E is for Eggs of Clay

Happy Easter! Are you celebrating with eggs of clay?

You may have heard of hard boiled eggs, plastic eggs, chocolate eggs, cloisonné, wooden or Faberge eggs. Have you ever heard of Club Creative Studio’s Clay Eggs?

Club Creative Studio- Hand-made Clay Eggs.
Club Creative Studio- Hand-made Clay Eggs.

I have been creating these type of clay eggs since 2013 and I love the process, I have come up with. I have discovered that although time consuming, the creation of these one-of-a-kind eggs are quite enjoyable to make.

This process gives me a chance to use a large number of my designed polymer clay canes in one project, and capitalize on variety.

The beauty of these creations are that they can be displayed year-round. I have a few hanging on a table top stand. Last year, I even hung them from our colorful “Hawaiian” theme Christmas tree. They are wonderfully durable and without a doubt unique. I have even customized these to color coordinate a room!

Allow me to create for you! I offer custom requests in jewelry-making to other hand-made clay and bead art creations. All are always one-of-a-kind.


Club Creative Studio Christmas tree

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