Wire-Wrapped Themes

In the PINK NOTEBOOK section of the Club Creative Studio homepage,  you will find hand-made highlighted art in the special feature section. Today, we feature hand-twisted wire-wrapped themes as unique statement necklaces created by Club Creative Studio.

Club Creative Studio vintage necklace, wire-wrapped multi-seed beads.
Club Creative Studio vintage necklace, wire-wrapped multi-seed beads.


Working with wire is fun because it can be rewarding to manipulate wire to form into your vision when you create with it. Especially when a design is free-formed, the wire can be an added element that offers movement as well as stability to a design.

Club Creative Studio Wire-wrapped necklace.
Club Creative Studio Wire-wrapped necklace.

You can experiment with simple and complex designs when using wire.  I like working with wire because it can be the same as working with thread without the hassle of threading a tiny needle eye. I also tend to add a certain style hint from what I incorporate.

A variety of beads, pearls, buttons, shells or mixed metals combined with vintage elements bring charm and a feeling of nostalgia to created designs.  On yet another spectrum the simplicity of organic-looking wooden beads or tiny seed beads bring about another look entirely.

Pearl wire-wrapped necklace from Club Creative Studio
Pearl wire-wrapped necklace from Club Creative Studio

The reason why my finger tips have been so sore lately is because of creating these unique pieces of art.  There is a lot of hand-twisting techniques applied when working with wire.

Although it is a forgiving medium to explore, at many points in a project:, excessive twisting can cause wire breakage or “hot spots” in your hands. You just have to learn what twist tension to maintain. There are design differences in using thread versus wire but, for the most part, both designs are light-weight as a finished project.

Wire and seed Bead Necklace from Club Creative Studio
Wire and seed Bead Necklace from Club Creative Studio

To view or request a custom wire-worked piece of art, browse the online items or contact me for further details. I am always in the mood to create!


Vintage Style, Seed Bead and Wire Creation from Club Creative Studio
Vintage Style, Seed Bead and Wire Creation from Club Creative Studio
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Let Your Jewelry Have a Voice

Your jewelry does have a voice. Sometimes a single word in written form on a charm or stamp can help make your jewelry even more meaningful and expressive to yourself or admirers.

If you have ever wondered how you can be more expressive with your jewelry?  Jewelry has potential to speak to us as we assign merit to it.  We just have to have an open mind when knowing what meaning we want to associate with it, or access to it.

As a creator of  jewelry art and a bead maker, the items that I design and create are initially made from sparks of inspiration and the desire and need to make art with meaning, purpose and expressive in making a statement.

Turning items into meaningful keepsakes are important.  With the need to create with a specific theme or feel, the jewelry piece takes on an additional valuable aspect.  It is a great service to be able to create and preserve memories or convey a message in a wearable hand-made item. Think about assigning a word charm to art to convey a particular or personalized meaning to it.

When I consider making a one-of-a-kind keepsake item, I automatically listen to an inner story that has a need to be conveyed.  It is important to add a little something extra to convey a particular message upon first glance.  It is important to share a personal connection with your jewelry and listen to the voice it can share. Doing so can be as subtle as incorporating a single written word into the actual art creation.

In the photos of hand-made jewelry art below, a stamped word in ceramic base does the trick.


Your jewelry can "speak" to you when it incorporates the written word.
Your jewelry can “speak” to you when it incorporates the written word.

The message can be subtle or bold.  The obvious way to do this is with the written word.  The easiest way to incorporate meaning into art is to use wording. In the first photo in this post, the word “happy” is found in the ceramic attachment. You associate the word as a “title” and gain meaning from that.

Dreaming of the Ocean. Is this the message conveyed to you from this art?
Dreaming of the Ocean. Is this the message conveyed to you from this art?

Conveying what you want to express is important to the design.  There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to wear keepsake art however, there should be a meaning connected to it.  After all, it is what makes it extra special, right?

Do you allow your jewelry to speak for itself and have the last word? What would be a positive affirmative word that you would like to see in the jewelry you most wear?

Sometimes a single word can bring meaning to your piece.


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Wire Crochet Statement Necklaces

Club Creative Studio- Wire and Bead Crochet
Club Creative Studio- Wire and Bead Crochet

Crocheting with yarn may seem like a craft from the past but, I have incorporated it into making statement pieces of jewelry art as I crochet necklaces with wire.

I remember learning how to crochet. My Mother taught me as a child and I had a bright pink crochet needle.  Somehow, that seemed so cool to have.  I used to make potholders, she enjoyed making afghans and baby blankets as gifts.  Thank you Mom for showing me how to be creative with yarn because, I can now express creativity with the similar process in wire with beads.

In my lifetime I can probably count on one hand the crochet projects I have completed in adulthood, until now…

Club Creative Studio Statement Glamour Jewelry includes wire crochet necklaces.
Club Creative Studio Statement Glamour Jewelry includes wire crochet necklaces.

I recently began a new series of wire-crocheted creations as statement necklaces.  These necklaces are created as individual crocheted triple strands of wired beads, then I combine them together to form an interesting combination.

Club Creative Studio Wire Crochet Necklace
Club Creative Studio Wire Crochet Necklace

I love creating these one-of-a-kind adornments because they have the ability of really making a simple outfit “pop” with color, texture and bulk right where you want the attention drawn- near your beautiful face!

To browse the crochet statement necklaces in this collection, please visit the GLAMOUR category section tab found in the online shopping tab on the Club Creative Studio home page.

Consider stepping up your style with a unique piece of jewelry that grabs attention and holds it near your heart!




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Storage for Small Stuff Part lll

IMG_9884It is said that there is a place for everything and everything in its pace. That is easier said than done when we are dealing with numerous small items for use in our creative endeavors. However, there are some easy and effective storage solutions for many types of small  supplies.

Small art supplies, craft supplies, scrapbooking supplies, sewing supplies, painting, cooking, make-up, woodworking tools and the like can be stored in some unconventional ways.  Look around and use your imagination for inventing a new storage system that will work for your particular needs. Storage units do not need to be expensive.

Club Creative Studio Flower Pot Storage
Club Creative Studio Flower Pot Storage

In fact, often times I use a repurposed object or common household item as a storage element in Club Creative Studio. Perhaps you can gain ideas for your storage needs by viewing what types of storage systems I incorporate in my work space.

Repurposed Storage Systems


THE SPICE RACK:  Don’t get rid of that old spice rack. Take advantage of using the containers as well as the unit of display.  The individual containers have secure lids, adequate space for small items and are see-thru. I took an extra step in painting mine after all, it is something that I look at every day!  Sometimes you can find abandoned spice racks in thrift stores. Pay no mind if some of the spice containers are missing, often times they can be replaced with a similar or different container.


EMPTY CONTANERS:  Speaking of spices, I have collected small plastic spice containers to use as bead storage as well.  I place them on a plastic riser and there is no real need to use a label.



JARS:  Glass or plastic jars are great for items in display storage because they can also serve as a decorative element within your work area.  Various sizes and mix and match jars can be used with or without lids. Take a look at the largest Mason jar, I have ever come across, it is actually gallon size!

Club Creative Studio Jar storage suggestions
Club Creative Studio Jar storage suggestions

TACKLE BOX or TOTES:  A fishing tackle box or tool box are great carry cases for storage.  For an outdoor painter, or crafter on-the-go, this type of system is good for having basic material readily on hand.

This is my paint tote for painting outdoors.


Fabric carry-all bags, luggage and divided smaller totes  usually have strong handles or even wheels that deem this type of storage container easily portable.  Metal tins or fabric containers can be spruced up and decorated as well with paints or sewn on elements.


I use various tins as storage units.
I use various tins as storage units.

COMMON HOUSEHOLD ITEMS:  Think out-of-the-norm and double-duty when looking at common household items as storage systems.  Recycle inventively when you can. Here’s a list to get your transformation started.

  • flower pot
  • vase, glass containers
  • tin can
  • bowls
  • frozen juice container
  • water bucket/sand bucket
  • rolled oats container
  • cereal box
  • milk jug
  • food/canning jars
  • shoe box/box with lid

Care to add to our growing list?  We welcome your comments!

Thank you for sharing a bit of time with us today. If you missed Part l and Part ll of this segment about storage, feel free to glance back at the blog to see what you can learn or contribute to.

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Boho Beauty- Celebrate Color

Club Creative Studio Boho pendant
Club Creative Studio Boho pendant

The best thing about female fashion is that trends can and are revisited often depending on your comfort and personal style.  Today,  Club Creative Studio celebrates the color and ease of the Boho beauty expressed in our hand-made jewelry art items.

Boho-chic is a style that is a combination of Bohemian and hippie influences.

Wire pendant made to incorporate into the Boho style.
Wire pendant made to incorporate into the Boho style.

Boho is all about looking individual (which is a belief Club Creative Studio is a big fan of) and mixing in a natural component. Earthy tones are common, with splashes of colors like orange, green, and magenta.

The best and most important theme of the Boho chic style is idea of Boho chic is that it embraces loving and wearing “accessories galore”.  To clarify this does not mean that you wear everything that you own rather incorporate plenty of bracelets, ankle bracelets, mix-and-match necklaces, and dangling earrings.

Club Creative studio- Ink earrings

It doesn’t stop with jewelry, however, include headbands, hair barrettes, belts, hats and purses. Just make sure they’re a noticeable part of your wardrobe inspired by nature and with color splashes.

The boho style is comfortable and forgiving. how will you express this look this week?


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Storage for Small Stuff Part ll

If you have it, you want to share it, if you share it, you don’t have it. What is it?

The answer: A SECRET

There is no reason to keep helpful storage suggestions for small stuff a secret.

This week I blog about a few of the storage systems that Club Creative Studio uses to organize and house important small stuff. Perhaps they will give you ideas to suit your needs.

Clear bins can be easily labeled.
Clear bins can be easily labeled.

These stackable mini-bins have lids with top handles. Handles are great for easy and secure transport and add stability to the container, because a lid is usually made durable to support a handle.  In my Studio, handled containers are often placed high on a shelf so labels are necessary to identify contents for my eye-level, although most clear containers may not need labels.

To further coordinate your containers if they are out in the open as display, you can step up creativity in addition to adding your labels. I have  shared a few photos of what I currently have in my workspace and in my closet shelves.

Consider using decorative papers, stickers or decals to enhance  and personalize your storage bin containers.
Consider using decorative papers, stickers or decals to enhance and personalize your storage bin containers, especially if they are displayed.

When placing a section of decorative paper or adhering contact paper, decals or paint to your containers, you mark them with your personality. With little effort you can incorporate a theme into your décor as well. Storage containers don’t have to be hidden anymore!

Have you thought about dedicating time in creating your own small plaques as labels or fabric wrap your containers? Your personal touch and decorative style is going to shine through if you take extra steps to make your storage containers more appealing.

There are easy, low-cost and interchangeable ideas to brighten up your storage containers. I hope that you might explore using one of my ideas in your creative space. Happy creating!

Look for these characteristics when deciding on your container storage system

  • container durability
  • handle strength for items it will contain
  • opaque versus transparent container
  • stable stack ability options
  • size accommodations
  • visual appeal
  • availability (especially if you want to add to the collection)
  • cost factor for multiple containers (of course)
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Storage for Small Stuff Part l

I’m a New Yorker; my oven is used for storage.-Cheyenne Jackson

Great storage is found when all of your small things come together!
Great storage is found when all of your small things come together!

If storage is at a premium, you’ll find creative ways to gain it!

Welcome to the blog that deals with creativity and the creative process.  The past few days I have glanced around my home and have gotten the motivation to reorganize, store and clear clutter. There is a common problem based around how to store small stuff. In my workplace setting: Club Creative Studio, the challenge is to figure out the best solution for storage of my jewelry-making supplies, findings and beads.

If you too have the need to store small stuff, I’d like to offer some ideas for storage systems that I have implemented.  Most are portable, cost-effective, and have jewelry specific themes.  Thank you for visiting this blog for creative ideas and feel free to share in our comment section.  Your storage success stories can be a valuable learning tool for others. Thank you.

Club Creative Studio- Bead storage system.
Club Creative Studio- Bead storage system.

A few years back I came across shelving that I eventually stacked to make the perfect storage system “shell” to house all of my individual see-through plastic, open lid containers.  These shelves were originally made to place shirts or sweaters on. The shelves each pulled out from a flat base.

Pull-out shelving as part of storage system.
Pull-out shelving is part of Club Creative Studio’s storage system.

Low-cost, plastic, see-through containers with individual dividers inside each box, stack to fill each shelf. I am able to house twelve boxes on one shelf.  Each container has twelve dividers inside each box. The hinge lid prevents spills and contents are color coded, or are theme specific for easy retrieval. I have not had to buy additional containers for five years and they are portable and stay clean easily.  Initially each box was around $2.00 each but, I noticed that to date the same boxes are now around $4.00 each. This tells me that if you find a storage container that works for your needs, get enough of the same item to grow with you and your storage system, if you want a consistent look.

Pros and Cons of this storage system


  • See-through containers need no label
  • Stackable boxes/secure lid
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Built-in dividers
  • Light-weight
  • Low-cost
  • Availability is consistent


  • Divided areas are not adjustable
  • When stacked, not all compartments are visible
  • Sometimes store stock of this item is limited
  • There never seems to be a sale on this particular item

I hope that Storage Suggestions for Small Stuff Part I has been helpful to you. Please feel free to add your relevant comment below as we would love to hear from you about your favorite storage solution.

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