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Today, I would like to share Club Creative Studio’s top five reasons why good lighting is important to an artist’s work space. Do yourself a favor and invest in good lighting, it’s worth it.

Portable LED light
Portable LED light

I recently purchased a new table top light. It’s wonderful. I wish I had invested in this long ago.  I bought a Ott light with a trendy design. The color and design happen to gel well with my studio colors, so that is a plus for having it sit on my design table.

Thin and lightweight light source.
Thin and lightweight light source.

The light is small, portable, light weight, and very bright for my intricate beading projects. It has LED tiny bulbs that are powered by three AAA batteries. It also adjusts in height from its folding arm.

Portable light source.
Portable light source.

Top Five Reasons to Have Good Lighting:

1.  Reduce eye strain.  A clear view and focus brings comfort to long work sessions.

2.  Maintain progress in detail.  The better the light source, the more you can focus on the small nuances and details of your work.

3.  Work more efficiently.  With better lighting you are able to work faster because you see more.

4.  Minimize mistakes.  A good light enables you to make fewer mistakes even if you are in a hurry because your work is located in a highlighted area. It’s like a mini spotlight.

5.  Helps you manage time.  With adequate lighting, you are not wasting time squinting in physical duress. Your focus is working comfortably and you are able to work more effectively.

As a few additional bonus reasons why I like my new light source, I’d like to offer the facts that seeing and matching colors become easier to consider because of natural light clarity. Plus, it looks really cool with its sleek design. They also come in a variety of designs, sizes and colors.

Let me know if you have this type of light in your work space.  Do you miss the days that you struggled with adequate lighting? I welcome your thoughts about light sources in your work space in the comment section. Thank you.









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Drawing a Blank on Wall Décor

It seems that there is always a challenge for some on how to fill the space of a blank empty wall.  Drawing a blank for ideas is common. I recently found an interesting post from browsing Twitter that offers great ideas on solutions to tackle this type of creative challenge.

I think for the most part, an artist or creative person is not afraid of scale or exploration when it comes to creating an appealing wall space. These hints are great to keep in mind for many.

If you are one who feels as though you are drawing a blank concerning wall décor challenges, these suggestions are shared here for your considerations and inspirations.

Photo: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design
Photo: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design via

Let me know which are your favorite ideas from the shared link below.  I absolutely love every suggestion.  I found while reading from this link that the “dip paint” term was new to me in its wording. The concept however, of meshing creative and thrifty qualities by painting an odd or old item for a modern look with a creative twist are projects lending appeal, working hand in hand for me in my quest to fill blank walls and odd wall spaces.

Enjoy finding inspiration and innovative creative ways to express and display your artful ways. Be sure to check back with Club Creative Studio to let us know what you think and if you need encouragement to try out one of the list suggestions.


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