That’s How They Roll: 8 Ideas to Stop Moving Beads

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I have a beading pet peeve: I dislike rolling beads falling from my design table to the floor.

Beads and other small craft items may roll and move away from you when you are attempting to handle them. This is an annoying fact; beads roll, beads drop. Here are eight ideas to stop beads from moving. Perhaps one solution listed will work nicely for your needs.

Rolling Bead Solutions

1.  Use a  “sticky mat”  A sticky mat is a gel-like, somewhat “sticky” surface that clings to beads readily. This surface type is also sold to hold cell phones in place when placed on a car dashboard. I personally have not used such a mat but, I assume that they would work for stopping the roll of beads. Gathering dust on the surface would be my main concern for loss of traction.

2.  Use a design board A design board has a few designated compartment sections for beads however, it generally does not have a lip around it to stop beads from falling off the base into the table or floor.  They are relatively inexpensive however, and come in a variety of sizes.

3.  Use a felt mat  I often use a square piece of felt at the base of my work area. I place it closest to me, and up against my design board.  For the most part it works…until a bead bounces off of that area. Sometimes too, when I retrieve a bead, I gather fibers as well.

Any tray with a lip or raised edges may help stop beads from rolling.
Any tray with a lip or raised edges may help stop beads from rolling.

4.  Use a box lid, or cookie sheet  Anything under your hands or main work surface will act as a “catch-all” container. The key to working within a restricted area is habit. You will catch falling beads as long as you work in the realms of your containment areas.  This suggestion is really low-cost, if you recycle.

5.  Use a bead tray  My bead tray has a flat surface with a lip, and one corner has a hole with a stopper lid. Small beads can be dumped out from the designated end and back into a container or package. It serves well to stop rolling beads but, it is best used for seed beads. Larger beads get stuck, this tray is also quite small to work over.

6.  Use a drop cloth  This is probably my next technique to try. I read that using Velcro strips and an apron, you can create a “drop zone” easily.  Attach sewn Velcro strips to an apron end, and one strip to the underside of your work table.  Wear the apron and connect the Velcro ends to the table and use the apron material to catch the falling beads.  I guess I better sew myself an apron!

7.  Use a low pile carpet square  Place a low pile carpet square sample under your table or chair.  Often times I vacuum up stray beads from my carpet area. Clearing up a few beads at a time from carpet below can add up quickly. If you use a Dust Buster or small canister portable vacuum, you can more readily empty out the contents of beads collected from a small area of carpet after each bead session.  Provided there is no dirt, it serves a quick bead clean-up.

A tape lint brush can collect rolling beads.
A tape lint brush can collect rolling beads.

8.  Use sticky tape lint brush A sticky tape rolling lint brush may work for collecting  your small lightweight beads or buttons on your work surface. Try tapping it against rolling beads and stop them in their tracks.  It also works well to collect threads and picking up needles from a slick surface.

Let me know if you have tried or are using any of these suggested methods to solve your bead rolling problems.  If you have additional suggestions to aid in this common problem crafters and artists face, please share your comments with us. Club Creative Studio appreciates your feedback. I hope that I have helped you solve a problem by Sharing a Creative Solution.

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Birthday Bling- Celebration Jewelry

Yes, it does. Let the right jewelry fit your style.
Yes, it does. Let the right jewelry fit your style.

There are many times when jewelry helps celebrate a special occasion. We are celebrating the Navy Supply Birthday Ball on Friday night. I created my hand-made “birthday bling” pearl and rhinestone necklace to complete my formal attire.

Close-Up. My hand-made necklace for the birthday ball 2014.
Close-Up. My hand-made necklace for the birthday ball 2014.

As a “Sneak Peek” here is what is on tap for my wardrobe selection. I think it will serve the purpose of bringing bling to combine with my ball gown and into the ball room.

Formal necklace made by Club Creative Studio.
Formal necklace made by Club Creative Studio.

Stay tuned to view more photos on how it all comes together. I will be sure to let you know what others have to say about my creation as well.  I pay attention to accessories and what others chose as their personal style and taste.  At events like this, it is fun to see the variety and how people put their style accessories together for a formal look.

I am SURE: NO ONE will be wearing the same necklace as me!  This is the beauty of making something that is one-of-a-kind! If you are not aware, I create custom jewelry art for any special occasion, and I enjoy the creative challenges those opportunities bring.

Let me know if you have a special reason to celebrate with bling, Perhaps I can help!

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K is for: Kumihimo Braid Jewelry


Club Creative Studio- Beginning of a Kumihimo Cord
Club Creative Studio- Beginning of a Kumihimo Cord

Kumihimo is the Japanese name for the art of cord-making via braiding.


Kumihimo can be translated as ‘gathering of threads’ and the earliest Kumihimo in Japan is generally believed to date back to the Nara Period (645-784 AD). Braids were used for securing clothing and possibly also in religious ceremonies.

untitled (2)


Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese cord braiding technique usually braided on a marudai.


A marudai (丸台, marudai?) is a frame used for making kumihimo, a type of Japanese braid. The Japanese style marudai is 16″ (40cm) high and is usually used while kneeling or when placed on a table. The Western style 26″ marudai allows the braider to sit in a chair to braid. They are most commonly made out of wood, although sometimes plastic is the chosen material.

Unlike kumihimo disks, marudais have no indication of where the thread should be placed; it is done freehand. To create the tension required for the rope to form, tama are rolled on the strands of threads, and a bag of counterweights is placed at the base knot of these threads, where the rope begins. The tama are wooden bobbins that are often filled with lead or other heavy metals.


My experiences with this method of making cord is evolving. I find comfort and satisfaction knowing that my unique spin and design sense is incorporated into Club Creative Studio Kumihimo creations. Let me know if you desire to request a custom-made item incorporating this technique. I am happy to create something one-of-a-kind with your needs and specific taste in mind.

Club Creative Studio Art: Multi colored Japanese glass beads and red coral chips.
Club Creative Studio Art: Multi colored Japanese glass beads and red coral chips.
Club Creative Studio bracelet: metallic color theme.
Club Creative Studio bracelet: metallic color theme.
Club Creative Studio- Japanese braiding.
Club Creative Studio- Japanese braiding.




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Philadelphia Public Art Project Part l

Art Box Challenge, 2014
Art Box Challenge, 2014

Club Creative Studio recently submitted a creative vision proposal for taking part in a unique Public Art Challenge in Pennsylvania, Montgomery County. Happily, they accepted my submission! The delivery of the ArtBox will come soon!

Art Box Challenge- What can I transform this into?
Art Box Challenge- What can I transform this into?

Here are the details and I look forward to taking photos along the way in this creative journey. The ideas and principals behind Creative MontCo , and 311 Arts are supportive of creative people and sharing art in our community environment.  I am so happy to be a participant!

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Hot Like Hot Chocolate

The temperature continues to drop where I live, it’s cold. I can’t help that fact but, I can find a way to warm up despite the snow-filled season. I long to welcome the feeling of warmth in my winter days. One way is to warm up my accessory choices with looks that are hot… just like my mug of hot chocolate!

I’ve put together some ideas of what is on trend for this winter season. Perhaps it will provide ideas that are outside of your usual comfort zone.

Club Creative Studio mug of chocolate

For starters, chase away the chill with COLOR

One of the hottest hues right now are RED.  We see a lot of red in February.  Red is the color of love and passion. Red is adaptable to many people because it can fuel the desire to be bold and yet serve as a very traditional down-to-earth hue if it is muted.

It really doesn’t matter what everyone else is wearing, however.  Build your color confidence by trying out new looks. In fact, take a color cue straight from the color wheel. If red is not your favorite color, choose an analogous. These are colors found side by side each other on the color wheel.  For example, a red analogous color scheme includes purple-red and orange-red.  They share the same color component, and therefore always look good together.


Often times in winter, we tend to wear dark colors like black, grey or brown.  The deeper the foundation of our clothing, the more colors like eye-appealing floral tones or fruit colors worn will pop as accent colors. Take time to get acquainted with color.


 Wear an eye-catching accent for instant impact

Colors have the power to influence our moods. Blues tend to make us feel relaxed and calm and often times brighter colors make us feel cheerful. Don’t be afraid to explore and wear accessories in color, it’s an opportunity to provide an accent of “pop”, that can enhance your wardrobe.

Explore your style

Do you consider yourself casual, contemporary, traditional or trendy and transitional? You may be drawn to some of the same designs and styles. Wake up your choices and try new directions.  Although the color red can seem demanding and instantly energizing, find the color that brings you the best impact and happiness.

The Bottom Line

Use of color is a quick and easy way to bring energy into your wardrobe and accessory choices.  Accessories are easy to swap out and repeat.  You can refresh your look any time the mood strikes. Learn to do this with confidence, and you will add fun to every outfit you wear.

Already a fan of the color craze?

Club Creative Studio encourages you to continue down the road of embracing color in your accessory choices. If you are normally shy of color, start by owning and wearing a few pieces at a time in a selection that is bright. You may notice that you will be complimented and may grow to love the color wheel, take it for a spin and let us know how you feel.

Invest in a few pieces that reflect your affinity for color, then showcase your jewelry choices as focal points to your everyday or special occasion outfits.  You are welcome to browse our online collection or submit a custom request at any time.  Club Creative Studio is happy to share Art That Sets You Apart.

>Artists...might be strange after-all



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Bead Soup- My Blog Party Experience Part ll


Club Creative Studio is taking part in a beading blog challenge for our second year.

The name of the challenge is the 8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party, presented by Lori Anderson, author of Bead Soup.  The 2014 participant names have been officially notified. If you are a creative person, you understand the need and desire to face a creative challenge head on.  This experience is a highlight of my beading year.

Photo of Lori Anderson, Bead Soup
Photo of Lori Anderson, Bead Soup

The Official List is Out!

Today, I received the final list of participants via e-mail from Lori.  I will be one of 490 persons ready and willing to take on the beading challenge.  We come from all over the United States and Internationally. I requested to be paired with someone from the United States out of pure  convenience however, it is still interesting to visit websites and creations from all over the world.

Each assigned pair will exchange beads and blog about their experience.  We have a few guidelines to adhere to but for the most part, we are free to design and appreciate the stash of beads that are sent to us as we please.

3e8e16bb76bcb402d9c4336a50294307 (2)

Can’t Wait For the Party to Start

One of our considerations is to supply our paired artist friend with beads that they do not normally create with. When artists receive beads that they have either never used before or don’t have access to, our design power expands and challenges us.  This is the main reason why I love to share my hand-made beads and love when I am exchanging beads that are one-of-a-kind, as those that I supply to my beading buddy.

In the upcoming days, I will be creating a stash or two for my exchange situation. Stay tuned for details and updates on this creative process and fun art-filled journey.





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Studio View- Welcome to My Creative Space

Club Creative Studio. Workspace 2014.
Club Creative Studio. Workspace 2014.

I love having a creative space I can call my own. I guess it would be the same pride that a guy has about having a “man-cave”. My office/workspace/studio is a happy and productive space.


Currently, I have a reserved space that is smaller than my last studio location. Sometimes I feel that the smaller space is better since all of the materials I need are very close at hand.  With a larger space, I found myself getting up several times during a project to get what I needed. There are certainly pros and cons to the ideal studio size.

Today, I had a few visitors in the studio and they had never been to my space before.  Right away, the gentleman said: “WOW! I can tell this is the space of a really creative person!”  Well, I certainly can not argue with that observation. It is true. I guess is was evident from the many supplies all around, art on the walls and projects in the works.

Bead Storage.
Bead Storage.

The woman visiting immediately had questions for me about jewelry and how I got my ideas. She found it amazing that a person could just naturally come up with designs.

Probably the most interesting conversation was with their young son. He was in elementary school. He interjected that artists always have “great ideas” because that is what they do. I told him he was right, artists like using their ideas to make things and then share them with others.

Storage System in Club Creative Studio, 2014.
Storage System in Club Creative Studio, 2014.

After looking at a few more creations, more questions evolved about my techniques. It is always fun to share the love of my art and workspace functionality.

To view samples of what has evolved from this creative space and design table, please visit the website: shopping section. There you will find numbers under each photo, those numbers indicate that there is another photograph available to view. Also, don’t forget to click on the image to make it larger if you wish to see in more detail.  Thank you for stopping by and help me spread the word about Art That Sets You Apart.

If you’d like to be notified of special offers and events, “like” us and follow us on Facebook  or sign up for the E-mail newsletter.  Join the journey.













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Bead Soup- My Blog Party Experience Part l

Last year I took part in a Blog Hop that had a focus with people who are beading. It was a wonderful experience full of inspiration and excitement dealing with the topic of beads and artistic technique.

I was paired with and exchanged hand-made beads with a New Hampshire glass artist, and I can’t wait to learn who I am assigned to this year to share hand-made beads with.

This year the Bead Soup Blog Hop Party® continues

Organizer Lori Anderson of Pretty Things  works hard to make this party a reality.

Basic Facts:  

::  Paired with another jewelry designer by February 28th.  ::

::  Send each other a quality package of beads by March 14th.  ::
 ::  Create one or more pieces of jewelry or art with those beads,
incorporating beads from personal stash as needed.
The focal and clasp sent MUST be used,  but don’t have to be used in the same piece.  ::
::  Post creation on the blog hop reveal day, May 3rd,
and you try to visit as many of the other designers’ blogs. ::

Stay tuned

This is going to be a wonderfully creative journey resulting in an amazing product. I’ll be posting here, as well as adding sneak peeks to the Facebook and Twitter pages.



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