S is for Soldering

I enjoy creating jewelry art with silver solder.

Club Creative Studio Art Hand-Soldered Metals.
Club Creative Studio Art
Hand-Soldered Metals.

With silver soldering, small pieces of solder wire are placed onto metal prior to heating. Flux, often made of boric acid and denatured alcohol, is used to keep the metal and solder clean and to prevent the solder from moving before it melts.

When silver solder melts, it tends to flow towards the area of greatest heat. Jewelers can somewhat control the direction the solder moves.

Club Creative Studio. Setting up to solder.
Club Creative Studio. Setting up to solder.

I enjoy creating soldered art because I can be creative joining elements that were not previously joined before.  The art I create by soldering remains one-of-a-kind.

Club Creative Studio Art. Soldered metals.
Club Creative Studio Art.
Soldered metals.


I find that the art I solder is expressive and unique. That is always my goal for creation of something new. Statement art, pendants, and broaches all evolve from Club Creative Studio’s workspace with excitement as I continue to solder original pieces.

Club Creative Studio Art Hand-Soldered/Sea Glass Art.
Club Creative Studio Art
Hand-Soldered/Sea Glass Art.

Please feel free to check the website for featured soldered art for purchase. The inventory is always one-of-a-kind and made with care and expressiveness.


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R is for Random Acts of Art

I often find special places to share Random Acts of Art.

Club Creative Studio-random acts of art.
Club Creative Studio-random acts of art.

Since living in Hawaii, I have discovered the love of hiking.  There are many beautiful places to experience, and taking to the trails are one way to explore nature and its gifts, at it’s best.

I have often spread the love of art and appreciation for creating it by randomly leaving art behind in public places for someone to find and keep.  These are fee gifts to be uncovered or found in an unusual or uncommon setting.

Club Creative Studio shares random art in public hike trails.
Club Creative Studio shares random art in public hike trails.

There are many unique and opportune spots for me to share art along a hiking trail. It has become a routine event for me to include a hand-made item in my backpack, along with water and other essentials.  I decided to dedicate art along hike trails because it is the perfect spot to brighten someone’s day.  It can be looked at as sort of a hidden reward for hiking accomplishments.  Trails can be physically demanding, and I use my art to bring a smile to a hiker if they have experienced pain or challenge from walking or climbing. What a treat!

If you happen to be lucky enough to hike trails on the island of Oahu, keep a look out for Club Creative Studio art presented with a short note and placed in a clear plastic bag for weather element protection.  I am spreading the love of creating and sharing art with lucky hikers!

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Q is for Quick Beading

If you ask me, there is no such thing as “quick beading”.

Fiesta Flower Statement Necklace.
Fiesta Flower Statement Necklace.

Creating anything from scratch takes care and time. It is for this reason that I don’t believe a quality hand-made item can be created quickly when beading is concerned.  Beading requires many steps. Being “fast” for me is not a concern as much as being creative and careful.

When I create my own clay or glass beads, this adds time onto my total creation time. Adding another element to the art process is like adding more hours to the clock. It is a layered process.


When working with seed beads especially, quick is not a word in my vocabulary.  It takes time to sort, count and add very small beads for each project.  I believe that there are no real “short-cuts” to take to speed up creation except experience.

Practice affords me the confidence to “see” the direction I wish to go in design. Practice also allows me the ease of my step-by-step routines to flow more readily, or bounce back from mistakes easily. The more I bead, the “quicker” I seem at decision making but the overall process still requires time invested.

If you are wondering of the average time investment in beading technique alone per project- I would estimate that I do not undertake many projects that are not worked up from start to finish in less than an hour.  Numerous projects require a time investment of several hours. In some cases, it may take weeks of dedicated time to end up with a creation that has many phases.

Elegant beaded strands form Club Creative Studio
Elegant beaded strands form Club Creative Studio

The act of physical beading alone is not the only factor in determining the time it takes to finish a project. I believe that the prep time and decision-making time is also an important dynamic to creating art. It is also important to factor in the time it takes to add finishing touches. For example a beaded project may appear complete but, maybe it calls for reinforced areas requiring back steps or adding elements or polishing. These factors add to the clock.

Although I have touched upon how long beading may take, I also want to stress that time is also irrelevant in most cases of  the one creating because they get “lost” in their art and value the outcome more than the time it took for creation.  Time is a gift that is added onto the art.

So, the next opportunity you have to examine a hand-made beaded item versus a manufactured beaded art item, think of me and many other bead artists who have dedicated time and talent to creating items with love.  We have dedicated time and have shared that with you.

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Five Tips to Care for your Jewelry

Club Creative Studio realizes that you have a love for the jewelry art that you acquire.  It is important to care for your investments.  Today, I share five tips to care for your jewelry.

Sometimes we forget to show our items that we adore and treasure them. I hope these informative tips are helpful and improve mindfulness to extend longevity of your accessories.

d572625bf6e073c34764e8869797ee72We may like the idea that we can “shine all day” if we merely wore or even unrealistically ate some bling.  But, the fact is that we can maintain jewelry “shine” from proper wear and care.

Five Tips for Jewelry Care

TIP ONE:  When you are relocating with your jewelry, store in a safe place.

Remember where that place is.  Case-in-point: when I last moved, I placed all of my jewelry inside a locked safe box, with enough padding and sorting options to prevent tangles of strands.  The key traveled with me.  Remember where the key is and also note to someone else you trust that you have indeed stored your items in such a manner, in case you forget. When, I stumbled across all of the individual original boxes all empty… I immediately thought the contents were stolen!  I forgot that I moved with my items in this manner! Taking inventory is also suggested, so you have a list or visual of all of your individual pieces for tracking purposes.

TIP TWO:  Use a jewelry box, or display rack.

There are many ways to store and display your jewelry when not in use. Original boxes are nice as some may be made with a very strong lid or may even be velvet lined which may prevent scratches. There are many inexpensive and creative ways that you can sort and house your jewelry.  Look for unconventional or duel purposes for storing your goods.  For example: plastic silverware dividers or cosmetic holders can also be used for your jewelry storage.  A window screen can convert to a place to hang earrings or a few stick twigs can even hang necklaces. The idea is to safe-keep to avoid tangles or misplacement.

TIP THREE:  Form a habit of good care.

Take time to think about where you place your jewelry in the short-term.  Case-in-point: I recently wore a beaded necklace for an evening event, and later removed it to change to a different necklace.  The original necklace was quickly placed in a jacket pocket for short-term storage.  I forgot about placing it there and it went through the washer and dryer when I returned home.  Needless to say, a few of the beads came loose and some were disconnected.  Luckily, I had the skills to repair it but, maybe someone else would have had to call it damaged.

If you are in the habit of not being rushed when deciding on your jewelry choices or returning items to their proper places, you will be more organized, save time later and maybe avoid breaking or damaging your jewelry investment.

TIP FOUR:  Note before and after wear care.

Apply lotions, cosmetics, hairsprays, perfumes, medications, sunscreen and the like before dressing in jewelry.  It is important because you may add residue, oils, and perspiration to your items.  Wipe each piece with a clean soft cloth if you suspect a build-up may have occurred.

TIP FIVE:   Treat your jewelry with respect and as if it were a family heirloom, because someday it will be as such. If you are gift-giving, present your jewelry in packages that value it’s care.

Thank you for viewing these tips, please visit this blog again as I plan to add additional tips on the subject of jewelry care.



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