H is for Hawaiian Influence

Shell pendant from Club creative Studio. Inspired by Hawaii.
Shell pendant from Club creative Studio. Inspired by Hawaii.

The I am thankful for the experience to have a new-found Hawaiian influence within my art.

Collection of shells.
Collection of shells.

Since Club Creative Studio relocated to Hawaii, I have naturally created items that have had a Hawaiian flair to them.  Most times it includes the use of shells.

Shells from Hawaii are incorporated into Club Creative Studio ocean-theme art.
Shells from Hawaii are incorporated into Club Creative Studio ocean-theme art.

It is probably no surprise that using shells in creative ways are popular here.  I have discovered new ways to incorporate shells and ocean-themes into recent jewelry art that I create. It has been a fun challenge as well as an expressive opportunity.

Shells are incorporated into these Club Creative Studio hand-made bracelets.
Shells are incorporated into these Club Creative Studio hand-made bracelets.

The island of Oahu has many inspirational factors to spark creativity. Culture, bright colors, flora, fauna, ocean waves, undersea life, mountains, craters, tropical jungles and sandy beaches just to name a few influences.

Shell and wire art from Club Creative Studio.
Shell and wire art from Club Creative Studio.

I have combined beads, charms, wires and shells in creative ways, and I see no limitations to the creative process featuring shells.

If you are interested in having a special shell wire-wrapped, I do custom requests and would love to help you transform one of your collected shells into wearable art.  You may also check out the inventory online to see if there are readily available items to chose from. http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

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Wire-Wrapped Themes

In the PINK NOTEBOOK section of the Club Creative Studio homepage,  you will find hand-made highlighted art in the special feature section. Today, we feature hand-twisted wire-wrapped themes as unique statement necklaces created by Club Creative Studio.

Club Creative Studio vintage necklace, wire-wrapped multi-seed beads.
Club Creative Studio vintage necklace, wire-wrapped multi-seed beads.


Working with wire is fun because it can be rewarding to manipulate wire to form into your vision when you create with it. Especially when a design is free-formed, the wire can be an added element that offers movement as well as stability to a design.

Club Creative Studio Wire-wrapped necklace.
Club Creative Studio Wire-wrapped necklace.

You can experiment with simple and complex designs when using wire.  I like working with wire because it can be the same as working with thread without the hassle of threading a tiny needle eye. I also tend to add a certain style hint from what I incorporate.

A variety of beads, pearls, buttons, shells or mixed metals combined with vintage elements bring charm and a feeling of nostalgia to created designs.  On yet another spectrum the simplicity of organic-looking wooden beads or tiny seed beads bring about another look entirely.

Pearl wire-wrapped necklace from Club Creative Studio
Pearl wire-wrapped necklace from Club Creative Studio

The reason why my finger tips have been so sore lately is because of creating these unique pieces of art.  There is a lot of hand-twisting techniques applied when working with wire.

Although it is a forgiving medium to explore, at many points in a project:, excessive twisting can cause wire breakage or “hot spots” in your hands. You just have to learn what twist tension to maintain. There are design differences in using thread versus wire but, for the most part, both designs are light-weight as a finished project.

Wire and seed Bead Necklace from Club Creative Studio
Wire and seed Bead Necklace from Club Creative Studio

To view or request a custom wire-worked piece of art, browse the online items or contact me for further details. I am always in the mood to create!


Vintage Style, Seed Bead and Wire Creation from Club Creative Studio
Vintage Style, Seed Bead and Wire Creation from Club Creative Studio
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Beading Bracelets

Club Creative Studio hand-made wire bracelet.
Club Creative Studio hand-made wire bracelet.


Turquoise bracelet hand-twisted wire from Club Creative Studio.
Turquoise bracelet hand-twisted wire from Club Creative Studio.

Hand-made wire bracelets by Club Creative Studio.

Club Creative Studio speaks often about creativity. Here on the blog, you will find inspiration from art, project ideas, and other helpful information stemming from creativity. Today is no different in that I am sharing a short story from the spark of creativity that comes from the opportunity to collaborate and brain-storm.

I attended a networking event a few months ago and there, I met very interesting business people. Among all of them, I met a lady who had a common thread with me. We both shared the love and passion for beads. She was also designing jewelry so needless to say we had much to talk about. What began from a single common friendship fostered a bond through beading. As we connected via other social media methods, we learned more about each other. We planned an outing together to a local bead store that was going out of business. It was there that we spent several hours looking and speaking about beads as well as shopping for beads. It was really a fun time to spend time with someone with a shared enthusiasm for beads and supplies. We are now “beading buddies”.

My beading buddy bought a bracelet (say that three times fast). The wire bracelet was a store sample from one of their classes. When we looked at it we thought the same thing. We both had wondered how it was made, and if we could figure it out by closer examination, since there was not a way to get instruction from the store that was going out of business. We both had mentioned that we had wanted to try to create something similar but had not taken instruction on the technique. We thought that we could make them ourselves. We ended up splitting the cost of the bracelet and I took it home to dissect so we could recreate it later.

After meeting for a brain-storming session, we combined our creative time, and collaborated with our supplies to make our own versions of the same bracelet. Turns out the pattern was a good starting point for us to springboard into our own style and wire-wrapping techniques. Our skill levels were expanding together and we were inspiring to each other. That is what I am thankful for today, the opportunity to connect and support the creative drive of a fellow artist. Can you think of someone you have merged talents with or have benefitted from bouncing ideas off of? Do tell how it was a positive impact for you.

I am now getting comfortable with the technique and my materials. I will soon be able to offer these hand-made bracelets online for others to enjoy and purchase http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

Feel free to “like” Club Creative Studio on Facebook. You can see a “Sneak Peek” from time to time of a fresh design on the Club Creative Studio Facebook page at http://www/facebook.com/clubcreativestudio

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Beautiful Bullets

Welcome to the Feature Friday post from Club Creative Studio.

Club Creative Studio Jewelry Art.

This post highlights an interesting recent creation.  It may have started out as “trash” but, I am happy that I can refer to it as “treasure” now.  I spent time visiting an interesting person and in the mist of one of our conversations she quickly swept away the empty gun shells from a desk top to throw away. Her son, a police officer had the discarded shells from his training. Who knew that being tidy in front of me would make her change gears and not toss the trash.

I asked her if I could have the empty shells because I had an idea to drill a hole through it and somehow make an interesting pendant.  She agreed to share them with a smile and a bit of confusion. It was hard for her to imagine that I could really use them for something artful.  I had ideas in my mind, and I could not wait to show her the results.

Needless to say, I found a way to be creative with the empty shells.

Mixed with a combination of beads, metal wire, crystals, sequins and charms, these bullet shell casings are made to be one-of-a-kind, unique pendants hanging from a simple chain.

Club Creative Studio bullet pendants are one-of-a-kind creations.

These creations will be available online after a brief introduction at a four-day holiday craft fair the first week of November, 2012 in Rockledge, PA.

Club Creative Studio Bullet shell jewelry art.

Please bookmark us and visit us online for the latest creative creations. Our creativity is Art That Sets You Apart! http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

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Creative Thankfulness (3)

Club Creative Studio’s Handmade wire art necklace.

Yesterday’s post from Club Creative Studio shared a few challenges of the latest wire worked project.  Any single day can be filled with obstacles if you are trying a creative project for a first time or have been away from a technique for any duration of time.  Today’s Feature Friday post will share a few successes from the challenges of working with wire in a new way.

Wire art from Club Creative Studio.

Basicly, when I sat to create these necklaces, I wanted to have the feeling and look of the technique of chain maille but, not all of the complicated segments. That look combines individual loops in a maze-like pattern repeated over and over that link together.  This did the trick for me because for one, I did not get a headache or confused too often and for the second reason, I was able to duplicate the method using a variation of technique.

Colored wire art from Club Creative Studio.

Today, I am thankful for variety at the design table, especially the variety of wire.

Wire lends itself to change.  Wire has different levels of strength and durability, it has a range in gauge (thickness), presents itself in suitable qualities, and it  is offered in a variety of colors as well. It is a wonderful to experiment with. When I wrap in wire, it also looks wonderful to mix silver, gold or copper wires together. I love working with wire. Does it show?

Handmade art from http;//www.clubcreativestudio.com

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Creative Thankfulness (2)

Today, I am also thankful for obstacles. They allow me to grow and learn about myself. They also teach me that I can jump pretty high and often, making those many leaps and bounds with success. It is great to step back and appreciate the challenges that I encounter in the studio while creating handmade jewelry art.

Maybe it is a little frustrating sometimes but, the best finished items sometimes stem from taking the long road to completion.  Today’s TNT (This-N-That) blog post from Club Creative Studio post salutes every creative soul that learns from the obstacles placed in their path.

Grow creatively from the obstacles you face.

When I first started out with the idea to twist wire in a certain way for this project, I wanted to make segments and attach them together. I wanted each step to be easy enough that I would want to duplicate it again and again and not be bored.

Wire art from Club Creative Studio.

The results are pretty cool.   What do you think? The obstacle I faced in the beginning was how I might do this the best way to create a project from many separate parts.  I think I will certainly make more twisted wire items and see how I can use the same technique while I vary the designs.

The Feature Friday post will share a few more original art samples I created with twisted wire.

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Wired Up

Are you motivated to become creative today?

I am all “wired up’ as I experiment in the work place of Club Creative Studio.  As I try new techniques in wire-wrapping I have run into trials and tribulations.  This is what I love about the creative process…the learning process.  Success in art means to be brave to start from an idea, remain open-minded to continue the project and then hopefully become pleased in the final product.

This is what is at the heart of exploring creativity.  Today in this short post, I share with you the results of the recent stone, wire and crystal art pendants I am experimenting with.

Club Creative Studio hand-made wire and crystal art pendant.
Club Creative Studio hand-made pendant in stone, wire and crystals.

How have you been creative lately?

For more creativity at work for you, visit the artistic website at:


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Celebrating 300 Posts

Club Creative Studio celebrates the 300 th post today!   Enjoy the fun video featuring the latest hand-made wire creations! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxJgdKpmW7I?rel=0]

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L is for Lovely Loop

Club Creative Studio shared a mini-lesson on how I like to make a double hook on April 8th.  Today we continue the wire project by creating a double loop.  You may want to add to the supply list a ruler and the hook that you made in the prior lesson.

For the hook and loop project, use these tools: chain-nose pliers, flush cutters, stepped forming pliers, round-nose-pliers, wire.

There are a few reasons why artists create their own hybrid jewelry findings like a hook and loop closure.  These hand-made elements add to the over-all design and beauty, originality, and cost effectiveness of the piece. They are also fun to make, can be made to fit a specific design, and adding to the fact that it can be hand-made and not dependant on a manufacturer for its supply.

Enjoy creating your own double hook and loops and experiment with the different sizes and finishes as you develop your skills.

Refer back to the April post to refresh or review the steps to creating the double hook.  This loop will match in design.  Good luck!

Making a lovely loop to go with your hook

STEP ONEGather your materials begin with step two.

Gather all of the tools and materials needed first.

STEP TWO:  To begin you will need to know that you will be working directly from the spool of wire.  Flush cut the end and then measure out about three inches or so of wire from the largest step on the stepped forming pliers.  This amount of wire should give you plenty to wrap around the largest jaw step twice as shown in the photo below.


STEP THREE:  As you bend both of the straight wires, you’ll want to finally cut the wire from the spool. Trim about one-fourth inch from the loop that you just made. Grasping the long wire with the chain-nose pliers, make a 90 degree bend and continue to make a loop. Holding that loop with the flat-nose pliers, wrap the wire around with the aid of the chain-nose pliers. When the core wires are wrapped (covered) and secure you can trim the extra wire.

STEP FOUR: Finished wrapped loop.
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H is for How to Make a Hook

Club Creative Studio blog has a focus on creativity and as a blog challenge participant with the A to Z blog challenge, I also have a focus on a letter. Today’s letter focus is H. The letter H stands for How.  I would like to share HOW I make a Hook.

Are you inspired to create a hook and loop with wire?

To Begin: These are the tools that are needed to create a hand-made wire hook and loop set.

I suggest these tools for use to create a hook and loop set.

As in the above photo, I suggest that you gather your tools first.  Have on hand silver wire, non-tarnish wire or craft wire.  I used 18-gauge wire in this sample. Also, the hand-held tools are named from top to bottom, chain-nose pliers, flush cutters,stepped forming pliers, round-nose pliers, and not pictured but you will need a ruler, and marker or pen.

Step One:

Cut five inches of wire and flush cut each end.  I measured from one end, one and one half inches and created a shape like a hairpin.  To make that shape I used the round-nose pliers.

Pinched hairpin shape.

Step Two:

As you hold the “U” shape to the bottom, place the short wire to the left and the longer wire to the right. This photo was taken as I twisted so it is seen in reverse. Make a 90 degree bend opposite the short wire. I used the chain-nose pliers for this move. Switch to the round nose pliers to begin your wrapping around for a snug loop and wrap. Trim all excess wires once the shape is formed.

Forming the shape with a pen.

 Step Four:

Holding the wire against a pen or marker, bend from where the wrap starts, bending over the pen to make the hook shape.  At the tip, I used the chain-nose pliers to form a small bend at the tip at about a forty-five degree angle.

Club Creative Studio hand-made wire hook.

The hook is now finished!

Check back on this blog to learn how to make the loop of this HOOK and LOOP lesson. It will be presented on April 12, 2012.

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