Successful Earring Wearing Part One

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Today’s Club Creative Studio blog post has a focus on earrings. I hope that if you are a fan of wearing earrings you can gain a few tips for wearing today’s fashions the best way that suits you.

Here are some of the tips that I suggest for earring accessory success when I speak to others on the subject of wearing earrings.

Face Shape

Elongated Face
Long earrings worn against an elongated face with other narrow features tend to mimic the length. For balance, wear shorter earrings.  Also try a rounded shape to shift focus to a different shape.

Short earrings from Club Creative Studio
Short earrings from Club Creative Studio

Round Face 
A rounder face accessorized with long or dangle earrings add the subtle illusion of length as an option solution to wearing round hoops or close-to-the-lobe earrings which shortens up the view.

Club Creative Studio Bead Soup Earrings

Heart Face
This face shape commonly refers to a wider forehead and pointy chin. The balance here can be achieved by wearing long, teardrop shapes. The inverted teardrop or heart shape also fills in the jaw line view.

Teardrop dangle earrings by Club Creative Studio
Teardrop dangle earrings by Club Creative Studio
Dangle earrings from Club Creative Studio
Dangle earrings from Club Creative Studio




Your hair style also helps flatter as well as show off your earring accessories. I have a few suggestions that I have gathered from those in the hair styling fields and from tips in fashion magazines alike.  They are also great resources for alerts on changing trends and up-to-date looks.

Formal Up-do
A dressy occasion with an up-do hair style is a chance to accessorize with chandelier earrings for an elegant formal feel.

Dangle chandelier earrings by Club Creative Studio
Dangle chandelier earrings by Club Creative Studio

Long Hair

Long hair is tricky. Sometimes longer hair gets tangled in a long earring but, I believe they get noticed even among longer strands.  If there is some amount of sparkle in the style, your earrings will get noticed no matter what hair style you sport. Short earrings, post earrings or simple studs also work well with longer hair for low-maintenance.

Stop by the blog tomorrow as I continue this focus on earrings with the theme of wearing earrings in specific situations/occasions.

If you found this post helpful, please let me know in your comment below. I enjoy sharing suggestions with jewelry. You are welcome as well, to check out the earring category in Club Creative Studio’s online storefront, or e-mail me for a special request custom pair of one-of-a-kind earrings.

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Creativity Tips

Hello? Are you listening on the other end? What is your inner voice telling you about being creative? Are you answering your creative call, or placing it on hold? Could you use some creativity tips?

92aed21d15564ea4046d44507c72d420Let’s start the creative conversation. It takes a badge of courage to take a leap and be creative sometimes. When we have self doubts stemming from fear or lack of creativity in the past, we walk more slowly on our creative path. Consider answering the creative call with others. Allow others to join in on your creativity.

How you obtain your creative comfort zone may be a driving force in your creative confidence levels. Think of the last time that you had a formal art lesson. Most adults freeze in their tracks if you ask them to draw someone or something out of the blue. The dreaded stick figure appears, with an explanation claiming,  “I can’t draw , I am not an artist”. YOU ARE CREATIVE! Why not discover that fact with others by your side? Art appreciation and art education go hand-in-hand for artistic growth.

Share and express creative fears so that you don’t feel alone. A group setting can be the supporting atmosphere you may need to get you started on the right path.  This is one of the main reason why I began to offer local beginning jewelry-making classes. They are constructed to take fear out of the process and place the love of creativity into the heart of the beginner artist.











Look no further than your own community for support in expressing your creative efforts.

You may have heard of the “Sip and Create” adventures where you are allowed to publicly consume alcohol in facilities that offer step-by-step lessons on how to paint on canvas in a group setting. The reinforcement from having friends around you in a relaxed atmosphere lend to a successful outcome.

Although the alcohol may seem to add to the fun, favorable results are had because of the ease of answering the creative call with friends.  A gentle impromptu prompt, or logical reason to be creative at times may be all we need to become expressive in art forms. Answer your call with a friend.

Consider allowing others to join in on your artistic adventure , no matter how weird it seems to group together in the name of art. Art studios and classrooms are a natural gathering place full of individuals grouped together for the sake of art.

Groups of artists gather outdoors to paint together, craft projects can involve the neighborhood kids. Gather your girlfriends for a scrapbooking exchange night or quick creative how-to day with a newly discovered art product or project. Take an art class in a public place, camp, or private party setting.

Here are a few suggestions to spark the notion to take steps to answer the creative call of the wild from

With special emphasis on point numbered 10 and 11: Be willing to take steps to be creative with others and YOU WILL BE CREATIVE. It is really that easy!

If you are inspired today to start on a new creative path, feel free to let us know by your comment.









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Save-A-Cent Tuesday: Low-Cost Wall Art

Art Credit: M.Hallstrom
Art Credit: M.Hallstrom









Club Creative Studio enjoys sharing the segment post called Save-A-Cent because low-cost creative ideas are wonderful.  Today, the focus is on an idea to create wall art inexpensively.

Art Credit: M. Hallstrom
Art Credit: M. Hallstrom

My daughter is preparing to decorate the blank walls of an apartment. The thought of doing this in a low-cost manner is very appealing to her. She has been working on painting her hand-made, original art on various sizes of canvas as her first step in this creative process.

Painting on canvas can be a low-cost outlet.
Painting on canvas can be a low-cost outlet.

Canvas prices and sizes will vary. For the most low-cost project I suggest sticking to a size no larger than 8″x10″ or a square frame because the weight will be lighter and the painting process can be quickly completed.

My daughter likes to use permanent markers as well as acrylic paint on her canvas. There are little supplies needed for the wall art she created.

Materials: canvas, markers or acrylic paint, paint brushes, cup of water, paper plate, ribbon (approximately 2″ wide), hot glue gun with glue sticks, thumb tack or small nail *Adding mixed media is optional.



What To Do: 1. Get inspired from quotes, photographs or your own sketches and pencil in your designs onto your canvas.

2.  Use acrylic paint from your paper plate palate and water for quick coloration onto your canvas or with permanent or nonpermanent markers, treat your canvas as a water color painting by adding brushed water to the sections you fill in with markers.

Paper plate
Paper plates make great work surfaces.








3.  Consider adding mixed media elements at any point in your creation to add variety and a touch of whimsy to your creation.

Add interest and texture to your art with mixed media.
Add interest and texture to your art with mixed media.








4.  Hot glue the canvas to the ribbon in a an appealing way for your display.

Use a wide ribbon for added support.






High temperature glue will render a strong hold quickly.

Club Creative Studio





Space your art evenly for stability and balance on the ribbon.

Club Creative Studio





5.  Hang art from the top ribbon section from a thumb tack or small nail depending on the total weight of your added canvas.

Art Credit: M. Hallstrom








Enjoy your creative process. My daughter has quite a collection at this point and shows no sign of slowing down in her attempts to transform her future apartment walls into a bright gallery of art.

Let us know if you have enjoyed this post and are ready to try this low-coat art project yourself.

Please bookmark this blog and share it with others for more creative ideas in the future. We love sharing inspiration and creative ideas and projects that help you Set Yourself Apart with art.


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Save-a-Cent Tuesday: Paint Palette Tips

I have decided to change the name of Club Creative Studio’s Two-Cent Tuesday post title to “SAVE- A-CENT TUESDAY” Often times a project or idea featured on Tuesday will save you more than a few cents or cost more than a few coins so, it just seems more fitting.

Welcome to the first SAVE-A-CENT post!

Today’s Save-A-Cent low cost art idea will give you tips and ideas to use a paint palette more effectively. I help you think of creative ways you can make and use your own paint palettes.

The Traditional Palette Traditionally paint palettes are flat surfaces a painter uses to conveniently hold dabs of paint for their painting project. The painter arranges the colors and mixes them on the same surface.



A paint palette can be made of wood, plastic or any rigid and stable surface.  It is best to use nonporous material because you will likely add water or oil base to the paints, or other mixed media additives when mixing on top of the surface.

A palette can be any size that is manageable. The most commonly type of painter’s palette known is made of a thin wood board designed to be held in the artist’s hand and rest on the artist’s arm.

My friend, Lauren Parker Lasater is a painter and this palette is symbolic of her profession. Photo credit: Lens Friends

Watercolor palettes are generally made of plastic or porcelain with small rectangular or wheel shaped built in wells and mixing areas for colors.

As a Save-a-Cent tip, I am suggesting other ways that you can make a palette for your paint. Styrofoam packaging from meats, recycled box lids, old cookie sheets, ice cube trays and paper plates make great disposable or reusable palettes.

You can line most any platter or a regular plate or old cookie sheet with foil, parchment paper or plastic wrap for protection as well. Change the shape of a paper base plate for better comfort and effective use.

Paper plates make great pallets.
Paper plates make great pallets.

Paper plates come in all sizes and weights. The more ridged a plate the better. It should withstand the brushing against it with the paint brush or palate knife.

For artists of all ages, the placement of hands for holding this type of palate is a challenge. As a creative solution to hold the plate more securely, pre-cut the plate from a round shape to a kidney shape and cut a designated area for your thumb to rest. Hold it in support of the palm of your hand under the plate. Make this for a left or right-hander comfortably and affordably.



Let us know if you plan to use this specific paper plate paint project for saving time and money while painting in comfort.

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Sea-Theme Art Created By Club Creative Studio

*Please visit the online storefront for new creations available.*Contact me via e-mail with questions concerning creating a custom theme soldered*I love being creative everyday in order to set others apart from ordinary in terms of statement jewelry, express your individual uniqueness!

Please visit the online storefront to view other unique items available.

You may contact Club Creative Studio directly via e-mail for custom requests:


Appreciate the look of statement jewelry with personality and ability to set you apart from the ordinary? Our hand-made jewelry art and home décor items are as individual as you are!

Club Creative Studio Soldered Art
Club Creative Studio Soldered Art

Don’t forget…WE ARE ON FACEBOOK so spread the word about our unique, one-of-a-kind art!

Club Creative Studio sea theme art

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Mother Nature, The Natural Mother

Spectacular weather anytime is something to be grateful for to Mother Nature. Mother Nature is a natural “Mother”, giving warmth and beauty and sharing beauty with many, on her good days.

Club Creative Studio Nature phot Rocks and Plant

I often draw inspiration from nature, even when I am working in my indoor work space Club Creative Studio.  The times that I can work outdoors however, that is a calming productive time I value.

Club Creative Studio Nature photo

Connecting with nature gives us a chance to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  In the city, it is a welcome quiet place for me to focus on nature instead of the sights and sounds that can be interesting, but slightly distracting at times.

swirl leaf photo Club Creative Studio

Whenever possible, I take photographs of nature. Mother Nature has a way of centering me. Nature inspired photographs have had an impact on my art in various ways. I use photographs in nature for painting references, color ideas, texture and line prompts as well as design and theme ideas.

Club Creative Studio flower photo

I look to nature as an inspired lesson always offering me something to learn about uniqueness. For example think of a flower and the details of the petals. The fact that each bud or bloom is unique in color, shape, texture, line, and form gives me ideas to mimic and incorporate into clay creations.

Photo taken that was edited to gain texture effects.
Photo taken that was edited to gain texture effects.

When I take photographs of nature, I find that I gain new perspectives because looking through that lens allows me to focus (no pun intended) and obtain a new point of view of common items around me. When editing, I am able or chose to  add effects, the photo can then take on an entire new look.

Club Creative Studio photo

Imagining that I am seeing something for the first time, or am a tourist in my own town gives me a reason to see more intensely. The next challenge after taking photographs is to decide how I’d like to take those visions to the next level.  It is the role of a creative artist to give a “voice” to visions through art.

Using original photographs as a prompt, I enjoy creating a painted vision with a voice.  Please visit the next blog post in our Featured Friday post, I’ll be painting with acrylic paints and showing you my step by step process in photographs. Perhaps it will inspire you to start your own painting based on a photograph you have taken.

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50 Shades of Green

Club Creative Studio Green Ring
Club Creative Studio-hand-torched green glass ring


which is Nature’s colour,

is restful, soothing,

cheerful, and health-giving.

-Paul Brunton

Green Psychology

Consider a popular color of the season right now.  There might be more than 50 shades of green you can appreciate. And, because green has psychology associated with it, you have something to learn.

  • Green is a symbol of nature to include the earth, trees and land
  • Green represents tranquility, well-being, healthiness, good luck, and jealousy
  • Green has long been a symbol of fertility and was once the preferred color choice for wedding gowns in the 15th-century
  • Green is thought to relieve stress and help heal.  It is said that those who have a green work environment experience fewer stomachaches
  • Green, with its calming effects may give you a sense of comfort when wearing this shade of color
Club Creative Studio- Hint of green earrings
Club Creative Studio- Hint of green earrings

Effects of Green

  • Rejuvenating: Think of green as a color that revitalizes physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Nurturing: Green has a heart link, urging  nurturing
  • Clarity: The color green offers agreeable and diplomatic encouragements
  • Possessiveness: Green is a color that encourages us to want to own things, collect and possess

Club Creative Studio Post-Consumer earrings

Green is commonly associated with Couture fashion and elegant retro costumes. But, we can also appreciate it in everyday fashion in many shades and stones like jade and emeralds. I like to create my unique shades of greens in my hand-made clay beads by mixing my original colors from blue and yellow and adding pearl whites, transparent and darker clays, creating a wide variety of greens.

Club Creative Studio Soldered Art
Club Creative Studio Soldered Art

I also enjoy my confidence mixing and matching shades of greens to combine in interesting ways as well as with contrasting colors, patterns and textures from the color wheel.  Have you noticed the trend spike with the color green?

Are you a fashion insider that can come to consider green as the new neutral? In Club Creative Studio Art here are specific shades you can expect to see highlighted and combined with interesting patterns and bold combinations for spring and summer 2013.

Club Creative Studio- Shamrock Green Necklace
Club Creative Studio- Shamrock Green Necklace
  1. PALE GREEN- fresh start feeling
  2. EMERALD- suggesting wealth and creative ideas
  3. JADE- generous spirit increasing worldly wisdom
  4. LIME- youthfulness and electricity of playfulness
  5. DARK GREEN- ambitious strive
  6. AQUA- Calming of the spirit
  7. OLIVE- strength of character, overcoming adversity
  8. YELLOW GREEN- representative of conflict and contrast
  9. GRASS GREEN- color of security and abundance
  10. CHARTREUSE- go-go, psychedelic groove
  11. SEA FOAM- ocean water and beach themes
  12. APPLE, LICHEN, LEAF- visual cues of nature


Club Creative Studio- Sea glass necklace
Club Creative Studio- Sea glass necklace

From a meaning of colors perspective, green is also the color of renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy.  This is why there is so much of this relaxing color on the earth, and why we should embrace and consider wearing more of the shades of green.

I probably can create more than 50 choices of greens to combine into handmade beads and art. To view more items that contain highlights or hints of the color green please visit the shopping section of this website and make your selection for a hand-made work of art in the color green.

Hand-rolled clay beads- Club Creative Studio
Hand-rolled clay beads- Club Creative Studio

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Unexpected Art- The Power of Art

Broach pin with ink applied from Club Creative Studio

Happy accidents in the art studio or on the design table are a welcomed sight.

Sometimes having a plan go in a different direction and unexpected way is exciting. It can be a learning experience and a chance to be spontaneous.

Club Creative studio- Ink earrings

Some mediums naturally lend themselves to unexpected results. I feel I have almost no control when I use certain art supplies.  This can be a good thing as long as your expectations are not definite.

One art supply that comes to mind as notorious for unpredictability are alcohol inks. Inks can be applied to certain areas but the amount of ink flows and sticks in various spots and the results can not really be planned.  I love the idea of being surprised when I use inks.


I enjoy blending ink on a variety of surfaces. I enjoy transforming metals, experimenting with absorbency of papers and blotting bamboo for my best results.

Bamboo rectangles are transformed with ink.
Bamboo rectangles are transformed with ink.


Saturations with ink give a new look to a plain surface. It is for that reason that I enjoy blending, dabbing, and using ink with many different types of materials.

Ink has a way to deepen in color in some spots and add depth and texture from stained lines of ink.

The only way to go back from ink on a project is maybe a quick wash of ink with water but, even then that is no guarantee that the ink will lesson in intensity.  The chances are in favor of change when ink is used.  Alcohol ink does have a solution called a “thinner” that adds a level of opaqueness to strong levels of ink. It is always a good idea to practice on something you intend to alter permanently.

Here is an example of a vintage broach that was transformed with pink inks. I love how it turned out. It goes without saying that my personal touch was added to this creation. I took out a few elements and added wire and one of my hand-torched glass beads. The plan now is to maybe add it as a pendant. I am still deciding. Share a suggestion below if you wish, I’d love to brainstorm. 🙂

Club Creative Studio transformation pin
Club Creative Studio transformation pin


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