creative project calls for dog food and hot glue or regular PVC glue and a cardboard or canvas as a base. Yes, you read this correctly using dog food and an adhesive, you can create artful images like artist: Pawlick (born Wm. Kenneth Daw). He says that his dog has yet to eat his art upon its completion.

Even if you do not have a dog, if you have seen the variety of cat food on the market you can appreciate knowing that this tactic can be done using cat food as well.  I think making an image of a dog using dog food or a cat with cat food would be a fantastic  display on canvas.  I am pretty sure that a coating of varnish would protect it as well but, I am not 100% sure until I try it myself.  To occupy children as well as adults, this art form that reminds me of a mosaic can also be created using kitchen foods like beans, rice, nuts and seeds of your choice. Happy creating and exploring as you consider the size, shape, color, and texture of your pet food in use of art.

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I C, U C, We all C, a CD

In this Two-Cent Tuesday post, I share the creativity found in inexpensive recycling.  Reducing the waste specifically from a scratched CD you can bring about some holiday spirit using them in your crafts.  I have gathered a variety of ideas for you to consider as you or your family and friends can try out.  Add your own twist to make your repurposed projects great.

CD wreath idea with six recycled CDs.

Hot glue will usually do the trick well when attaching two disks together.  Making a fun wreath decoration can be quick and easy you can add embellishments such as buttons, stickers or adhesive gems for added sparkle.  To hang a cd wreath simply add string or clear fishing line from the center hole of the cd or hot glue a soda tab to the back side to anchor to a suction cup hook or nail.  Another holiday idea is to use the cd as a base and hot glue a votive candle where the hole is in the center.  This can serve as a protective element to avoid wax spills onto the surface it is placed upon.

Painted image on compact disk.

I don’t know where this image originated but, it is obvious that the artist was having fun painting on the direct surface of a cd.  I have not tried this so I can suggest by guess that acrylic paint will work fine for this project.  Good luck experimenting with the circular canvas.  I think it would also be interesting to leave some of the areas of the actual surface exposed.  It is always cool to see what the item is painted on if it is something that is unexpected and giving a hint of the original cd would be informing too.

Spray paint you disk to use in a craft.

Using other elements from the home, you can produce a wonderful craft and have an activity that produces a take-home item if you have children as guests.  Collect your supplies such as spray painted cd and juice lids, fabric, wiggle eyes, pipe cleaners, stickers, and buttons and use your hot glue to attach your snowman elements.  Personalize for an added touch.  Make sure that the date is included someplace to mark your creative memories.

Remember the floppy disk?

If anyone remembers what a floppy disk is (was) then you may agree that this artist has taken them to a new level. They are artfully made into a creative and colorful sphere.  This reminds me of a lit disco ball that meets up with a holiday ball of holly and misletoe.  You have to appreciate how the mind can create from recycling and repurposing items around us.  Happy creating if you are going to try to create any of the items highlighted here today.  Let us know how you do and what your creative outcome looks like.

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Camo- the Latest Rage

Club Creative Studio’s TNT Post

You don’t have to work in the military, live in the midwest or be a hunter to appreciate camouflage.  Now-a-days you can look around and see the design in many places.  It’s not just for hiding any longer.  Actually you want to wear it to get noticed!

Recently, while I was a participant in a local craft fair, I noticed a gentleman walking near my booth.  Because I was speaking with someone at the time, I knew he would be the next one in line to strike up a conversation with. He had an interesting look.  There was just something about him…

Don and his interesting camo hat.

Don’t you agree that Don looks like a friendly and interesting guy?  I had to take a “double-take” of the hat he was wearing.  If you look closely, it is quite clever. He did not “explain” his hat, only to mention that he got it in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  It is camouflage material formed to be a visor type style.  The area on top is NOT his real hair.  It is faux fur!

Side view of Don's fun camo hat.

Along with the traditional dark-colored camouflage print you will find that it is popular to also see camo print in pink shades.  It is hard to be truly disguised in pink camo though.  Western Carolina University’s 2011 Women’s Soccer Team sported their love of pink camouflage print in special shirts worn during their 2011 Military Appreciation Day.

Pink Camofluge Shirts

And if you are a fan of country music at all, you may already know that there is a funny song dedicated to the love of camouflage sung by artist Brad Paisley entitled: camouflage.  Is it your favorite color?


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Walking with a Cane

Club Creative Studio’s post today is an attempt to spread some holiday cheer and creativity at the same time.  Soon, you may find yourself walking around with a cane…or two.  A candy cane or two that is!  There are a few tried and true crafts that are popular and simple to create with a candy cane as the main supply. So, next time that you walk around with a cane in your hand, wonder what craft you can create with it.

Top Five Candy Cane Crafts:

                           1.  Door Wreath

                           2.  Place Card Holder

                           3.  Pony Bead Cane

                           4.  Standing Reindeer

                           5.  Heart

Use a hot glue gun to connect candy canes into a wreath shape.
Name place holder made with three candy canes joined in a tripod shape.
Pony beads alternating colors strung on a pipe cleaner and shaped into a cane.
Supplies to make the pipe-cleaner and pony bead candy cane.
Free standing candy cane reindeer. Images:
Two candy canes can form a heart shape when placed in mirror image of each other.

 There are numerous projects that come to my mind that include using candy canes as a main supply.  Consider placing them around a plain candle to encase it and add a decorative and festive border around the entire candle.  Have you thought of hanging candy canes by its hook top around a flower vase rim?  Perhaps making a greeting card and placing formed heart shapes from joining two canes together would send the message of an added heartfelt sediment.  Combining and connecting five to six heart shapes together will form a clover-like shape  that looks like a flower shape as well.  As a candle holder of sorts, three canes placed upside down and with the hooks in an outward direction can be applied to the sides of a single candle stick to form “feet” which will hold the candlestick upright.

The best aspect of the use of candy canes is that your supply does not have to be fresh to be used. Since the item is not intended for consumption, it can be glued, and stale and still become an attractive and useful element.  Enjoy creating with large and small candy canes, and creating items that look like them as well.

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Feature Friday- Serving Up Style

Close-up of Artisan Server Handle
Club Creative Studio’s Feature Friday has become a time where the focus in this blog is directed and dedicated to an item from the Club Creative Studio art collection.  Sometimes the item is a highlighted new addition to the product line and sometimes it is a special feature of something that has been placed online currently or in the past.  Enjoy this shoppertunity.
Welcome a NEW item! Recently created and brought to a few craft fairs to note reviews, I have decided to expand, creating a few more of these fun and functional kitchen accessories.  Each is created as a one-of-a-kind item, incorporating my hand-rolled polymer clay beads, and other various elements into the handle section of the server.
How did this come to be? I am consistently drumming up fun ideas and possibilities to create items that cleverly and creatively and effectively highlight and include my hand-made beads.  I needed to discover a way to share the art in the kitchen. This is it. I love the fun, function and fashion of it.
Artisan Server
The size and count of the beads in each server will vary from each item.  Lending to two separate price points of $20.00 and $25.00 per item, United States funds, excluding tax and shipping/handling.  The price per unit is based dependant of bead design, complexity and finish. They are fun to get and give and I  enjoy creating the beads by hand with labor intensive techniques often including up to thirteen steps per bead in creation from start to finish. With pride, the creativity ends up becoming a useful item for kitchen use.
The Club Creative Artisan Server is serving up style.  Use it to cut and serve a slice of pie, cake or perhaps anything else that would call for a utensil that will serve dessert or another type food item with ease.  This makes a great hostess gift, and will add to the style of your own table setting as well.  The beads can be cared for with gentle wash with soap and water and the total measurement length is eight inches with four inches dedicated to the handle art.  It is not too heavy and it is sturdy.  Enjoy Art That Sets You Apart!  For more gift giving ideas please visit the online storefront often as items are all one-of-a-kind and hand-made to be totally unique and distinctive from the copyrighted art designs of Club Creative Studio.
Club Creative Studio's Artisan Server

This item can also become a special keepsake server as a thoughtful gift.  Consider having your Artisan Server become personalized  by having the four-inch long server surface professionally engraved by a professional in your area.  This one-of-a-kind item will certainly present your meal in an artful manner.  Picture the thoughtfulness shown on the face of someone receiving this item as a hostess or housewarming gift.  Family and friends can appreciate the unique and festive kitchen art, as you decide to maybe not hide it in a kitchen drawer!

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Sock It To Me

Image: littlemissmatched

Club Creative Studio’s Thursday blog post has a general theme known as TNT.  The TNT post stands for “This-N-That”, and can cover an array of creative topics.  Today’s TNT post has a focus on creative socks…so allow me to “sock it to you”.  I have creative information for you concerning socks!

Socks have become popular in many different ways.  The website called “littlemissmatched” sells their socks in packages of three, and they are made to intentionally be worn in a mixed-matched fashion.  Also, keeping them in stock of three allows for that one sock to go “missing” from the dryer, and it does not matter which pair you grab to wear that day. Children will love them because the do not have to hunt for a matching sock mate, it does not matter in today’s fashion sense.

There are many different types and styles of socks if you think about it.  A few of these on the list were new terms for me but, generally speaking what was “old” often is “new” again in the world of socks.  I remember wearing knee highs as a young person and they were commonly worn.  Knee highs are making a come-back.  The twist is that they are funky and are being worn to not match on purpose.  They are also being worn by people of all ages. Also popular are over-the-knee socks, leg warmers (which are worn below the knee yet above the ankle),  and what is known as footless socks. They are similar to tights but have no fitted foot area connected.

Footless Sock
Arm Warmers

Now, let’s explore another creative way to use socks. When I was younger spending time in the mid-west with harsh winters, I wore thick tube socks for gloves.  Call me poor or call me creative. I don’t care, I was warm and it was low-cost creativity at its best.  Nancy Protectz (TM) designs complimentary decor fashion for furniture.  Furniture feet “wear” the stretch to fit “socks” for floor protectors. With a soft cushion between the furniture and the floor, the machine washable socks are slip resistant.

Image: apartmenttherapy

Finally, how might we reuse, repurpose or recycle our socks in a creative manner?  Don’t forget the old stand-by activity of creating sock puppets.

Creativity with worn out socks.
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