Art Studio Shelving Unit

It’s always a challenge to set-up an Art Studio using shelving.

storagebinsI often have the opportunity to relocate and set-up a new Art Studio. Most of the time the main challenge not only comes in the physical move but, the physical space.  I have had small, medium and large Art Studio spaces. All of the areas function best when I use a shelving system.

I try to look at each space as functioning and expressive. Shelving is important because it is the main organizational system that creates a space of order.

The shelves are among the first fixtures I put into place. I use easy to install shelving that is adjustable.  The pieces easily screw into place and can be ready to load in a matter of minutes per shelf. The pillars are plastic tubes and the shelves are made of coated ply board. I use three different sizes to accommodate an array of storage bins I store art supplies.

IMG_0255studioshelvingonwallI have used the same storage shelves for over 10 years.  I took my time researching shelving units that could be adjustable, easy to install, and mobile. I found what works for me and the amount of supplies I need to display and store.

I hope you can find a durable shelving unit for your needs in your artistic space. It is a useful and valuable investment to create an Art Studio shelving unit.

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