P is for Prepare

The letter “P” represents preparation for Club Creative Studio.

The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today. -Elbert Hubbard

Doing well and creating everyday with the intent of improving along the way is a great goal to have. It is actually quite easy for a creative person. We automatically and naturally have experiences that allow us to open doors and grow from the creative process. Preparing ourselves, or being aware that we are capable of even better work the next day and then the next is rewarding.  The work from today, is a big part of the work for tomorrow.

Club Creative Studio Artist
Club Creative Studio Artist

When I think of the word “prepare” I think of all of the little details that I do in advance of working on a project. Do I have the materials I need? Do I have the time and energy? Do I have adequate space? These are questions I seem to mull over in preparation of starting something new. The most important to me however is the question of if I need additional skills or preparation time to create at the level I want to.

Being prepared to begin a new project, may require additional education, knowledge and practice. I never start out thinking that I can “master” any technique when I begin something new or extra challenging. To be fair, no one should place such expectations upon themselves.

The openness and willingness to explore and expand a skill- set is a valuable preparation tool for the future.  This is one of the reasons why I take pride in exploring new techniques, while honing in on the aspects that I do best.

Jewelry-making is challenging in that the creativity level is high and aspects are appreciated on many different levels.  Some people are drawn to the technical aspect of an art piece, while others are purely drawn to the art esthetically. Jewelry also has a personal tie or sparks a memory for some, so being prepared as an artist to reach with a message is very important.

While I await permission to be granted to share the words of a Club Creative Studio Art fan,  please note that this post will be continued. I would like to share a short story on how a “message” can be conveyed through art, and how I was NOT prepared.  Please visit this blog again soon.  Thank you.

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