Out and About, Your Portable Project

It’s “Two-Cent Tuesday”. I am here to share a creative idea or project that is low-cost.


Since the weather is getting warmer where I live, the change of seasons always bring to mind the need for a change in other areas. More and more people are heading outdoors to work and play.

Have you considered taking your creative project out and about on the porch, yard or public park? Is there a way to make your project portable? Expressing your creative energy means the energy within you is given an outlet; it is redirected into a more positive energy.  Taking your creative outlet outdoors gives you more space and fresh air to work in. Maybe it will even be more energizing! Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Two great goals most people hope for when the weather is nicer are to be creative and to improve and maintain health.  You can do both at the same time when you are out and about.


Everyone is inheritably born with the potential for creativity.  Igniting your creative spark outside is easy to embrace if your “art” or “craft” outlet is more easily portable. Endeavors like photographing, sketching, painting, writing, acting, sculpting, knitting, dancing, playing an instrument, light building, singing, etc., are all creative activities that can be “taken to the street”.  I am sure you can think of more as well.

I have a few designated projects that are best done outside. I take advantage of the fresh air and ventilation outside when I torch, solder, paint and also sometimes wire-work jewelry. Each project has various supplies that I keep in separate containers that enable me to tote what is needed when it is needed. Portable art gives you the freedom to pick up and go when you want to.

Be on the look-out for containers that can help you be more organized or can be carried easily. I have several containers with handles and pop-up tote/baskets that are great for transporting items in the car, on a bike or while walking. Think of ways that you can store all that you need in one place and can be comfortable when you start working in a different location.

Adding accessories:

  • Camping items like a folding stool, table or pop-up tent are helpful
  • Use an easy fold up easel or tripod
  • A backpack or other bag with several pockets can help you sort items
  • An umbrella is great for shade or the unexpected shower threat.
  • A cart with wheels may make your trek faster and lighter if you carry many items
  • Recycle containers to include needed water for easy clean ups

Take it to the streets!  The key to being creative is taking action, just try it outdoors. How have you or how can you make your project portable? Do share your comments with us.

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Creativity, Imagination, Courage

Club Creative Studio wants to know what creativity, imagination and courage have in common.

Club Creative Studio avatarlogo

Actually and luckily for me, all three of these words combine daily to reveal different answers. The unlimited possibilities are right in front of anyone ready and willing to take steps to experience or appreciate the art process. For me, the results are always UNIQUE, FESTIVE, and HAND-CRAFTED.

One notable reason to experience art: “To show your soul that you are listening” (author unknown). No matter if you allow yourself to scratch the surface or dig deeper, an art experience will take you on a journey. Hop on the creativity train and discover the destination.

Any artist knows that their need to express their creativity and use their imagination takes courage.

Casting away initial self-doubt, lack of time commitment, fear of failure, and inexperienced methods will open up the doors to placing hope into transforming dreams into tangible plans and projects.

Creative Prompts to Take to heart

1.  Art starts with courage to nurture an idea. You merely must begin to start the process!

2.  Art is open to all. Art is forgiving and fun.

3. Own the “NOW”.  Take advantage of a creative streak, spare time, or materials you have on hand.

4.  A “creative zone” is not a place to fear. Designate a space for your possibilities and personality to be expressed through your artful efforts.

Bead Artist Jewelry Designer Creative Specialist
Bead Artist/
Jewelry Designer/ Creative Specialist

Happily, I have an area to create and nurture my creative urges, my imagination is allowed to flow into undiscovered places and I have the courage to experiment and master techniques in art. It is my hope that you can also do the same or at least open the door to the possibilities to be creative in your own way, or within a similar artistic realm.

To view art that expresses creativity, imagination and courage please, visit the website’s storefront shop and consider purchasing one-of- a-kind creations that capture the spirit of artistic discipline.




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Awesome Art: The Power of Art

No matter if you are artistic, have a streak of creative genius from time to time or are one that appreciates all that art offers.  Art has a powerful effect on many. Art is awesome.


I wanted to share a few thoughts about why I believe art is awesome and why I take pride in the projects that evolve from my workspace: Club Creative Studio.

Art is Powerful

1. Art is Emotional.  Art has the power to express how you feel and change mood. Ask any artist and they will probably let you in on the secret that the act of creating art makes them happy.

2. Art is Profound. Stepping beyond beginning and including masters of a craft, art is an “experience”.  Art stems from unique circumstances and stories. Art offers a means of communication and connection.

3. Art is for Sharing. Art can be expressed for personal and public appreciation. When art is created for artist’s eyes only, it becomes a resource for growth. When art is shared with others, it can take on a “Pay it Forward” gift. Artists that share their art with others invite understanding of the creative process. Creativity is a learning process and when artists open doors to creativeness, the spark for others can also be ignited.

4. Art is Information. The reason why the spirit of art is informational is because art can be viewed as a document of experiences.  It is sometimes a learned choice to use art as a reference point for what is found around us. We can use art to deliver messages, mark history and express inner feelings.

5. Art is Healing. Art has potentials to be a personal attraction for heightening our senses and be used as physical, emotional, and spiritual developments.

For me, all of the points I write about above are calls for purpose of art for me at Club Creative Studio. Perhaps you can relate?

Art for me has always been emotional. Because I attach a connection of self to my art, it is one reason why the love of what is created is mixed right into each of my creations.

Art is a learning experience. Creativity and imagination is always a stretch for growth when I create.  It is what places purpose into a project.

It makes me happy to be able to share Art That Sets You Apart and this is the main reason why I create. I enjoy helping others overcome ordinary and define their individuality by wearing and sharing unique art.

There is much to consider when we observe or create art. If we look deep into art around us, we can learn more about our world and the persons creating and sharing their points of views. Not to mention, the times when art reflects joy and radiates with others.

A healthy appreciation for art and those sharing it is just one highlight to understanding why art makes us respond. I hope that you gain an awareness for art and the awesome contributions if offers our world.

I welcome you to share the reasons why you think art is awesome as well.  It is certainly a great addition to add to your agenda- being an advocate for art.

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Soldered Art- Feature Friday

Welcome to the blog at Club Creative Studio. If you are new here, Friday is typically reserved for a post called: “Feature Friday”.  I happily highlight what I am working on or a recent project on Friday.

Club Creative Studio- Soldered Art

I have a new love for soldering and I have been busy creating and building up an inventory with this medium as a focus.  I have soldered a bit in the past however, I have never taken this art to this extreme, creating several successful hand-made pendants.

Club Creative Studio- Soldered Sea Theme

The recent creations have been placed as a new category on the website under Soldered Art.  Also,  many items created with a sea theme will be available in a venue in New Jersey along the shore.

Club Creative Studio Art

Club Creative Studio’s Soldered Art is designed to be one-of-a-kind, statement pieces. I have incorporated a variety of elements to include, wire, ceramic tile, shells, mixed metals, hand-rolled polymer clay and glass beads, charms, buttons, stones, semi-precious gems, crystals and a few other surprises.

Club Creative Studio Art

Please visit the Club Creative Studio website shop and see what is in the tab category called: Soldered Art. Also, our Facebook page includes occasional “Sneak Peak” photographs of art as well, so you may get to see an item before it is posted to website at: http://www.facebook.com/clubcreativestudio

If you like your jewelry to be worn as a focal point and extension of your personal style, check out the category Soldered Art.


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Z is for Zany- Celebrate the Letter Z

Z is for Zany. It’s hard to think of a word starting with the letter Z as a creative topic. This was one reason why I have been away from the blog for a while.

There are times that I come up with zany, crazy thoughts at the design table, which can sometimes lead to questionable outcomes and techniques. But, adding humor to your tasks helps make you less stressed, and more open to the outcomes. Embrace the times where laughter and silliness collide. You never know where those creative times may lead you in your artful journey.

Club Creative Studio Bullet pendants

As an example, when I obtained the bucket full of bullet shells, I had dreams of different ways I could incorporate them into jewelry. A few of the ideas I have tried, and there are some techniques I still have to work out in detail.  Never-the-less, there is a zany way to approach every task.

The person giving me the bucket of empty shells could not see my zany visions of transforming the casings into jewelry art.  However, adding humor to any project or finding humor in a task may help get the creative juices flowing.


I recently came across this interesting and humorous pendant with glasses and sporting a mustache. How cute is this?  Best five bucks I ever spent! Then, a few days later I came across the fun eye glasses with the same mustache idea attached to them, and yes…I spent another five bucks.  But, for a good reason,  it is a great trend that expresses the whimsical side of life.

Why not turn to these type of items or use a lighter-hearted attempt to your jewelry choices once and a while.  Fashion is to be expressed. Accessories are an extension of your creativeness and tastes.

Being a little out of the ordinary and zany once and a while may just keep you sane. What is the most odd jewelry accessory in your possession? Feel free to share your story below in a comment.

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Just Say YES- Celebrate the Letter Y

When you enter the sweet spot in life where you appreciate art, it’s easy to just say “YES” to all things handmade. Hand-crafted items have many special qualities that you simply can not find in manufactured goods.  I don’t have to convince the world, but I hope you can learn to just say yes to hand-made items when you have the opportunity.

My Mother enjoys sewing so when I found these charms, it was a "no-brainer" to incorporate them into a necklace.
My Mother enjoys sewing so when I found these charms, it was a “no-brainer” to incorporate them into a necklace.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I know that hand-made items are common, popular and appreciated. Moms just seem to have a soft spot for the items that her little pride and joy children make with love. And for good reason.  Something that is hand-made has HEART. Personality and self-expression are traits that are always included in hand-made creations.

It is for this reason that I urge you to remember that hand-made art is made with heart and soul. The underlying value of uniqueness is invaluable.  This is the main reason why Club Creative Studio creates on a daily basis. Art That Sets You Apart are more than tagline words. Our hand-made art truly does set you apart and sets the artist apart from factory goods- because they have qualities that make it easy to say “YES” to creativity and craftsmanship.

Club Creative Studio theme initial bracelet
Club Creative Studio- Personalized Initial Bracelet

For occasions such as Mother’s Day, I enjoy creating custom pieces that include a personal story for the gifted. Fitting items are always something that include birthstones, or birth month colored crystals or beads. Also I have created items that included special keepsake items incased in resin, such as a photo of a loved one or a cherished item (like a lucky quarter,) for one customer.  Theme jewelry and anything in a favorite color has also been very popular.

Club Creative Studio Sea theme bracelet
Club Creative Studio- Sea Theme Bracelet

Be sure to keep HAND-MADE items TOP OF MIND for Mom and others because it is easy to just say yes to hand-made, unique items made from a caring artist’s hands. Please visit our website often and view the venue page located at the bottom of our website homepage for other areas near you that offer Club Creative Studio art. Thank you for wearing and sharing our creations.




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