D is for: Do It With Style

Women’s fashions and design are ever-changing revolving aspects in life. Are you prepared to do it with style?

Every season, the runway styles dictate what is fashionable, popular and on trend. Are you ready for Spring and ready to be part of the seasonal changes?

What is going to be hot fashion topics for Spring 2015?

How might a jewelry designer interpret or work with these trends? Allow me to share the ways that I have tackled the challenge of the trends predicted so far.

Fringe- Easy way to make a statement with a Western/Santa Fe style.

There is no doubt that fringe adds fun to fashion. It is dramatic, shows movement, and has a sense of flow and carefree whimsy. How might you find this trend in Club Creative Studio jewelry art?  Here is an example of jewelry art I have created with beaded fringe detail.  It is a hand-made beaded statement necklace. The color palate I use may also reflect the feel of the Southwest.

Club Creative Studio- HAnd-made beaded Fringe Necklace.
Club Creative Studio- Hand-made Beaded Fringe Necklace.

Suede-A trend that can come in different colors.

I enjoy that suede can be utilized in many ways because of the width cut variations available.  I like adding a simple suede strand to my colorful hand-rolled clay pendant creations because the colors coordinate without being distracting.  It is a change of pace from wearing a common metal chain necklace. The over-all look is also casual and relaxed for any age.

Club Creative Studio- Hand-rolled clay pendants on a suede strand.
Club Creative Studio- Hand-rolled clay pendants on a suede strand.

The 70’s are back- it’s a more polished version.

I love that the 70’s were about free-flowing blouse styles and fun fabric prints. As Club Creative Studio creates hand-made items with a Boho feel, this trend in style will seem more evident, creative and comfortable, like these examples do.

Whimsical Art from Club Creative Studio.
Whimsical Art from Club Creative Studio.

Ruffles-Structural and sweet at the same time.

Ruffled materials do not have to bring back bad memories like it does for me. I recall my Mother sewing a ruffle at the bottom of my jean pant legs as I grew to extend the length of the pants, and their wear time. Just when I thought that was bad enough…she would go and add a second and third layer of ruffles. Lord, I wish I had a photo of me wearing those pants right now.

Ruffles can add a look of innocence and boldness at the same time. Club Creative Studio has carried forth this trend in designing a ruffled edge incorporated with added bead embellishments.  This necklace is a great example of how a ruffle-look can be a structural strength to a fashion statement necklace.

Ruffle edge statement necklace from Club Creative Studio.
Ruffle edge statement necklace from Club Creative Studio.

Have you been made aware of any additional stylish trends in store for us this year?  Which trend mentioned above appeals to you the most?  Which jewelry trend do you tend to model the most often of those mentioned above?  Please share, I’d love to know what appeals or radiates in you.

If you are interested in viewing more hand-made art that may reflect these particular Spring trends, I welcome you to view the revolving inventory of Club Creative Studio at: http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

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Thank you for wearing and Sharing Club Creative Studio Art

Thank you for wearing and sharing Club Creative Studio Art.

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My Beaded Path

Lately, I have been on a journey along a new path. Dealing with seed beads has been a walk in joy.  In the past, I have always swayed away from seed beading because the beads are so small (like mustard seeds) and I did not think I had the required patience for creating with them.

Seed Beads are very tiny "seed-like" glass beads.
Seed Beads are very tiny “seed-like” glass beads.

I always admired the detail that small beads added to jewelry art. Knowing and appreciating that each bead was placed on a needle one at a time. I was surprised at the fact that working with a needle and tread along with hundreds of beads was actually a relaxing activity for me.  Beading like this guarantees that I sit down, calculate and count, and really concentrate on my creative process.

Beginning stages of a beaded cuff bracelet from Club Creative Studio,
Beginning stages of a beaded cuff bracelet from Club Creative Studio,

Here is what I enjoy about sharing these creations. Still being able to create free-form art, I have learned that although I am slow from start to finish, the quality shows that I have taken time and care into the art I am creating. I always value transferring  the value of hand-made dedication to the customer.  Also, this type of art is still created to be one-of-a-kind. I love creating uniquely.

Hundreds of seed beads unite to form art from Club Creative Studio.
Hundreds of seed beads unite to form art from Club Creative Studio.

I have only begun this collection of beaded cuffs and I have plans to venture out in other projects using seed beads. I have enjoyed the freedoms to work in many art mediums and I take pride in offering others one-of-a-kind, handmade festive and fun items in many different ways.

Hand-made beaded embroidery cuff bracelet created from Club Creative Studio.
Hand-made beaded embroidery cuff bracelet created from Club Creative Studio.

If you admire, enjoy wearing or gifting unique beaded art please stop by the two Facebook pages for Club Creative Studio to see what is highlighted.  We welcome your comments and suggestions for color combinations, and hope you enjoy what is created by hand.




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Mother Nature, The Natural Mother

Spectacular weather anytime is something to be grateful for to Mother Nature. Mother Nature is a natural “Mother”, giving warmth and beauty and sharing beauty with many, on her good days.

Club Creative Studio Nature phot Rocks and Plant

I often draw inspiration from nature, even when I am working in my indoor work space Club Creative Studio.  The times that I can work outdoors however, that is a calming productive time I value.

Club Creative Studio Nature photo

Connecting with nature gives us a chance to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  In the city, it is a welcome quiet place for me to focus on nature instead of the sights and sounds that can be interesting, but slightly distracting at times.

swirl leaf photo Club Creative Studio

Whenever possible, I take photographs of nature. Mother Nature has a way of centering me. Nature inspired photographs have had an impact on my art in various ways. I use photographs in nature for painting references, color ideas, texture and line prompts as well as design and theme ideas.

Club Creative Studio flower photo

I look to nature as an inspired lesson always offering me something to learn about uniqueness. For example think of a flower and the details of the petals. The fact that each bud or bloom is unique in color, shape, texture, line, and form gives me ideas to mimic and incorporate into clay creations.

Photo taken that was edited to gain texture effects.
Photo taken that was edited to gain texture effects.

When I take photographs of nature, I find that I gain new perspectives because looking through that lens allows me to focus (no pun intended) and obtain a new point of view of common items around me. When editing, I am able or chose to  add effects, the photo can then take on an entire new look.

Club Creative Studio photo

Imagining that I am seeing something for the first time, or am a tourist in my own town gives me a reason to see more intensely. The next challenge after taking photographs is to decide how I’d like to take those visions to the next level.  It is the role of a creative artist to give a “voice” to visions through art.

Using original photographs as a prompt, I enjoy creating a painted vision with a voice.  Please visit the next blog post in our Featured Friday post, I’ll be painting with acrylic paints and showing you my step by step process in photographs. Perhaps it will inspire you to start your own painting based on a photograph you have taken.

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Unexpected Art- The Power of Art

Broach pin with ink applied from Club Creative Studio

Happy accidents in the art studio or on the design table are a welcomed sight.

Sometimes having a plan go in a different direction and unexpected way is exciting. It can be a learning experience and a chance to be spontaneous.

Club Creative studio- Ink earrings

Some mediums naturally lend themselves to unexpected results. I feel I have almost no control when I use certain art supplies.  This can be a good thing as long as your expectations are not definite.

One art supply that comes to mind as notorious for unpredictability are alcohol inks. Inks can be applied to certain areas but the amount of ink flows and sticks in various spots and the results can not really be planned.  I love the idea of being surprised when I use inks.


I enjoy blending ink on a variety of surfaces. I enjoy transforming metals, experimenting with absorbency of papers and blotting bamboo for my best results.

Bamboo rectangles are transformed with ink.
Bamboo rectangles are transformed with ink.


Saturations with ink give a new look to a plain surface. It is for that reason that I enjoy blending, dabbing, and using ink with many different types of materials.

Ink has a way to deepen in color in some spots and add depth and texture from stained lines of ink.

The only way to go back from ink on a project is maybe a quick wash of ink with water but, even then that is no guarantee that the ink will lesson in intensity.  The chances are in favor of change when ink is used.  Alcohol ink does have a solution called a “thinner” that adds a level of opaqueness to strong levels of ink. It is always a good idea to practice on something you intend to alter permanently.

Here is an example of a vintage broach that was transformed with pink inks. I love how it turned out. It goes without saying that my personal touch was added to this creation. I took out a few elements and added wire and one of my hand-torched glass beads. The plan now is to maybe add it as a pendant. I am still deciding. Share a suggestion below if you wish, I’d love to brainstorm. 🙂

Club Creative Studio transformation pin
Club Creative Studio transformation pin


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Custom and Cool: Celebrate the Letter C

Two words that are happily celebrated by Club Creative Studio are custom and cool.

Everyone is gifted quoteI believe that we are all gifted on some level artistically. When being creative, customization and expressing a “cool factor” are also part of what makes art meaningful. I love combining those expressions.

Artistic talents can be obvious and run deep or they can be on the surface yet undetected by many. The key to flourishing in creative ways is to know how to embrace your creativity and develop it so we can share it with others in custom and cool ways.

Today I ‘d like to share two stories that illustrate the fact that I have found a way to blend the words custom and cool together with the love of beads and jewelry-making.  Both experiences deal with the idea that customization of art is cool for many reasons.


I personalize (customize) artistic ideas so that the art can be even more meaningful for the customer.

Once upon a time, I created many items for a special person. The cool custom request was from a person who was gifting a cruise to her Mother and Father along with her siblings for their Wedding Anniversary. The special request came with the luggage…so to speak…I was asked to create matching jewelry for each outfit that was pre-packed. The art was going to be a surprise when she opened up the suitcase. So, happily I created several items and they were all placed in the suitcase.

This was certainly a different request and needless to say, it was a welcomed challenge for me. What unique thoughtfulness to furnish hand-made accessories for a special vacation trip. As the story continues, the art became something to look forward to each day and the accessories were associated with a memorable life event. That story reminds me that creating for a custom request can always have a cool outcome.

Creating custom art for a specific cause or learning why a special request is made for art is rewarding because the project always has a special meaning associated with it for the one requesting the art.  With an emotional story associated with the art it is elevated above and beyond what a person sees without knowing the full story behind the art.

Club Creative Studio Initial bride's maid bracelets


Other rewarding stories are generally similar in satisfaction anytime that I create specifically requested items such as keepsake awareness bracelets, matching bride’s maids jewelry, a theme charm bracelet, or even a symbolic journey necklace.

Club Creative Studio- Journey Necklace

I love interpreting meaning and knowing the purpose behind a creation, It’s the customer’s connection to the art that matters the most. In this “Journey Necklace”, I took heed of this person’s story of personal struggle and noted her symbolic emergence into strength and willingness to overcome her difficult life situation.  The butterfly wings are a symbol of her growth and the colors are her requested favorite hues.  Together we were able to retell her story through this art and I was able to once again combine the words “custom” and “cool” into success in art. It’s a personal touch that brought the words custom and cool together, and you can request this of me anytime by e-mail: veronica@clubcreativestudio.com

It is for that reason that I readily and happily accept custom requests. It ensures that art has an emotional and aesthetic attraction, which deems it priceless in the eyes of the beholder.

Club Creative Studio Awareness Necklace

Please do not hesitate to request a hand-made item from Club Creative Studio. Our unique creations are one-of-a-kind and aim to meet your specifications and interpret your emotional desires. To view more samples of art I invite you to stop by the Facebook business page: http://www.facebook.com/clubcreativestudio  or the online storefront  http://www.clubcreativestudio.com often. Also, we welcome your comments on the creativity shared in the comment section below.  Be Creative Everyday!


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Getting close to 555

I look forward to having you join the page as a FANTASTIC FAN!

I look forward to having you join the page  FANTASTIC FAN!

Welcome to the Club Creative Studio Blog. This space is a place where the focus is on creativity.

Several times a week, I share creative prompts, project ideas, inspiration, and featured art on this blog.

Daily, I share similar information on the Club Creative Studio Facebook page.

If you have not visited lately or you would love to follow the creative trail as a FANTASTIC FAN,

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Inspired By Creative Quotes

Great reflection quote for the creative person.
Great reflection quote for the creative person.

Today, Club Creative Studio shares a quote that has inspired me and is proven to be correct for correlation in the world of the arts.  Creative quotes can be great reflective words and inspire on many different levels. The words of Vincent Van Gogh can transform your way of thought with a certain focus.  These three simple lines can become your everyday challenges for your creative spirit.  Are they words that you can relate to, or hope to incorporate into your creative world?

I Am Seeking

Are you a person who seeks out creativity or yearns to explore new adventures?

I feel that as a creative person I am always seeking. I seek to find the time to create, and stay motivated. I look to find the best materials, new materials. I seek knowledge and wisdom from others in the arts. I search for the best technique to incorporate in my creations. I seek to become a better artists on a daily basis. I am seeking answers to my many questions. Yes, I am a seeker, are you?

I Am Striving (And Thriving)

Are you a person who is striving to thrive in your environment?

Are you one who wonders how and if you are actually doing a good job in your creative life? Do you know what it takes to thrive in your own creative level or situation?  If you have creative goals and are striving to obtain them, it is more likely that you will have milestone successes and can relate to the reward of thriving in your field.  Does your current creative journey give you satisfaction and joy?  If it is not are you taking steps to get you to the point of thrill? I feel that I am striving everyday to perfect a technique, try something new, or maintain a productive status.  Thriving in both my art and business is among my most general and continual efforts.  Whenever I am given the chance to express and provide art and help another side step and overcome ordinary, I know I have just experienced a slice of “mission accomplish”.  I am doing what I have set out to do each and every time I create Art That Sets You Apart! Learn to evolve.

I Am In It With All My Heart

Are you dedicated to your creative tasks?

Being a creative person calls upon the inner strengths. Are you the type of person who can stay focused from start to finish of a project? Are you dedicated to the progression of your art or craft?  Your productivity depends upon your work ethic and dedication.  My personal mantra: Be Creative Everyday reminds me that I am “in it with all my heart”. I own the idea that I can express myself through art every day in some fashion or form. Past, present and future are all markers of time that has or will show me that I am indeed involved with creativity with all my heart.

This notion of knowing that I have my heart involved with my work helps me shape creative efforts in my workspace: Club Creative Studio.  On many levels, the past has been a part of this creative growth.  Love of art and hands-on creativity has proved to be a creative outlet for me. In experimentation and creative growth, the experiences of the past have taught me to use those events as background starting points of prior knowledge and skills. Your art may feel like a thing of the past but, it is what also helps propel you into your present art and your future creativity.

In present-time, knowing that I place my heart and soul into creating art gives others the opportunity to see what the creative spirit can offer and share.  In future-times, maintaining the drive and personal attachments of art created proves that an artist does put their personality and a bit of themselves in all creative tasks, resulting in expressive, personal and unique creative endeavors.

Caring And Sharing

I would love for you to visit the Club Creative Studio website to see for yourself how I am creative everyday. 


I care about you and your creative processes.  I am also happily sharing art and information about Club Creative Studio on the Facebook page.

Please join us there and consider clicking the “like” to enjoy sneak peeks of hand-made art and gain inspiration, learning about creativity.





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Peculiar People

Believe it or not it is National Peculiar People Day. You know someone who fits into that category right? Strange, odd, and different people certainly make our world an interesting place I am happy that we have a day that recognises uniqueness.  In order to avoid name-calling and labeling, this TNT (This-N-That) blog post will highlight the peculiar Art that is created by interesting people.

I decided to feature the celebration and recognition of quirkiness in this blog today by sharing the visual posts that I have pinned via Pinterest.  You will find this link below. I have a virtual bulletin board where I attach images with links to websites depicting the theme: Odd Creativity. This is also the title of my board.  Perhaps by viewing my board(s)  I may inspire you to appreciate the unique qualities of art as well as the people behind the art who are the artists.

Look for my photo to make sure you are on the Club Creative Studio Pinterest board.
Look for my photo to make sure you are on the Club Creative Studio Pinterest board.

Below you will find the link to Club Creative Studio’s inspiring boards on Pinterest.  You will find that the account called: Club Creative Art has several interesting boards. Please consider signing in or signing up and begin to follow any or all of the boards by clicking on the “follow” tab(s) you can then continue your Pinterest inspirations sparked by posts of Club Creative Studio. Have a great time pinning. Just be sure to set your timer so you can monitor your time on the computer.  It is an addicting activity!

Let me know if a board or a specific image gained your attention or appealed to you? Happy National Peculiar People Day, especially if you think you are one of them!


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Beautiful Bullets

Welcome to the Feature Friday post from Club Creative Studio.

Club Creative Studio Jewelry Art.

This post highlights an interesting recent creation.  It may have started out as “trash” but, I am happy that I can refer to it as “treasure” now.  I spent time visiting an interesting person and in the mist of one of our conversations she quickly swept away the empty gun shells from a desk top to throw away. Her son, a police officer had the discarded shells from his training. Who knew that being tidy in front of me would make her change gears and not toss the trash.

I asked her if I could have the empty shells because I had an idea to drill a hole through it and somehow make an interesting pendant.  She agreed to share them with a smile and a bit of confusion. It was hard for her to imagine that I could really use them for something artful.  I had ideas in my mind, and I could not wait to show her the results.

Needless to say, I found a way to be creative with the empty shells.

Mixed with a combination of beads, metal wire, crystals, sequins and charms, these bullet shell casings are made to be one-of-a-kind, unique pendants hanging from a simple chain.

Club Creative Studio bullet pendants are one-of-a-kind creations.

These creations will be available online after a brief introduction at a four-day holiday craft fair the first week of November, 2012 in Rockledge, PA.

Club Creative Studio Bullet shell jewelry art.

Please bookmark us and visit us online for the latest creative creations. Our creativity is Art That Sets You Apart! http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

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