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Creative Prompt: THIS-N-THAT Thursday (TNT) 


Club Creative Studio offers “Dynomite” information in this blog.  Why would  I consider it to be so explosive?  Because a post may create an inventive spark from within.  Having a handful of creative TNT gives you the freedom to be expressive without reservations.

I have heard time and time again what many children and adults feel:  “I am not creative”.

All one needs is a gentle reminder: I CAN be creative. 

 Many people lump together artistic talent with creative ways.  There are many aspects of creativity that can be developed. The whole idea of being creative is to spark something different inside you.

Welcome a surge of ideas flowing through your mind.  In order to become more creative when you don’t feel that you are, you must exercise your skills, to come to a different level.  Almost anything can bring on inspiration and get some ideas out in the open to explore.

A specific method for developing creativity is called a “prompt”.

Prompts can be used to instantly trigger a reaction.  Sometimes taking note of the first spontaneous impression of a prompt gives you the most useful and creative idea. One problem with prompts are that they are generated for you for the most part.  So, the absolute best way to overcome this problem is to make your own prompts. It’s incredibly simple, free and fun.

Make Your Own Creativity Prompts

You can do this for yourself or with a child at home or in the classroom.  It is a lesson plan that I have done before as a former art teacher. I simply took my art students to the computer lab instead of the art classroom.  For this creative exercise prompt, we used a computer. A computer may be shared for this activity.

First: open whatever program you use on your computer to write text.  Any program is suitable as long as it lets you change fonts.  A common program to use is Microsoft Word. I ask you use the fonts as creativity prompts to get you started with inspiration.

You need a word or a few positive words in mind to get you started, choose any you like.  The idea here is to discover how you can develop an idea through building a title to get you started.

Here you are being asked to explore the available fonts to illustrate a single word with the style of the font.

Here,  the word  Creativity shows you what I mean in this exploration. With that word in mind, go through the fonts you have available and begin to apply them to your chosen word. You can change the color, add effects, go all caps, anything that inspires you.

Each different font sets a different mood or characteristic for the words you typed. You can match fonts until you set the mood you are hoping for for your project. When I use creativity prompts like these I look at the shape of the letters. Some are haphazard looking, others more straight laced, and some curvy and artistic. There is an endless supply of fonts available both for free as well as those you can purchase, there is no reason to run short. The ones found here are all freeware that can be found at 1001 Fonts . Some of the fonts are freeware but others are shareware or to be purchased, it’s easy to check before downloading. Making your own creativity prompts is quick and easy.

Let your creativity flow. Create your own prompt challenge.

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